Ag Cera Registration in Nairobi Kenya

Ag Cera registration question is answered here. This is not an article. It is an answer to this question; how to register with AG Nutrition, or, how to join ag nutrition or How to become an agcera distributor?

This is how to join AG Nutrition and the requirements to become an agcera distributor:

a) Find a registered AG Nutrition network distributor who will be your sponsor

b) Learn and understand registration requirements;

c) Be over 18 years old

d) Have a national ID card or passport

e) Must own a functional mobile phone

f) Have an email address

g) Choose a registration package and have the money ready

There are 3 registration packages to choose from. They are;

• Basic 10,500 in Kenya shillings

• Premium 41,400 in Kenya shillings

• Elite 124,200 in Kenya shillings

h) You get registered using a mobile phone or computer

i) You get instant registration acknowledgement through your email

j) You then can log into your AG Nutrition account

k) You will get product samples immediately after registration

l) You can start working immediately

Find a detailed account below.

AG Nutrition: The Company

AG Nutrition is a network marketing business.

Other names for this business model are:

  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Consumer direct marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Home-based business franchise

What is Network Marketing?

According to investopedia.com:

“Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home. A network business may require you to build a network of business partners or sales people to assist in lead generation and closing sales.”

The Product – Ag Cera is AG Nutrition’s product

AgCera is a stem cell product. Stem cells are body’s raw materials. It is a food supplement.

Ag Cera registration

Important note:

This product is not available in shops nor supermarkets because it’s a network marketing product. This means it is sold directly to the consumer. It is a consumer-direct marketing product.

Ag Cera Registration

Where to get registered?

Get registered by Susan at your place of work, or at:

  • Komarock estate
  • Infil B, House number 6
  • Stage – komarock round about
  • Public transport: Double M, from Ambassadeur hotel, city center

What are the benefits of registering with AGNutrition?

• As a consumer:

You will be able to buy a packet of ag cera at wholesale (or distributors’) price which is Kenya shillings 4110. Thus, if you don’t want to become a distributor, at least you get the product at a wholesale price to save Kenya shillings 3390 (i.e., 7500 – 4110.) If you can save 3390 per packet of agcera, why not register?

You don’t have to become a seller but you become a bona fide member of AGNutrition. Registration qualifies you to buy the AGNutrition products at wholesale prices.

• As a distributor:

You make a lot of money as a distributor (or seller.) You buy the product at a wholesale price of 4110. Then you sell it at a retail price of Kenya shillings 7,500. Your profit is Kenya shillings 3,390 per packet of ag cera. When you help register a new customer on the basic level (10,500) your bonus is Kenya shillings 2,475. Then you get 2900 as your profit for selling one packet to your new client. Thus you make a total of shillings 5375 every time you register a new member.

Every time someone you helped register buys a packet of agcera you receive Kenya shillings 1,600 the following morning. If one of your down line buys a packet today, tomorrow morning you receive 1,600 as his or her sponsor through MPesa.

Important note:

Ag cera health supplement users are getting their good health back. Ag cera distributors are making big money. Everyone is a winner. It is real. It is popular and it works wonders for all involved.

Where does the registration take place?

Your sponsor will register you where you are using your mobile phone, email address, and national ID card. The minimum registration fee is Kenya shillings 10,500. And you get 2 packets of agcera too.

Final word:

To register or not to register is your choice. All we want is to help you get your optimal health back. A healthy you is our goal and satisfaction.

How to get agcera registration?

How to join Ag Nutrition steps

Step 1:

You get registration via introduction. A member of ag nutrition must introduce you. That is the only way to registration. Through this website you will get your registration. All you need to do is call Susan at +254722 814081. This is a Kenyan mobile number locally it is 0722814081 (if her line is busy or unavailable call Steve 0724130446.)

 Whatsapp +254724130446

Susan will assist you because it her job to ensure you have a smooth customer service

Step 2:

You need to buy a membership package to get an official ag cera registration. There are three membership packages to choose from. These are;

a) Basic membership

Buy 2 box of agcera plus registration fee at Kenya shillings 10,500

b) Premium membership

Buy 8 boxes of agcera at Kenya Shillings 41,400

c) Elite Membership

Buy 24 boxes of agcera at Kenya Shillings 124,200

How many sachets does one box of agcera contain?

Each box contains 14 sachets of agcera

Can you make money marketing agcera?

Yes. Agcera is a food supplement in high demand. Their compensation plan is lucrative. Due to the benefits associated with this product making a lot of money is easy. You need to be active though. You need to be good at talking and convincing people.

Otherwise, the health benefits to the human body are great. The elderly especially love this product. It is a good business to engage in. The more people you recruit the more money you make.


That is how to get ag cera registration. Just call Susan at 0722 81 40 81 and you will become a member. Then you start using and selling the product and recruiting new members.


Steve Wanjie


Dijito Marketing



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