The 17 Most Common Causes of Divorce in Kenya

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Causes of divorce or divorce causes is the topic today!

The seventeen most common causes of divorce in Kenya are parental conflict, infidelity, physical abuse, substance abuse, lack of intimacy, and financial problems.

Divorce is the end of a marriage with legal consequences.

The legal matters can vary depending on the state in which you live.

However, some statistics show that about one-third of all divorces happen after domestic violence.

What are the 17 Most Common Causes of Divorce?

Recently divorced beautiful white woman - causes of divorce
Recently divorced beautiful white woman

The causes of divorce are not always easy to identify, but researchers have identified the 15 most common causes in Kenya.

Here are the seventeen causes of divorce in the twenty-first century.

1. Lack of communication is bad for marriage and could lead to divorce.

Communication is key to a successful marriage.

Conversely, lack of communication can lead to a breakdown in trust, ultimately leading to separation or divorce.

A lack of communication between partners leads to a breakdown in trust and impacts the quality of time spent together and how much time they spend apart.

In conclusion, communication is key to a successful marriage that will ultimately lead to happiness and success.

2. Lifestyle changes could course divorce in marriage

Lifestyle changes in a marriage could contribute to divorce.

People don’t listen to each other’s needs and moods anymore but instead, do whatever they can to fulfill their desires.

There are many reasons why people get divorced, but the most common cause is lifestyle changes.

A recent study found that about 37% of divorces were when one or both partners changed their lifestyles – it is no longer about the traditional arguments of “money, sex, kids.”

While some people are more affected by lifestyle changes than others, it is becoming more evident that these changes contribute to divorce.

As we live our lives through technology and constantly change our work location and social lives, we also change our relationship with the one person who should be with us for life: our spouse or significant.

3. Money issues could course divorce in marriage

Money issues are the top cause of divorce in America.

However, some couples are managing their money well.

Money has always been something that comes up in relationships after marriage.

Couples have to come up with a way to manage their finances together while also realizing that sometimes there will be two different opinions on spending or saving money.

Some people believe that the only reason for divorce is financial issues which are not accurate because other factors are involved.

We all know how important it is for couples to have a solid relationship regarding money management.

Still, some people get so busy with work or other things that they forget about being partners and start focusing on themselves instead of the one they love the most, leading to divorce.

4. Infidelity and Cheating could course divorce in marriage

Cheating is one of the most common reasons for divorce.
More than 40% of married people have cheated in their lifetime.

What makes cheating so damaging to relationships is that it often goes undetected for an extended period, resulting in emotional and psychological damage.

The damage may only be temporary for emotional affairs, but the damage can be irreversible with physical experiences.

In addition, infidelity can cause a rift between couples that could lead to divorce or separation.

5. Alcoholism and Addiction do course divorce in marriage

Alcoholism and addiction are a link to a high divorce rate in marriages.

It isn’t easy to get through the stages of recovery without proper help.

The statistics show that alcoholism and addiction are linked to the divorce rate in marriages, especially for women.

So if you’re struggling with these issues, it’s essential to get treatment before your marriage breaks up.

Alcoholism and addiction cause marital struggles by leading the individual into temptation, increasing jealousy, anger, sadness, insecurity, and frustration in their spouse, leading to a divorce.

The good news is that there are ways that couples can work together on their relationship while staying sober or getting clean.

6. Stressful life events or stress-inducing situations do contribute to divorce in marriage

Divorce is a significant life event that can cause lots of stress and anxiety for all parties involved.

This study shows the correlation between stressful life events and divorce, which contributes to the acute stress levels that people experience.

The study found that 55 percent of women had experienced an event or situation that contributed to their divorce, whereas 45 percent of men did.

Of the women who did share a stressful life event, 75 percent had also experienced a divorce in their marriage.

The most common stressful life events were career changes (25% of women), children leaving home (20%), an unplanned pregnancy or birth (15%), death or severe illness in the family (14%), financial concerns such as bankruptcy (10%), and marital problems such as infidelity or abuse (9%).

7. Personality differences between spouses could lead to divorce

Personality differences between spouses could lead to divorce in some cases.

The study found that personality conflict in a marriage negatively affects the quality of the relationship and leads to behavioral changes in one or both spouses.

A survey conducted by researchers at Penn State and Florida State University revealed that personality conflicts in a marriage might lead to behavioral problems such as increased drinking, increased drug use, and decreased intimacy.

Different personalities can cause problems in relationships due to differences between two people’s perceptions of situations and interactions.

8. Cohabitation without marriage may contribute to divorce

As the divorce rate among millennial couples becomes increasingly high, some couples opt to cohabitate without marriage.

Cohabitation without marriage is more common among millennials than any generation before them.

It may contribute to the growing divorce rates due to the lack of financial stability and shared responsibility for children.

9. A Partner’s inability to provide necessities for a family unit could lead to divorce

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people getting divorced has increased by three percent in the last five years.

If you are part of a family unit with a partner who cannot provide necessities for you and your children, it may be time to go separate ways.

While this is not an easy decision, it may be best for the entirety of your family unit.

10. Lack of intimacy is a significant cause of divorce in marriage

In a marriage, intimacy plays a vital role in the connection between two people.

In marriages where intimacy is low, it is easy for emotions to become frayed and lead to conflict.

Many marriages are growing more complex as couples become busier and more consumed by work.

While this is a stressful environment, it can also be fruitful for partners to improve their relationship.

A significant problem in many marriages, however, is the lack of intimacy between partners.

11. Arguments about parenting style is a lead cause of divorce

Parenting styles are a divide within the community and can often cause arguments.

For example, some believe that raising a child has firm control and consistency, while others believe that children should be allowed to explore and learn independently.

Arguments about parenting style are a lead cause of divorce as parents may feel overwhelmed or under-stimulated by their children’s needs.

12. Impotence and infertility problems lead to divorce most of the time

Many men and women find themselves struggling with infertility.

The most common causes include PCOS, endometriosis, thyroid disease, and male or female sexual performance issues.

These problems can also cause impotence.

With the help of modern technology, physicians can detect these conditions early on and offer treatment options that can lead to a successful pregnancy.

13. Physical or sexual abuse could lead to divorce

Physical or sexual abuse can lead to a divorce.

When a victim of abusive relationships grows to feel trapped and unable to escape, the only way out is divorce.

When one partner in a marriage or relationship is experiencing physical or sexual abuse, divorce rates increase.

This might be because the victim feels like they can’t escape their abuser and don’t see their partner as someone who will protect them.

14. Adultery always leads to divorce in marriage

Marriages that have been destroyed by adultery remain in a complex state to rehabilitate.

It is essential to make sure you understand the implications of cheating on your partner and the consequences of such an act.

15. Jealousy or possessiveness is a route to divorce

The feeling of jealousy is a common emotion and can be motivating and energizing.

On the other hand, possessiveness can cause feelings of insecurity and worry that can lead to arguments, divorce, or even extramarital affairs.

16. Irreconcilable differences could force couples to divorce

Irreconcilable differences in a marriage can cause couples to divorce.

These irreconcilable differences could be from the inability to agree on the needed type of child care to lack of intimacy and commitment.

17. Controlling behavior is terrible and could lead to divorce

It’s easy to see why people think near-term divorce is more likely when a partner’s bad behavior is not addressed.

When one partner feels controlled, they will want to get out of the relationship. Because they will feel threatened.

Even though this may be the case, it doesn’t mean you should avoid addressing the issue.

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