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AG Nutrition is a marketing network dealing in a single health product known as agCERA. Those who have come across this supplement say it’s the best thing to have happened to their health.

Being a product of network marketing you will never see it in the shops. The supplement transforms your life holistically. Once you start taking your health improves drastically.

And you start making money. This article aims at introducing you to AG Nutrition. It started in Malaysia it has gone global because their product is transforming lives.

Their mission statement reads: “– to transform people’s lives and their lifestyles by providing the best nutritional and highest quality health products, and – To provide a rewarding opportunity platform for our independent distributors globally.”

What is AG Nutrition?

Ag Nutrition is Marketing Network Business.

What is a marketing network business?

It is a business model that depends on its users to drive sales. You become a user and introduce your family and friends to the products the company produces.

It is a person-to-person sales plan. You would not expect to find these products in the shop. Thus this is a direct sales business. Product moves from the manufacturer directly to the consumer.

What products does AG Nutrition sell?

They have two very successful health products. These are;

  • agCERA
  • agDRINK
AG Nutrition Network Marketing - agCERA
agCERA – A health supplement

These are organic health supplements purely made from plants. They do not have side effects unless misused or abused by way of overdose.

Their motto: look better, feel better, and live better

These products are very good in improve the overall health of a person. The products are a bit expensive but they are worth the money.

Where can I buy ag cera in Nairobi?

You can buy ag cera at;

  • Komarock estate
  • Infil B, House number 6
  • Stage – komarock round about
  • Public transport: Double M, from Ambassadeur hotel city center

One box has 14 sachets. The cost of one box of agcera is Kenya Shillings 7,000. But you can buy one or more sachets from Susan at Kenya shillings 500 each if you are short of cash. Call Susan at 0722 814981 for more information.

How do you make money with AG Nutrition in Kenya?

You become a business owner who works from home. You don’t have an office. You use your mobile phone to communicate with family or friends who need the product. You are an Independent Business Owner – IBO. Your job is to introduce new users. When they join you get your commission. When they buy a product you get a commission. When they introduce new users you get paid a small commission. This means you could make a good living out of AG Nutrition if you become active.

There are some Kenyans who are already making up to $2000 dollars every month. You get your money immediately people under you introduce a new user or when someone buys. The reason people are making money with AG Nutrition is quality and the performance of the supplements. I would highly recommend jobless, or people who have lost their jobs to try AG Nutrition.

Ways of income with AG Nutrition. There are 8 ways of earning and receiving rewards:

  1. direct sponsor bonus
  2. Binary pay
  3. Matching binary pay
  4. GSB shopping mall
  5. Lifestyle rewards
  6. Leadership Rewards
  7. Cars bonus rewards
  8. Direct sponsor bonus is 30%

It is a profitable marketing network to work with because they have a wonderful product. Once someone discovers it they tell their friends. The supplement helps with many health problems.

How can you join AG Nutrition?

You can only join by an introduction by a registered user. If you are interested call Susan at 0722 81 40 81. Tell her that you want to register with AG Nutrition. She will make arrangements to introduce you to the Marketing Network. Then you have a chance to transform people’s lives as you make money.

What is AG Nutrition’s Compensation Plan?

This marketing network has three membership packages. If you are interested you choose one and join and start making money. Here are the packages.

  1. BASIC
  • You pay 9,500 Kenya Shillings
  • You get two boxes of agCERA for your own use
  • Time – 60 days
  • Points earned 75PV

Then you can start recruiting new users and selling the products. The old folks especially make good customers because most have health problems.

2. Premium

  • You pay 38,000 Kenya Shillings
  • You get 8 boxes of agCERA
  • Time 120 days
  • Points earned 300PV

3. Elite

  • You pay 114,000 Kenya Shillings
  • You get 24 boxes of agCERA
  • Points earned 900PV
  • Free products and training

Is it profitable to work with AG NUTRITION?

The money you make is determined by the strength of your group (people you have recruited), their activity and how much supplements you sell. If you are active and your group is active you could win a BMW as a reward.

Examples on how you can make in direct bonuses:

  • If you a basic member and you sponsor an Elite user you commission is Ksh. 11,880
  • If you are a premium member and you sponsor an Elite use your commission is Ksh. 17,820
  • If you are an Elite member and you sponsor an Elite user your commission is Ksh. 29,700

That is what they mean when with – direct sponsor bonus. You now can begin to have an idea on the potential of making money with AG Nutrition.


Finally, we can make a conclusion on AG Nutrition. This marketing network business is a good Independent Business Opportunity for people who want to make money.

It has to beneficial attributes: health and money. As seen above AG Nutrition are the makers of agCERA, a health supplement.

Made from 100% plants, this is a high-quality health supplement that is transforming lives across the globe. Because it is effective, it is easy for anyone to promote and sell this product.

For jobless people during a pandemic, this is a good time to sell a health supplement that has proven to work as promised. If it works, people buy.

This is an opportunity open to all through an introduction. Join AG Nutrition Network Marketing through Susan at +254 722 814 081. Call her and she will make it happen for you.

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