BF Suma Products, Price List, and Diseases Treated Kenya

BF Suma products are listed here, together with the prices. For more information, call Steve on 0724130446.

BF Suma products price list in dollars

BF Suma Products Retail Prices in Kenya

a) BF Suma Immune Boosters:



Retail Price in Ksh:

Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores – Helps treat:




-Smelly feet

-Itching feet



-Kidney problem





-Frequent urination

-Pain in the private parts

-Blood in urine




– Alcoholism

pure & broken

-Boost your immune system

-100% shell broken hence 90% easier to absorb

-Reduce side effects from chemotherapy and radiotherapy, e.g., hair loss, vomiting, weakness

-Raise your appetite

-Improve blood circulation in the coronary artery

-Prevent atherosclerosis and heart problems

-Improve skin conditions


-Protects your liver and normalizes the liver function

-Strong antiviral, ani-parasite. anti-fungal, and ant-bacterial

-Fights insomnia

-Enhances metabolism

-Raise CD4 counts in the blood, thus very good for HIV/AIDS

-Promotes insulin efficiency in diabetes

-Reactivites body energy and prolong healthy life

-Good for anti-immune diseases, e.g., Psoriasis

-Suitable for any chronic condition


Yunzi Essensce Capsules:

See diseases treated here


-Enhance your immunity system

-Improve energy and vitality

-Enhance appetite and reduce illness

-Increase the white blood cells and lymphocytes – raises blood count

-Reduce chemotherapy effects

-Reduce pain during an episode of severe immune challenge


-Strengthens blood vessels

-it maintains the strength and elasticity of the skin

-Prevents painful menstruations


4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee

Helps treat:



-Red lips


-Colour blindness

4 in 1 Ginseng Coffee

-Boosts brain nerve cells, hence preventing dementia

-Enhances energy levels and mental alertness

-Rejuvenates and increases stamina/libido

-Regulates blood pressure

-Reduces cramps (dysmenorrhea)

-Reduces diabetes potential


4 in one Reishi coffee – Helps treat:

-Difficulty in breathing


-Ear infections

-Chicken Pox


-Body weakness

-Itching skin

-Rough skin


4 in one Reishi coffee

-Promotes self-healing

-Refreshes the brain and energizes the body

-Promotes sleep quality

-Prevents allergy due to lanostan, which blocks histamine

-Prevents virus infection. Good for HIV and influenza

-Prevents formation of blood clots

-Good for kidney problems

-Strengthen the digestive system

-Strengthens the heart muscles

-Good for skin conditions such as Psoriasis, acne, etc

-Stimulates the bone marrow to produce new blood cells

-Improves sinusitis

-Good for hormonal imbalance


4 in 1 Cordyceps Coffee

Helps treat:





-Sore throat

cordyceps coffee

improve overall physical health, enhance immunity, and the slow aging process

-Boost the immune system against viral infection

-Stimulates blood circulation

-Reduces fatigue and work-related stress

-Reduces inflammation

-Reduces acidity levels for ulcer patients

-Increases energy and mental alertness

-It has anti-allergic properties

-Improves congestion and lung inflammation

-Boost CD counts

-Strengthens body immunity and combats cancer cells proliferation

-Reduces swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis

-A natural antibiotic highly recommended for ARDS


b) Premium Selected:

NMN Capsules – Helps treat:


-Diabetes type 2



-DNA repair



NMN Capsules

-NAD+ activates enzymes that promote healthy aging

-NMN increases the level of NAD+, which in turn promotes improved blood flow to the muscles and increased supply of adequate energy to muscle cells leading to strong and healthy muscles and increased endurance during exercise

-NAD+ assists in recovery from addiction by reducing or eliminating craving and withdrawal symptoms that may cause people to relapse

-NAD+ replenishment promotes DNA repair, and elimination of toxins promotes the health of blood vessels that supply the skin with oxygen and nutrients and enhances the proper functioning of cells in the skin. This results in a brighter complexion, reduced sugging, fewer wrinkles, and smooth skin

-NAD+ helps to reduce stiffness in the arteries and lowers systolic blood pressure in adults at risk of hypertension

-Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more joints in the body. The main symptoms of arthritis are joint pains and stiffness, which worsens with aging.

-NAD+ promotes better joint function.

-NAD+ enhances insulin sensitivity which is thought to be through its ability to repair pancreatic better cells that secrete insulin.

-NAD+ can help with weight loss by promoting the breakdown of food into energy which prevents fat storage in the body and increases basal metabolic rate, a measure of energy spent by the body at rest.


NMN Family Pack – 2 bottles


NMN Family Pack – 6 bottles




-Anti-aging, i.e.,
look youthful forever
-Anti-oxidant, i.e., reduce oxidative damage to your brain, skin, and internal organs
-Reduce cancer risk
-Improve collagen levels and your bone strength
-Improve blood flow
-Promotes beautiful, smooth, and clear skin

-DNA repair



How to buy BF Suma Products in Kenya:

Pay your selected product via Lipa an M-Pesa till number 9685133, account name: Dijito Marketing.

