How to Market Real Estate in Kenya 19 Tips

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How to market real estate?

Real estate agents have this question on their lips all the time.

How do I market my real estate business?

You are at the right place because you will find the answer here.

Welcome to, how to market real estate, the most in-depth property marketing guide in 2021.

You will boost your real estate marketing career success with these tips!

how to Market Real Estate

How to market real estate: Marketing infrastructure

First, we look at the infrastructure needed to excel in property marketing in the 21st century

1. Knowledge – how to do it – Learn real estate marketing

If you don’t know how to do it you will never succeed in it. Thus the number one tip for success in marketing is – get the knowledge.

That is the first thing to do!

 Learn how to market. Have an idea of what marketing is. Learn how to market a property.

Avoid the mistake real estate marketers make. That is, rushing in to make money.  While they lack the basic tool for success – knowledge, and skill.

You need marketing skills to thrive in a competitive field. If you cannot afford paid courses search for free ones online.


Real estate marketing courses

What is the most important skill do you need to become a success in real estate marketing?


Ability to sell:

– sell new leads the value of your services

– sell real estate (property) to potential customers

– sell customers the idea of buying a property in a certain area

– Sell the idea of buying now is the best option to a hesitating client

It is all about making that sale to make the money.

If you don’t sell you don’t make money. It is as simple as that.

In other words, a real estate agent is a salesperson.


Sales training for real estate agent

2. Prove you, qualified property marketer– get your certificates

You need to prove to yourself that you are up to the task. How do you prove you ask? You need three types of certifications.

a) Real Estate Marketing certificate

Take courses on real estate marketing and get your training certificate(s.) This is significant because you prove to yourself that you are capable.

You are not doing it for others, you do it for YOU. That is how to build confidence. It’s the best way to start a journey leading to financial freedom.

Get certified for your own seek.

b) Real Estate License – get it

You need to have a trading license. You get it from your local authority. This will allow you to function as a real estate agent according to the law of your country.

c) Accreditation Certificates – for bragging rights

Get all the certificates related to your career. These are the things that propel you to success. Certificates help you snap opportunities as they arise. They make you feel good about yourself from the beginning.

3. Get an Office – because you have to operate from somewhere

Do you need an office to operate as an agent?

Yes, you need an office. In property marketing, you deal with clients. Clients are people. You will have face-to-face meetings with your clients.

For this reason, you need an office. Property deals get signed and most agreements get signed in the agent’s office.

Can a real estate agent operate from a home office?

Yes, you can have a home office and operate from there. But it is not an ideal situation when you have to meet clients to close deals.

You don’t want strangers coming into your home. It is not so professional. Working from an office away from home is better. 

In the beginning, a small office will do. As your client base grows your office space must increase too.

4. Create a website because you need digital marketing channels

Businesses have to have an online presence to survive. As an agent in real estate, you have to use digital marketing channels. The basic thing needed to thrive online as a marketer is a website.

Must you have a website to market a product or service online?

No, you don’t need a website to market or advertise a product or service online. But you will be better off if you have your own internet property.

A website affords you the luxury of having an online address where you can send online clients. With an online office or shop, you can engage, and transact business activities in a remote way.

Furthermore, you are open 24 hours a day when you create a business website.

A website will have all the information a potential clientele would like to know about a property you are marketing. 

Real Estate Marketing Niche

The real estate market is huge. You need to find your niche within the broader property sector. To get success you have to identify your preferred niche.

The real estate market is huge. You need to find your niche within the broader property sector.

To get success you have to identify your preferred niche.

The beauty of narrowing to a real estate marketing niche is to specialize. Specialization helps to become an authority and hence the go-to guy in a particular niche.

Examples of real estate niche markets:

  • Resort and vacation homes
  • Luxury homes buy and sell
  • land buy and seller
  • Condominium buy and sell
  • Distressed properties dealer
  • property management
  • first time home buyer agent

There are many niches. Find one and specialize in it.

Real Estate Marketing Tools

Marketing in the 21st century is a technology-driven game. To succeed in digital marketing you need modern, up-to-date tools. These are the tools you need to market property online.

5. Email Marketing Software – create an email list

There is this famous line that goes like this, “the money is in the list.”

Which list you may ask?

The email list, if I may answer.

Email marketing tools make it possible to collect email addresses from website visitors. Once you have these emails you are able to communicate with people on your list.

You can send a weekly newsletter or a follow-up message. You can send an email to introduce a new product or service.

Email allows you to stay in touch with your clients and potential customers. It serves as a customer service or public relations tool. You can use it as a branding tool.

You need an email tool to drive your business to the next level.

Examples of email marketing tools:

  • Mail chimp
  • Mailer lite
  • Constant contact
  • Sendinblue

6. Use Social Media to Market Real Estate

The world is on social media. Hence your customers are also on social platforms. To find and engage prospective and current clients you need to set yourself up for social.

The idea is to open accounts with leading social media platforms. These must include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Use social outlets to create brand awareness, and to interact with clients.

7. Social Media Management Software

Social media management tools help you to plan, schedule, and publish on social media. These tools help publish content at the right time to drive your marketing efforts the right way.

This way you are able to gain a lot of social media exposure, attention, and engagement. Since managing many social media sites is a challenge, these tools will help.

  • Planable.io
  • Social Pilot
  • SEMrush
  • Commun.it
  • Social Searcher
  • Tailwind – Pinterest posting made easy
  • SocialOomph
  • Hootsuite – Facebook ads made simple
  • Buffer – manage all your social media accounts from one interface
  • Meet Edger – post evergreen social media posts
  • Animoto – for social media videos

Visit each of these tools to learn more about them. Then you will see why you need them.

8. Make Property Listings Sharable on Social Platforms

Every property picture or photo your post on your website and social media make it sharable. This means adding a share button to all your images.

