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Coronavirus T-shirts Designs is an online t-shirt and hoodie store owned by Dijito Marketing. We design and market t-shirts and hoodies while a third party does the production and distribution of our products. We work with Teespring of the US. They are our partner as they are in charge of t-shirt production, printing, sales, delivery, and customer service.

Why you should buy and wear a coronavirus t-shirt

COVID-19 is a public enemy number one. It is the curse of our times and unfortunately, you are among those who can and should play a significant role in fighting this cruel pandemic. You don’t have to shout. You can play your role quietly by wearing a coronavirus t-shirt. Then make sure you observe social distancing as you wear a mask as well.

When you order your coronavirus t-shirts designs

All new t-shirt orders happen at our store on Teespring platform and not at this website, Dijito Marketing. Because they are the ones who produce, handle sales, and deliver the product to you. Therefore, you are safe because you will receive what you ordered for stress-free. You cannot lose your money either because Teespring is a reputable company with many years of t-shirt printing, sales and delivery.

Why coronavirus t-shirt designs?

Coronavirus has brought life to a very uncomfortable place. Life as we knew it is not the same anymore. In December 2019 you could go to any famous soccer stadium and watch a soccer match and have fun because you had the freedom to make that choice. But, in July 2020, that choice has been snatched from you by the ruthless aggression of COVID-19.

Coronavirus is dangerous adversely because you can see, hear, or know when you are touching it. Air or wind is better because you can feel it. You can see the actions of wind as it blows dust around you but the problem with corona; it is a silent killer giant.

To create awareness about coronavirus, the apparel industry has one potent tool for this task, the t-shirt. Thus the reason for coming up with t-shirt designs is to help the clothing industry play its role. In creating public awareness of COVID-19 and help fight it.



blue hoodie

blue hoodie

long sleeve white tee

long sleeve white tee

Coronavirus t-shirt store

Coronavirus T-shirts Designs

black t-shirt

NY lady white tee

white tee

NY lady hoodie white

white hoodie ladies

top tank t-shirt grey

grey top tank


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