Ag Cera Benefits anti-Aging New Beauty Secret Revealed

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Ag Cera benefits?

Have you ever heard of ag cera?

Do you know why some people look so young, healthy, energetic, and happy, and they are old?

Their Secret:

they take this amazing food supplement – agcera.

Agcera helps prevent and treat many serious diseases like cancer, and it is an anti-aging agent.

Would you like to look 15 years younger with smooth, beautiful-looking healthy skin?

And on top of it all, a strong body is in optimal health.

Well, my friend ag cera will give you more.

This article introduces you to agcera.

An anti-aging organic food supplement.

This food supplement brings your youth, beauty, and health back.

What are ag cera benefits?

All the ingredients mentioned below are blended together through advanced technology.

The result is a stem cell product with huge benefits to your body.

AGCERA Nutrition has the following benefits for your body and health;

a) Ag cera benefits to your body:

ag cera benefits - woman with clean, smooth skin
Woman with a smooth, young looking, glowing, beautiful sexy skin
  • It is an anti-aging breakthrough food supplement
  • Helps your body stay in good health
  • Helps you look younger and strong
  • Your skin becomes radiant, smooth, and healthy
  • Fights diseases to maintain an optimal health condition
  • Leaves you looking better, and feeling better
  • Improves libido

b) Ag cera benefits to your health:

  • Helps your body fight and treat many diseases including cancer
  • Helps fight and prevent arthritis
  • Supports natural weight loss
  • Fights and helps prevent diabetes
  • Helps increase insulin production
  • Helps fight and prevent heart diseases
  • Helps treat erectile dysfunction in men
  • Helps fight both low and high blood sugars
  • Helps improve and sustain the optimal vision of its users
ag cera - A healthy happy man
healthy, handsome, and happy man

c) Ag cera benefitsPsychological (or emotional)

  • Your confidence levels improve
  • Your happiness levels go up
  • You become self-assured
  • You are able to face the opposite sex
  • You start feeling good about yourself

Where to buy Ag Cera in Nairobi Kenya?

Call Susan at +254 722 814081 (if the line is busy call Steve at 0724 130 446)

See her in person:

  • Shop – Perfect Beauty Products
  • Mugendi road
  • Kayole corner
  • Opposite Kayole Baptist Church and next to Goodlife Chemist
  • Matatu: 1960 from the city center, Nairobi

Ag cera price in Kenya:

One box has 14 sachets.

The cost of one box of ag cera is Kenya Shillings 7,500.

But you can buy 2 or more boxes from Susan at Kenya shillings 6000 per box.

What is agcera?

Agcera is a stem cell product made from eight natural ingredients.

These ingredients are organic fruits and vegetables.

It has been tested and proven in clinical studies to be an effective stem cell product.

agcera benefits
agcera – anti-aging food supplement

What are stem cells?

“Stem cells are body raw materials – cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated.

Under the right conditions in the body or a laboratory, stem cells divide to form more cells called daughter cells.”

This is according to Mayo Clinic.

Point to note:

Stem cell products offer immense promise for medical treatment.

What are the ingredients used to manufacture ag cera?

  1. CERAMOSIDES – skin hydration and anti-aging
  2. HYTOLIVE – for your body protection
  3. SAKURA EXTRACT – beauty and anti-aging benefits
  4. CURCUMIN – spice packed with medicinal benefits
  5. GYMNEMA SYLVESTRE – destroyer of diabetes (or sugar)
  6. POMEGRANATE – breast and prostate cancers prevention
  7. MIXED BERRIES – prevent aging of the skin
  8. WHITE PEACH – beautiful skin complexion

Let us look at each ingredient’s benefits to your body and health briefly:

1. CERAMOSIDES – skin hydration and anti-aging

CERAMOSIDES agcera agnutrition
ceramosides – made from wheat

Give yourself youthful, smooth, and hydrated skin from within.

Ceramides are the most efficient anti-aging agents.

And Ceramosides are the source of ceramides for the skin.

Why does your skin age?

The answer:

is that the skin loses ceramides as you age.

The result of decreased (or loss of) ceramides in your body is dry, itchy, and wrinkled skin.

The best-kept beauty secret:

The new beauty secret known to a few people is combining ceramides and cosmetics (ceramides + cosmetics = a beautiful you)

What do Ceramosides do to your body?

  • Increase moisture for smooth and youthful skin
  • Decrease (or replenish) those nasty wrinkles
  • Get a natural healthy glow
  • No more dry itching skin

2. HYTOLIVE – for your body protection


hytolive from olives - ag cera benefits

The olive fruit.

Hytolive is a natural extract from olive fruit.

Hytolive has a high level of natural hydroxytyrosol.

Hydroxytyrosol is the most powerful antioxidant discovered to date.

What does Hydroxytyrosol do for your body?

The benefits are;

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Ant-bacteria
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-cancer
  • Improves cardiovascular health

3. Sakura Extract- beauty and anti-aging benefits

SAKURA - agcera food supplement
Sakura or cherry blossom flower

Sakura is a Japanese national flower.

It is Japanese best-kept beauty secret.

It is used in the manufacturing of skin creams and perfumes.

Benefits of Sakura;

  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Helps cleanse the body of impurities
  • Helps cleanse the skin of pollutants that damage it
  • Helps the body store fatty acids which makes the skin smooth and supple
  • Helps regenerate the skin from the inside out
  • Promotes collagen formation
  • It whitens the skin as it combats aging
  • It helps heal irritated skin
  • Promotes skin cell growth

4. CURCUMIN – spice packed with medicinal benefits

Turmeric – Curcumin is the most active ingredient found in the spice turmeric.

curcumin - Agcera Benefits anti-Aging

Why is turmeric an important ingredient in ag cera?