This makes it possible for users to share with family and friends on social websites. This in turn creates brand awareness and helps generate sales leads.

9. Lead Generation Tools

How do you generate leads for your business? Where will the sales come from? There are two strategies to generate sales leads.


The old way of marketing. Distribute your business cards to potential clients. Put up posters on strategic places in your hometown.

Attend business promotion events. Have a stand-in trade show. Make cold calls to prospective customers. Advertise in local newspapers and magazines.

10. Word of Mouth – referral system tool

Tell people what you do. Ask them to tell their friends. Tell people in your church and ask them to tell their friends in other churches.

Ask your family to spread the word. Ask your current and former clients to put in a word on your behave to potential customers.

People buy when friends put in a word on your behalf. That is how the referral system works.

11. Ease Communication Sell Property – contact is essential to business

Give your current and prospective clients various ways of contact. Easy to communicate easily to deal with makes selling easy. Let clients contact you in any possible method.

The contact page on your website should detail multiple communication methods.

Here are must use digital communication tools for business:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat rooms
  • Discussion forums
  • Private and group massaging
  • Skype
  • Video and audio
  • Whatsapp
  • Issue tracking and case software
  • Facebook massager
  • SMS


If you are easy to reach the more business you close. The world loves people, tools, and services that make life easier for them.

A contact page is one of the most visited pages on any website. Make your contact page count. Make it work for your real estate marketing project. Use it to keep in touch.

Video is an important marketing tool in the 21st century. That is the reason Google’s YouTube is big in search apart from entertainment.

That is the reason Facebook has introduced video on their social platform. Many websites and businesses have content in video form. Thus you need to use video in real estate marketing.

What are the best video marketing tools?

  • VidIQ
  • TubeBuddy
  • Agorapulse
  • Vidyard
  • Animoto
  • Common Craft
  • Filmora

Resources for video marketing:

Best video marketing tools

How to get started with video marketing

Statistical evidence that video marketing is the bomb

13. Sell the Location with Quality Images

Sell Your Location to Find Success in Property Marketing.

In business location matters. Use a camera to capture all the important landmarks in your location or town.

Sell the location first then sell a property in that location. Highlight the good things in a location with quality images to influence a buy decision.

Are there schools, hospitals, shopping malls, good roads, security stations, and etc? Get these images and post them on your websites. Clients make decisions based on these considerations.

14. Use Property Classified ads to sell real estate

In every country, there are various classified ad boards both on and offline. List properties with classified ads platforms.

You will find classified ads in local newspapers, magazines as well as online. here are classified ad sites that you may want to try:

  • Craigslist
  • Zillow
  • Facebook
  • Connected Investors
  • ForSaleByOwner
  • BuyRentKenya
  • Property24
  • Jiji.co.ke
  • Jumia Deals
  • Pigiame

There are many more. You need to search for more.

15. Google My Business Page is a must-have

You need to set up a Google My Business account if you don’t have it. Why should you have a Google My Business Page?

  • Easy for users to find you through search engine result pages
  • Users will find you through Google maps
  • Users will find you via Google +
  • Users trust businesses that have Google My Business accounts
  • Users will find you through local search

You must have this account otherwise you lose a lot of business to your local competitors. Visit Google My Business.

16. Mobile Friendly Websites Sell Property Easy

You know that most people use their smartphones to browse the internet. Then it’s only sensible to create a mobile-friendly website.

You should do better than creating a mobile-friendly website – build a mobile app. Let your users use an app to review your listings.

This makes it easy for potential customers to engage with your property listings. Go to Fiverr find yourself a freelancer to build a mobile app. This will take your real estate marketing to the next level.

17. Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest has something special. It is called a board. A Pinterest board contains or is made up of pins. Pins contain images.

Great images fascinate Pinterest users. They click these pins and find themselves on your website for more information.

That is what is known as driving traffic home. If they were driven by a pin it means they are interested. Interest is equal to a lead.

A lead is a potential client. A potential client is a likely sale. Thus Pinterest is a good source of likely sales. You need to create highly relevant boards on Pinterest.

18. Online Advertising Tools

There are many online advertising tools. But there are others that are more special. The advertising tools you need to master are;

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

These tools help generate sales leads. It is from sale leads that sales are made. The best way to master these is by taking online courses.

Google provides a free course on Google ads. If you want a certificate you pay for it. Google ads are the best advertising tool because their reach is universal.

The Facebook ads reach people on Facebook only. Facebook ads are second to Google because they are effective.

Property Sales Automation Tools

Sales automation helps a real agent to spend more time doing the most important task – in the field selling. Otherwise, most of your time gets entangled in sales paper at the office.

What does sales paperwork involve?

These are the manual tasks eating your property selling time;

– writing emails

– prospecting leads

– entering data

– scheduling meetings

All these are sales-related tasks and must get dealt with because data is important. But we are living in a digital error where simple manual tasks get automated.

What is the benefit of property sales automation?

  • Improve sales processes efficiency
  • Save time lost on handling manual tasks
  • increase time for in the field selling
  • a real estate agent is able to communicate and close more leads

That is the beauty of automation because it helps simplify sales processes.

19. Here are some tools for property sales automation:

– HubSpot Sales Hub

– Boost

– Spacio

– Clearbit

– Cityblast

– Leadiro

– LinkedIn Sales Navigator

These tools will allow you more time in the field and less time in the office behind the desk.


How to market real estate was our topic of interest today. In conclusion, we need to observe that real estate marketing is a process.

It is a process that needs time to implement strategies to find success. The use of technology is a must because the old traditional methods of selling property are obsolete.

A real estate marketer must invest in digital marketing tools to make headway in property sales. It is my hope that the above-discussed property marketing tips will help.


Steve Wanjie


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