AG Cera Marketing Plan Strategy

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AG Cera marketing plan. Yes, you asked about how you could successfully market a networking product known as agcera.

AG Cera marketing plan creation steps:

  • Get registered with AGNutrition
  • Use the product
  • Make two lists of 50 people each
  • Attend all company-sponsored training classes for distributors
  • Sell a Solution, not the product
  • Organize community group meetings regularly
  • Follow up is the holy grail of network marketing
  • Create a team of passionate distributors to work directly under you
  • Have regular motivational meetings for your downline
  • Be honest in your dealings
a box of ag cera supplement - ag cera marketing plan
a box of ag cera supplement

I assume you are already a registered ag cera distributor. If not, go here to get registered.

What is agcera?

Ag cera is a health supplement manufactured in Malaysia by a company called AGNutrition. 

What is AGNutrition?

AGNutrition is a multilevel marketing company (MLM.) In other words, AGNutrition is a direct sales or network marketing company. 

What is Multilevel Marketing (MLM?)

A multilevel marketing company provides products and resources to its registered distributors.  MLM is another word for network marketing.

“We found that one business model stood out from the rest.

This particular business model creates passive income, but requires relatively little cash investment to set up.

It has very low overhead, and can be operated on flexible part-time basis until it generates enough cash flow for the entrepreneur to transition out of his current full-time job.

That business model is called network marketing…”

Robert Kiyosaki – Author, The Business of the 21st Century

Who is a distributor in the MLM business setup?

A distributor in network marketing is an independent business person who registers with an MLM company to marketing, sell, and distribute the company’s products. 

What does a network marketing distributor do to make money?

Network marketing distributors work involves;

  • recruiting new distributors
  • supervising distributors under you
  • selling the product to consumers

What is the key to success in network marketing?

a) Your ability to convince many new prospects to join your distribution network. The bigger your active downline is, the bigger is your income. 

b) Your ability to market and sell large volumes of the products to consumers.

AG Cera marketing plan strategy

  • Get registered with AGNutrition

Getting registered as a distributor is the first step to take

  • Use the product

AG Cera is a health supplement. Before you go out marketing it, use it to know and understand what you are selling.

 This way you will have a clear testimony on the product. On registration, they usually give you samples of the product for familiarization purposes. 

  • Make two lists of 50 people each

The best way to start multilevel marketing is by writing names of people you know. You need to have two lists, one containing names of prospective distributors, and the other potential consumers.

a) Prospective distributors list:

To succeed in network marketing, recruit distributors. Multilevel marketing is about the number of distributors in your downline.

 Network marketing helps create a passive income stream because when your downline sells a product, you get a sales bonus. The more your distributors sell, the more you earn.

 Thus, work very hard to recruit many distributors to increase your passive income.

b) Potential Consumers List

AG Cera is a supplement that is known to help prevent and treat many diseases. You have an opportunity to help people solve their health issues through a wonder product.

This list should contain names of people who are already sick, people who want to take preventive measures to stay healthy, and elderly persons.

The young who want to look good, beautiful, and radiant should be on this list too.

c) Ask for referrals

Ask everyone in your lists to refer a friend whom they think would be helped by agcera.

 Always remember to ask for referrals because you need to double your prospects list from the original 100 to 200 people.

Network marketing is a numbers game. Make use of the referral system to increase your potential customer numbers.

  • Attend all company-sponsored training classes for distributors

You need to learn how to market agcera.

Never miss a training session because you need proper product knowledge to excel. When you know the product well, you gain a lot of confidence marketing it before potential customers.

It is during these classes that you get to interact with new and experienced distributors. You get a lot of encouragement, advice, and motivation from your peers. 

Therefore, do not skip training events because they help build self-confidence and the will to succeed.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

Warren Buffet
  • Sell a Solution, not the product

A product should help solve a problem. Therefore, you have to explain to a potential customer how agcera will solve his or her problem.

 So a customer will buy ag cera because he or she needs to regain or maintain good health. 

Thus, you have to sell good health to prospective clients instead of the product. 

Hence, to succeed in ag cera marketing, sell what the supplement can do for the client. Sell disease prevention, maintenance of good health, and healing to consumers.

To prospective agcera distributors, sell financial freedom, good life, and excellent health.

  • Organize community group meetings regularly

To reach many potential clients, organize small group meetings in the community.

 You could use the church, schools, self-help groups, and social events to talk to people.

Ask new distributors to help organize sensitization group meetings in their local community. 

In these meetings, you will be able to recruit new distributors. At the same time, you will be able to sell agcera to new consumers.

  • Follow up is the holy grail of network marketing

In multilevel marketing, follow-up is important. This is because potential clients don’t buy into your idea on the first encounter. Therefore, you have to follow them up until you close the deal.

  • Create a team of passionate distributors to work directly under you

The ideal number of active distributors to work under you is 5. The five individuals shall help create a network for your passive income empire.

Then, help each distributor to create a team of their own as well.

Therefore, every new distributor in your downline should create a team of 5 distributors.

In the end, you will have a passive income stream that generates millions of Kenya shillings.

“You don’t build a business, you build people and then people build the business.”

Zig Ziglar – motivational speaker
  • Have regular motivational meetings for your downline

You need to train and motivate your downline for them to be successful. Scheduled group meetings for at least 4 days a week.

 The best meeting time could be during the lunch hour, early morning, or after 5 in the evening.

  • Be honest in your dealings

Multilevel marketing companies sell products to distributors at wholesale pricing

The distributor is required to sell to consumers at predetermine retail prices. 

Unethical distributors may sell products at higher prices than set by the company. Others may sell at lower prices to undercut other distributors.

Do not go down this route because, in the end, you will become the loser. 

  • Create a list of your customers

It is important to create a list of current and prospective customers to keep in touch with them. You need their telephone numbers.

This means you could get in touch via SMS or WhatsApp. In the developed world they create email lists, in Africa, we create mobile phone number lists.

AG Cera marketing plan conclusion:

It is not hard to market and sell agcera. Follow the above mentioned steps and you shall be successful. Remember, network marketing is a number game.

Talk to people and never fear rejection. For every 10 people you approach, one will respond to you positively.

Multilevel marketing is the shortest route to becoming a millionaire.


Steve Wanjie



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