Text the name (or names) of the products you have paid for to Steve at 0724130446. Also, send the Mpesa message to the same phone line.

We deliver to all Counties in Kenya, including Turkana County.

c) BF Suma Bone and Joint care Products:

GluzoJoint-F Capsules – Helps treat:


-Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis

-Support the natural ability to regenerate cartilage

-Help to rebuild cartilage and lubricate joints

-Relief joints pains

-improve cartilage metabolism in joints

-inhibit joint degeneration process

-improves flexibility and relief from joint discomfort


ArthoXtra Tablets

Helps treat:


-Fracture (compound) protruding bones, swelling

-Make and repair joint cartilage

-Reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis and further deterioration

-Improve the ability of joint movement

-Keep joints lubricated and normalize joint metabolism

-Promote strong and elastic protective tissue

-Promote the production of synovial fluid and reduce joint friction

-Prevents osteoarthritis

-Relieves lower back and joint pains


ZaminoCal Capsules – Helps treat:

-Lack of breast milk

-Angina Pectoris (Chest pain)

-Anuria (unable to pass urine)


-Abscess (majivu)


-Colon Cancer


-Enuresis (inability to control the passing of urine)

-Helicopter Pylori

Zaminocal-plus capsules

-Enhance the absorption of calcium and zinc to over 90%

-Maintain healthy bones and teeth

-Prevent and improve osteoporosis

-Suitable for minor, teenage, lactating mothers, and elderly

-Good for prostate health

-Improves menstrual cramps

-Promote tissue repair and growth

-Slows down the aging process of your bone structure

-It improves your immune system

-It is rich in natural collagens, which nourishes your skin

-It prevents and treats rheumatoid arthritis

-It heals and strengthens the muscular, cartilage, and nerve tissues

-Helps pregnant mothers to deliver quickly and without excessive pain

-Helps quick healing of women’s production system after delivery


d) BF Suma Cardiovascular Health Products

MicrO2 Cycle Tablets – Helps treat:

-Difficult in breathing


-Ear infections

-Angina Pectoris



-Abscess (majivu)


-Blood pressure



-Cough, sore throat, sneezing, fever

-Colour blindness


-Bone fracture


-Leg cramps

-Oedema (swollen feet)

-Prostate cancer


-Varicose veins

MicrO2 Cycle tablets

-helpful for removing blood stasis

-improve the flow of blood through the small vascular network

-enhance oxygen and nutrients delivery

-Anti-oxidation, free radical clearance, cardiac muscular protection

-Assist cholesterol and triglycerides normalization

-it improves blood circulation

-It improves eyesight

-Prevents arteriosclerosis

-A strong anti-oxidant

-Lower whole blood and plasma viscosity

-Decrease blood platelet aggregation

-Good for hypertension management

-It is good for stroke prevention and helps reverse stroke

-Prevent heart attack and cardiovascular issues


CereBrain Tablets – Helps treat:

-Memory loss


-Alzheimer’s disease


-Hearing difficulty (Otitis)



-Helps reduce memory loss brought about by aging

-Improve the function of the nervous system

-Relax the coronary artery and improve blood flow to the heart

-Improve brain cell

-Improve brain cell metabolism

-Promotes oxygen delivery to brain cell

-Enhance blood circulation in the brain and blood vessels

-Enhance blood flow and nutrients delivery to the brain

-Useful in counteracting age-related memory loss


Reliving Tea

Helps treat:

-High blood pressure




-Lower blood pressure and cholesterol

-Relief from anxiety


-Strengthens the heart, ideal for circulatory health

-Reliefs cough and asthma symptoms

-Better urinary health


GymEase Tea

-Suppresses sugar cravings

-Reduce the intake and absorption of glucose

-Increase the secretion of insulin

-Has anti-oxidant properties which protect the cells from free radicals


Detoxilive Capsules – Helps treat:

-Fatty liver disease

-Lack of sleep

-Improve liver function

-help detoxify your system hence improving blood flow and mental alertness

-Promotes proper synthesis of vitamins in the body

-Promotes cardiovascular health

-Promotes normal cholesterol and good blood pressure range


e) BF Suma Men’s Health Products:



Price in Ksh:

X Power Man Capsules – Helps treat:

-Male impotence

-Erectile dysfunction



X Power Man Capsules

-Naturally boost testosterone levels

-It improves sexual desires (aphrodisiac)

-It builds stamina

-Prevents male impotence and erectile dysfunction

-Fights memory loss, Alzheimer’s, and senile dementia

-Anti-hypotensive (fights low blood pressure)

-It enhances kidney, lungs, heart, and liver functions

-It improves the vitality (masculine sexual power and strength)

-Relives fatigue and exhaustion

-Provide a healthy nervous system and very effective on mental capacity


X Power Coffee for Men

-Improve sexual performance

-Promotes testosterone secretion

-Boosts sperm count and motility

-Relives fatigue and stress

-Promotes erection

-Stimulates muscles to relax and boost blood circulation

-Sustains erection by allowing blood flow to the tissue (male sexual organ)

-Has epimedium, which protects prostate functions


ProstatRelax Capsules


-Prevent prostate enlargement

-Reduce various urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, and urinary dribbling

-Maintain the balance of the entire urogenital system and reduce urinary dysfunction

-Enhance sexual performance

-Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effects inhibit and eliminate free radicals

-Prevents the conversion of testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone(DHT)

-Recommendable to every man with 40 years and above prevents prostate issues

-Good for impotence and sexual dysfunction

-It blocks some effects of testosterone, thus reducing hair in men.

