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In this post, we’ll provide an all-encompassing rundown of BEST JOBS. Including an explanation of why BEST JOBS is important, and how to find BEST JOBS.

Before we look into the best jobs lets know what a job is. You need to understand what a job is before going out to look for it.

Best Jobs
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What is the job, my friend?

Before we look into the best jobs lets know what a job is. You need to understand what a job is before going out to look for it.

A job is a person’s role in the community. More specific: a job is an activity that you perform in exchange for payment in cash or in kind.

What is the difference between a job and a career?

To avoid confusion here is the difference:

A job is something you do to earn money. It has minimal impact on your future work life.

A career is a series of connected employment opportunities. It provides an accumulation of both experience and learning to fuel your future.

5 reasons why the best jobs are important:

Good jobs ensure upward mobility career-wise and financial outlook is bright. It makes your working life enjoyable and satisfying.

a) A good job pays you well. It enables you to pay your monthly bills. It enables to buy a home. It enables you to have a family. You are able to live a good life.

b) Without money, you can’t do anything in this life. Without enough money, you will struggle to meet your daily obligations. With a good job, you feel good because you pay for your needs and wants.

c) You contribute to the community when you have a good job. A good job makes you a valuable community member. You gain respect and status in your community. This makes you feel happy, good and confident.

d) A top job enables you to find even better employment if need to. Good jobs make you employable. It makes finding new jobs easy.

e) You get self-respect, dignity, and self-worth with a good job.

Here are the best jobs and salaries

The top 10 highest paying jobs in the USA

1. Physician – average salary of $193,415 and in Kshs 19,728,330 per month

2. Pharmacy Manager– average salary $144,768 and in Kshs 14,766,336

3. Dentist – average salary $142,478 and in Kshs 14,532,756

4. Pharmacist – average salary of $126,438 and in Kshs 12,896,676

5. Enterprise architect – average salary of $122,585 and in Kshs 12,503,670

6. Corporate counsel – average salary $117,588 and in Kshs 11,993,976

7. Software engineer manager – average salary of $114,163 and in Kshs 11,644,626

8. Physician assistant – average salary of $113,855 and in Kshs 11,613,747

9. Corporate controller – average salary $113,368 and in Kshs 11,536,536

10. Software development manager – average salary of $109,809 and in Kshs 11,200,518

For those interested in nursing:

Nurse practitioner – average salary – 109,481 and in Kshs 11,167,062

Data from: https://www.glassdoor.com/blog/highest-paying-jobs-2019/

Highest paying jobs in Kenya – ordinary employee

1. Pilot – average salary Kshs 300,000 per month

2. Lawyer – average salary Kshs 250,000

3. Doctors – highest salary Kshs 2,000,000 in Nairobi, Karen, Mater, and Gertrude’s Hospitals

4. Software engineer – average salary Kshs 500,000

5. Actuary – salary average Kshs 300,000

6. Finance Manager – average salary Kshs 700,000

7. Architecture – average salary Kshs 300,000

8. Statistics – average salary Kshs 140,000

9. Auditors – average salary Kshs 250,000

10. Electrical engineer – average salary Kshs 133,000

How to determine your best jobs

a) Ask yourself “what do I want in a job?”

You want satisfaction, fulfillment, fun and good money. You want a job that you will enjoy doing every day. You want a job that ensures career development, positive challenges, and assured promotions.
If you know your interest, you will find your ideal job. Base your job search on your known interests and training.

b) What are my skills?

You need to train in a skill aligned with your hobbies or interests. This helps find your ideal job. You have known people who have a degree in medicine. Only to find them managing professional football teams. This happens because you didn’t put into account your hobbies, interests or talent. Before seeking training in unwanted and abandoned skills.

c) Look for what you like doing

The things you enjoy doing in your free time could help figure your ideal job. Like your hobby. What hobbies do you enjoy? Do you like writing? Look for a career in Journalism or related fields. If you like what you are doing you will excel in it. You will shine and grow in it.

d) Take a career aptitude test online

You can take a career aptitude test online to determine the best job for you. It is free and easy. Take it on this site – https://www.whatcareerisrightforme.com/career-aptitude-test.php

How to find your best job

a) Have a trade skill based on your talent or interests

The first thing you need to have is training in the trade of your choice. Trade skills are very important. If you don’t have a trade skill you can’t apply for any job. If you want to become a medical doctor go to medical school.

b) Have a professional resume

You market your skills through a document knowns as a resume. There are many online sites that can help write a professional resume.

c) Work with a jobs board to help find a job

Yes, there are many sites that help job seekers find good jobs. These jobs could be online or offline jobs. Just search for online job boards.

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