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Welcome To Dijito Marketing

Steve Wanjie, the founder, Dijito Marketing

About Us

Dijito Marketing is an online digital marketing Agency and Resource centre for small business and marketing professionals.


We create an identity that inspires your target audience using the latest digital marketing technology, strategies and know-how.

Content Marketing:

Our goal is to ensure that when people search online for information that’s relevant to what your company does, your content is at the top of search engine result pages. We help generate leads and thus increase sales using SEO tactics.

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We are experts in search engine, and social media advertising.

The Dijito Marketing Philosophy

  • Make it happen to customer’s satisfaction!

The Dijito Marketing Promise

  • We deliver customer satisfaction
  • We deliver on projects

It will be done for you too!

Our Crazy Skills

  • SEO Services
  • Search engine and social media advertising
  • Content marketing – premium articles that generate leads


Email address: info@dijitomarketing.com

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