-Alleviate pain or stiffness in the lower back, hip, or upper thighs caused by prostate inflammation


g) BF Suma Digestive Health Products:

ConstiRelax Solution

Effectively regulate bowel movement, help relieve constipation, eliminate toxins for health and beauty, enhance body metabolism, maintain normal cholesterol level and healthy weight


NT Diarr Pills

Effectively control acute diarrheal disease, reduce gastrointestinal dysfunctions


Novel-Depile Capsules

Alleviate hemorrhoids without surgery, relieve pain, burning sensation, and itching, reduce discomfort after having a bowel movement, treat hemorrhoids



Promotes a healthy digestive system, promotes vaginal health and fights candida, promotes healthy skin- eczema, acne, and psoriasis, reduces overuse of antibiotics as it contains good bacteria, treats colitis and lowers cholesterol, treats kidney stones, combats antibiotic resistance, contains good bacteria and strengthens patients with stomach and colon cancer, fights bacteria that cause colon ulcers


Veggie Veggie Bioenzyme

Naturally, detox your body, assists digestive function, eliminates toxins from your body, facilitates intestinal motility, lowers cholesterol level, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, reduces the risk of heart disease, lowers the risk of breast cancer, promotes weight loss


Ez-Xlim Tablets

Help lose weight, good for diabetes, lower blood sugar, activate liver cells, relieves congestion of the liver, spleen, and kidneys, cleanses the body, reduces the absorption of sugar, accelerates the burning of sugar, reduces the absorption of fat



Elements – for weight loss

For weight loss


h) BF Suma Living Products:

Anatic Herbal Essence Soap

Prevents skin aging, removes pimples and acne, promotes smooth, clear skin, removes wrinkles, treats ringworms, promotes metabolism



-Feminine cleanser

-Reinforce the vagina’s resistance to infections

-Eliminate abnormal vagina discharge, unpleasant odor, and itchiness

-Effectively prevent infection from harmful bacteria

-Keep the vagina area clean and comfortable


PureWell Water Purifier

PureWell Water Purifier

Tap water purifier


Dr. Ts Toothpaste

Protects and heals gums from wounds, and infections, antibacterial, soothes nerves and nourishes the gums, prevents tooth decay, heals mouth ulcers, eliminates bad health, strengthens and whitens teeth


Ster Tab


BF Suma Beauty Products:

Feminergy Capsules

Feminergy Capsules –

-Recommended for hormonal imbalance

-Relieves fatigue, allergies, and menopause symptoms

-Reclaims wrinkles, skin laxity, and melasma

-It is good for people who with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

-People who have had radiotherapy, chemotherapy

-Good for cancers, diabetes, cardiovascular

-Alzheimer patients

-Prevents cataracts and has anti-inflammation effects

-Prevents dental cavities and gingivitis

-Improves memory alertness

-It ia a natural anti-oxidant


i) Suma Baby Products:

Dr Cow Calcium Milk Candy

-Increases resistance and immunity

-Relieve malnutrition symptoms like growth retardation for juveniles, sweating, and bedwetting

-Good for elderly/pregnant and lactating women

-Strengthens bones, muscles, nerves, and cartilage contraction

-Promote the growth of teeth and prevent calcium loss

-Supplement protein

-Suitable for gastric and colon ulcers

-Contains immunogenic properties that can reduce allergic reactions in babies


Vita Buddy

Promote a healthy appetite for children who are poor feeders, bridge the nutritional gaps left by picky eating and food allergies, boost immunity and prevent infections in school-going children, and build strong bones and teeth


Dr Cow Smart Gummies

Protect the retina in your eyes, promote intelligence development, enhances immunity, and maintain good eyesight

-Prevents asthmatic symptoms and allergies

-Helps prevent symptoms of mental decline and memory loss


BF Suma products are mostly health supplements, although you will find other types of products too.

Call Steve on 0724130446 for any assistance you may require.

He is an official distributor with BF Suma in Nairobi, Kenya.

BF Suma Products Special Offer:

I will give you a 5% discount if your order is before 30th June 2022.


Are you having gas problems?

Is stomach gas giving you a miserable and painful time?

We have a permanent solution – Veggie Veggie Bioenzyme.

The retail price is Kshs 3,800, but I will give it to you at Kshs 3,610.

How to pay for BF Suma supplements:

  • Dijito Marketing Till number 9685233
  • Account name: Dijito Marketing

I will organize delivery to you regardless of where you are in Kenya.

I wish you good health.


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