7 Content Marketing Strategies for Amazing Real Estate sales

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Real estate sales happen amazingly well when the proper content marketing strategies are used efficiently.  What are the most effective content marketing strategies for real estate sales?  The answer is here my good friend. Welcome!

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that involves the creation, publishing, distribution, and sharing of digital content in various forms (videos, blogs, infographics, images, social media posts, tweets, and pins) that does not directly promote a brand but should stimulate interest in its products or services.


In the coming decade (2021 to 2030,) content marketing will actually shift gears, and directly promote a brand and stimulate both interest and sales leads simultaneously to cut (or reduce) digital marketing costs.

Obsolete marketing vocabulary:

Content marketing… that does not explicitly promote a brand but is intended to stimulate interest in its products or services… that is a statement for before 2021.

In 2021 and the decade after we shall have digital content marketing that produces brand awareness, stimulate interest in its products or services, and generates sales leads at the same time. That is the digital content marketing efficiency the market has been crying for, and it’s here.

What is content marketing for real estate sales?

Content marketing for real estate sales involves mixing a content marketing plan, and your real estate sale process (or strategy.) In the traditional real estate marketing process, you did not use a content marketing plan. You did your ordinary classified ad on newspapers, magazines, notice boards, radio, TV, and later on websites.

Content marketing for real estate sales entails making content creation and publishing the backbone of your overall property marketing strategy.


Because a digital era client wants accurate information about your product or service. This information about your product will help compare prices, benefits, and customer service, amongst other considerations.

You need to make content marketing the foundation of your marketing strategy. It is all about information that helps prospective customers make that crucial decision to buy or not to buy from you.

real estate sales - pinnacle tower, Nairobi
Pinnacle Tower, Nairobi-infographic

Real Estate Sales and Marketing Strategies-types of content marketing

We are living in a digital era. The digital era has brought many different types of content marketing that you should be using to sell real estate services and products.

The blog is a very important marketing tool. It is the basic and the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Everything starts at the blog level. The blog is a marketer’s most important asset.


Because it is the carrier of that piece of content that every prospective customer (or client) wants to consume first before making a buy decision, accurate product information.

The blog is the home of your marketing material or content. Every piece of marketing content that you distribute out there should first appear on your blog. Then you distribute or share it with the world. Some of the most important and leading forms (or strategies) of content marketing are discussed below.

  1. The Blog Post Strategy:

You already know that content marketing is about your readers (i.e., current and prospective customers.) The 21st-century consumer starts his or her buy (or decision making) journey on the internet.

 Doing what?

Seeking information about the products and services they need to purchase. One of those products could be your product or service.

The question is, how do they find you and your product online?

The answer is through content marketing. And the first piece of content they should encounter is an information-rich blog post. A blog post is also known as an article.


Because a blog post is found (or is located) on your blog. A blog post has detailed information about a product. Your blog also contains all the information a prospective client would like to know. This could include contact information, an about page, office location, and opening and closing hours, etc.

Effective content is a blog post that is valuable, original, and is detailed enough to make your readers satisfied. It is a piece of content that answers all the questions a prospective client would ask about the product or services.

How long should an effective piece of marketing content be?

Google wants blog posts that are around 1500 words or longer. The longer the better, according to the search engine. That way the search query, Google reckons, will be covered (or answered) adequately.

S.E.O-Search Engine Optimization drives free traffic

Blog posts should be search engine friendly. That means we must optimize the content for search engines. You or the writer you hire must be an SEO expert. It is through SEO that your current and potential clients find you on the internet.

Anyone can write an article, but only a Search Engine Optimization expert can write content that ranks high on Google result pages. A highly ranking blog post could generate free sales leads in large numbers.

Why is SEO important in content marketing for real estate sales?

It is through carefully chosen words that your target audience finds you online. Your current and potential clients use certain words to search for information, products, and services online. These words drive and direct traffic on the fast, mind-boggling word known as the internet. We know these important words as keywords (or search words, or search queries.) ,

Keywords are the words you type in Google’s (or any other search engine) search box.  When people tell their friends, “just Google it,” what do they mean?  It means putting the question to Google, expecting in return, relevant, accurate, and up-to-date answer, from the search engine.

How does Google find the right answer and information on the internet?

The answer is SEO.  You use SEO to inform Google where to find you, about your product or service, and what problem you solve for humanity. If you are a real estate agent selling a three-bedroom house in Karen estate, what keywords would you use?

Keyword examples:

  • 3 bedroom house for sale in Karen
  • Karen 3 bedroom house for sale
  • Available for sale in Karen 3 bedroom house
  • Karen 3 bedroom house sale
  • Selling 3 bedroom house Karen

Using one or two of these keywords, you would write an article (blog post) that gives a potential client all the information about the house. The blog post must be detailed with relevant and accurate information about the house.