Here are the benefits that made curcumin part of this popular food supplement.

  • It helps fight whole-body inflammation
  • With its help your cardiovascular system is improved
  • Your joints and bones get much-needed support
  • Your cognitive function gets boosted
  • Your livers’ detoxification
  • Your skin gets a radiant look
  • Curcumin has anti-cancer properties
  • Weight loss – enjoy healthy natural weight loss


– destroyer of diabetes (or blood sugar)

gymnema sylvestre

Gymnema is a woody climbing shrub.

It is found in tropical forests of India, Africa, and Australia.

The shrub is famous for its anti-diabetic properties.

Here are the benefits of Gymnema:

  • Reduces your body’s craving for sugar
  • Helps lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduces heart disease risk by improving cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Help the body increase insulin production
  • It is a weight loss aid
  • Reduces inflammation caused by excess sugar intake


– breast and prostate cancers prevention

pomegranate fruit - agcera
pomegranate fruit

This is a shrub that produces red fruits.

Pomegranate fruits are among the healthiest fruits on the planet.

Its fruit is packed with beneficial compounds more than any other food.

Some of the benefits of Pomegranates are;

  • It is a powerful antioxidant.
  • It helps remove free radicals.
  • Helps protect cells from damage.
  • It helps reduce inflammation.
  • Helps lower blood pressure
  • Helps fight arthritis and joint pain
  • Help treat erectile dysfunction
  • Help fight bacterial and fungal infections
  • It increases body energy
  • It improves exercise performance
  • Cancer prevention
  • It is vitamin-rich


– prevent aging of the skin

mixed berries - agnutrition
mixed berries

Here are the benefits of the berries to your body:

  • prevent skin aging to look younger
  • Cognitive function is boosted
  • Combat free radicals which cause cancer
  • Protection of LDL against oxidation
  • Contains plenty of fiber
  • Berries help keep your arteries health



White Peach is a fruit that gives you a beautiful skin complexion

Peaches fruit - ag cera
peaches fruit

Here are the benefits of this fruit to the body:

  • Vitamins and minerals in abundance
  • Anti-oxidants properties
  • Beautiful skin complexion due to natural vitamin C
  • Healthy digestion
  • Control of allergy symptoms
  • Fights and prevents cancer
  • Help treat gut disorders

d) You can make a lot of money with agcera in Kenya

All you need is to become a member of AGNutrition.

Once you become a member you qualify to be a sponsor (or distributor) of agcera.

The compensation plan is generous.

You could make a lot of money by distributing and recruiting new members.

This is a network marketing company.

For every member you introduce, you get paid for every purchase they make in the future.

You get a cut for purchases made by those they recruit too. This is a good place to be financially.

What is AG CERA distributor entry cost (price) in Kenya?

There are 3 price levels to choose from to make money as a distributor;

a) Basic level – Ksh11,903

You pay Kenya Shillings 11,903 for 2 boxes of agcera.

This is a 2 boxes supply of the food supplement.

Once you have paid ten thousand and five hundred Kenya Shillings, you could ask to be registered as a member (or sponsor.)

This will allow you to distribute (or become a seller) and recruit new members for the company – AGNutrition.

For every new basic member, you introduce you get 2,475 Kenya Shillings compensation.

You get Ksh. 3,960 for new Premium member introduction and 11,880 Kenya shillings for NEW Elite member recruitment.

b) Premium level – Kshs 38,000

You pay Kenya Shillings 38,000 for 8 boxes of ag cera.

This is a 2-month supply of the food supplement.

You too can become a member through this level.

Agcera benefits compensation plan:

Basic member introduction – 2,475 shillings

Premium member introduction – 9,900 shillings

Elite member introduction – 17,820 shillings

c) Elite level – Kshs 114,000

You pay Kenya Shillings 114,000 for 24 boxes of ag cera.

You too can become a member through this level.

This is the compensation plan:

Basic member introduction – 2,475 shillings

Premium member introduction – 9,900 shillings

Elite member introduction – 29,700 shillings

AG CERA price in Kenya is as stated above, 7,000 Kenya shillings per box.

I cannot cover the compensation plan in this article.

There is too much information in the mouth-watering money-making bonus plan.

I will leave that for another day.

How to join AGNutrition in Kenya

The supplement is not sold in shops.

It is a network marketing product.

You can only get it through the introduction.

You can get it through this website.

Call our Susan at 0722 81 40 81.

She will introduce you to AGNutrition free of charge.

She will ensure you get ag cera.

If you want to become a member she will get you to register under her team.

Call Susan now 0722 81 40 81


In the end, it is a matter of choice.

Do you want to look good, feel great and live life feeling young and rejuvenated?

You can improve both your health and finances at the same time.

AG CERA is a stem cell product that is truly transforming lives across the globe.

It is good for all ages but particularly vital for aging citizens.

My 80 years grandmother looks great right now.

She has been taking ag cera for 3 months now.

AG CERA benefits are as discussed above.

Looking forward to seeing you use this great product.


Steve Wanjie

Founder – Dijito Marketing


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By Steve Wanjie

Steve Wanjie is a digital marketing specialist, SEO Expert, expert article writer, blogger, sex educationist, and businessman. He is the founder of Dijito Marketing and Laikipo.com. He works and lives in Nairobi Kenya.


    1. Hello Joshua,
      Ag Cera dosage:
      The daily dosage is 2 sachets. You take one sachet in the morning and one in the evening.
      How to take agcera?
      You pour the sachet contents (powder) under your tongue and let it dissolve in your saliva.
      Open your mouth and lift the front of your tongue up. Pour the powder into your mouth and close your mouth. Agcera will dissolve naturally. For any assistance or question please call Susan 0722 81 40 81.

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