AG Nutrition Products and Price List

AG Nutrition products are listed together with the current prices. If you need any one of these special products, call Susan at 0722 81 40 81 every day of the week, except Sundays.

AG Cera, Infil B, House 6, Komarock, Off Kangundo road, Nairobi


  1. ag cera

Usage benefits:

AG CERA is a one for all diseases prevention and treatment health supplement. It is an immune booster, anti-aging agent, beautiful skin maintenance, weight loss, prevent diabetes, prevent cancer, treat and cure cancer if not yet in stage 4, treat fibroids, prevent heart diseases, low libido treatment, treat infertility, and many other sicknesses.

Keeps your body healthy and looking good.


Ksh 7,000 per packet, special offer: buy 2 packets at Ksh 10,500

2. ag coffee

leisure drink, treat depression, improve brain function, fight inflammation, support eye health and vision, improve mental disorders, help prevent cancer, anti-aging prevention, prevent brain disease, helps overcome arthritis and joint pains

Ksh 2280 per box

3. agBROC

Reduce the risk of cancer, improve bone health, boosting immune health, improving skin health, aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, reducing the risk of diabetes, protecting cardiovascular health, fighting colds and flu, reducing wrinkles, treating acne, lowering cholesterol

Ksh 3960 per box

4. agBeauty

ag nutrition products - agbeauty is a beauty product from agnutrition

anti-aging beauty secret, helps create a younger you, clean and shiny beautiful skin, get a healthy and younger looking skin

Ksh 5250 per bottle

AG Fiberee

ag fiberee, agnutrition product
ag fiberee

Clear stomach fat (i.e., visceral fat or abdominal fat) within 4 weeks, best slimming or weight loss supplement in Kenya, lower risk of heart disease, reduce risk of diabetes, balance blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, control blood sugar, improve digestive system, maintain bowel health

Ksh 4,000 per box

Call Susan 0722 81 40 81 now.

ag cera benefits

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