Ag Cera and Fibroids: Best Treatment for Fibroids

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Ag cera and fibroids treatment is our question of interest today. Your burning question is-can ag cera treat fibroids? Can ag cera clear fibroids and restore your womb back to its natural state?

Yes, ag cera does treat and clear fibroids. The answer is yes and it is a safe fibroids treatment option.

What is the best treatment for fibroids?

The best treatment for fibroids is ag cera. Why? Because it is a natural product made from plants based ingredients. It is not a drug thus it has no chemicals in it. It is a health supplement with almost zero side effects. It eliminates and prevents the formation of fibroids safely in your womb.

How do I get ag cera in Nairobi Kenya?

Call Susan on 0722 81 40 81. She will ensure you get ag cera. We deliver all over the country. We use courier services, public transport, and motorbike riders to reach you.

Ag cera price in Kenya

The price of one packet of agcera is Kenya shillings 7,500

Who is likely to have fibroids?

All women can have fibroids, but overweight or obese individuals have a higher risk. Thus, it is good to maintain your natural body weight.

woman suffering form uterine fibroids
Woman suffering from Uterine fibroids – credit: Daily Express

You may be wondering-what is agcera?

Agcera is a food supplement. It is also a health supplement that helps prevent and treat many diseases. Finally, agcera is a stem cell product.

What is a food supplement?

A food supplement is a preparation that is intended to supply a nutrient that is missing from your diet.

What is a health supplement?

A health supplement is a substance that is used to enhance a diet and to maintain, support, and improve the health function of your body.

What is a stem cell?

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials – cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated.  Agcera is a stem cell product made from plants instead of animal organs. It is the next big thing in medical science.

What Ingredients make up agcera health supplement?

This is the list of ag cera ingredients in no particular order:

  1. Ceramosides
  2. Hytolive
  3. Sakura
  4. Curcumin
  5. Gymnema Sylvestre
  6. Pomegranate
  7. Mixed Berries
  8. White Peach

Which agcera ingredients are used to treat Fibroids?

Curcumin (number 4 on the list) is the main ingredient in agcera that has the properties for treating fibroids.

ag cera and fibroids - curcumin
curcumin – turmeric

Prove that curcumin is effective on fibroids treatment:

a) Marconews.com says;

“Tumeric spice has been studied for its ability to shrink uterine fibroids, by binding to and activating PPAR-gamma and that in turn, shrinks a fibroid tumor/growth. Curcumin is a stronger, standardized extract turmeric spice.” Find the full study report here.

b) Pubmed.gov says;

“These experimental findings in vitrol show that the inhibitory effect of curcumin on ELT-3 cell proliferation occurs through the activation of PPARy. Curcumin may be useful as an alternative therapy for uterine leiomyoma.” Find the full study report here.

  • The Journal of Obstetrics Gynaecology says;

“The finding from the study showed curcumin decreased size of myoma uteri after 6 months with statistically significant.” Find the full study report here.

Important note:

Curcumin inhibits uterine tumor cell proliferation. This means curcumin stops fibroids from growing and multiplying.

How does curcumin stop and clear fibroids from your womb?

  • Curcumin stops fibroids from growing and spreading in your womb
  • Curcumin helps kill tumor cells to clear fibroids from your womb
  • Curcumin helps starve uterine tumor with blood by inhibiting blood vessels growth in fibroids
  • Curcumin does not allow fibroids to form in your womb
fibroids free healthy beautiful woman – credit: pinterest

Benefits of curcumin to your health

Here are the benefits that made curcumin a solid good health agent:

  • It helps fight whole-body inflammation
  • With its help, your cardiovascular system is improved
  • Your joints and bones get much-needed support
  • Your cognitive function gets boosted
  • Your liver is detoxicated
  • Your skin gets a radiant look
  • Weight loss – enjoy healthy natural weight loss
  • Helps delay aging
  • Curcumin has anti-cancer properties – can prevent and treat cancer 


Agcera and fibroids. As stated above ag cera can help and treat fibroids due to an active ingredient in the food supplement known as curcumin. It has been proven that curcumin works against fibroids. It actually kills and eliminates them from your uterus.

Having said all that, you need to be careful with curcumin if you have an underlying medical condition. Before using any supplement, you need to seek advice from your doctor especially if you have a chronic health issue.

Thanks for finding time to read this piece. It is highly appreciated my friend. See you later.

God Bless!

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