 The writer must use SEO tactics (or strategy) so search engines may understand what the article is about.  Once a search engine knows what the article is about, it will drive traffic to it.  Someone looking to buy a 3 bedroom house in Karen will find this information online courtesy of a search engine such as Google.


Invest in SEO and have real estate blog posts, which keep on generating free sales leads 10 years after we published them, working for you.

What to do next after writing a high quality real estate marketing blog post?

You need to promote the blog post. Nobody knows you have written a wonderful piece of content. You need to alert your target audience that there is something they need to know.

How do you promote a real estate marketing blog post?

There are two effective ways of promoting a real estate marketing blog post:

a) Free submission

  • Facebook as a marketing tool

Post the link on Facebook pages and groups about real estate. As a real estate agent, you need to join as many as you possibly can, pages and groups that cater to the interests of real estate agents, real estate as a niche, a trade, and as a career.

There are thousands of Facebook pages targeting the real estate niche. Equally there even more Facebook groups target the real estate market. Some of them have tens, while others have hundreds of thousands of members. Still, Others have over one million members. Just share your blog post on these free marketing tools.

Apart from Facebook, there are other social media platforms that allow you to share your blog posts. LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Use them to put the word out about your new blog post.

  • Blog post headlines curation services

You should find and join sites that curate blog posts and news. Curation service enjoys millions and millions of readers. Some of these readers are your potential clients. Submit your blog post link to them.

Examples of sites that let you curate your blog posts headlines:



  • Email list as a blog promotional tool

You need to build an email list by collecting the contact information of blog visitors. People on your email list receive your new blog posts before everybody else. The email list is made up of royal clients. People who have visited your blog and subscribed to your regular newsletter.

b) Paid ads

You can promote your blog post on Facebook, Triberr, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. You pay the ads fee on Facebook or promotion fees on the others. It is effective and profitable.

2. The Infographics content marketing strategy

Some of your potential clients will never read your blog posts. Yes, a significant number of blog visitors don’t read the text. They scan the post in under one minute and exit. The question is, how then do you pass product information to people who won’t read text? The answer (or the solution) is infographics.

One way is telling your story through a visual tool such as an informational graphic. It is popularly known as an infographic in short.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a visual representation of information mainly in text form, accompanied by graphic elements. Infographics tell a story in its summary form. They are pleasing to the eye and they are easy to read.

Why should you use infographics as a strategy to sell real estate?

  • They tell your story in a summarized way
  • They help sell to people who don’t read the blog post
  • They are easy to read
  • They are not boring like a long blog post
  • They are easily sharable on social media
  • They help build links pointing back to your blog
  • They drive traffic back to your blog
  • They help break the monotony of long blog posts
  • They are great for SEO
  • They act as a business card but contain more colorful, useful, and quality information

Design informational infographics for every blog post you write and use them to break long articles. You should share your infographics on social media as long as they have links pointing back to your blog. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

  • You create a back link
  • You drive traffic to your blog

Where to find infographics design tools:



3. The Video content marketing strategy

You must list with video. Potential clients want a tour of the house, office, land, or any other real estate product on video. If you are selling or renting it, let prospective clients have a visual tour of the property. Explain things using YouTube video and then send them to your blog for detailed information. You cannot list real estate without video in the 21st century because your ideal client is a digital era animal. They sit on the sofa expecting high class service from you via the internet.


Include video in your blog post. Those who don’t want to read, or can’t read, or are cannot see, can still consume your content. When you post your video on YouTube, include links pointing back to your blog post.

Here is a useful real estate video marketing resource to help understand how to use video content in property marketing.

4. Google ads

This is easy. You must use Google advertising to reach your most likely to buy prospective customers. Google is a superior real estate selling tool because of its power of reach and targeting. It’s the best tool on the planet for sales leads generation. You get qualified sales leads. You sell more through Google ads.

Here is a useful resource that will help understand how to use Google ads in real estate selling.

5. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are cheaper compared to Google ads. Their reach is confined to the platform but there is razor targeting. Thus, it is very important to use Facebook ads. Here are things you need to do before you start using Facebook ads.

  • Create a Facebook page for your business

This is a fantastic marketing tool on Facebook

  • Start adverting on Facebook through your FB business page

This a great way to start generating sales leads from Facebook

  • Create a Facebook group for your real estate business using your FB page

 This helps create a community of loyal fans for your brand.

Learn more about how to use Facebook ads for real estate marketing here.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a network for professionals in various fields. They too consume real estate products and services. How do you sell real estate to this group on their own platform? Here is a resource to help use LinkedIn to sell real estate to its members.

7. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best marketing tools on the planet. It is visual, exciting, and popular. It is a search engine for many things and it is loved by women. You need to use this social platform to generate sales leads for your real estate business.

How? Here is a guide on how to use Pinterest to generate real estate sales leads.

Your content (pins) on Pinterest are evergreen. Pins don’t expire. They will always be there driving traffic back to your blog for many years.

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real estate marketing tools-infographic

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