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Digital Marketing Specialist School (or DMS School) is a training centre for beginners in digital marketing who want to specialize in a very lucrative (well paying) marketing niche. We offer an online course. We specialize in a very special niche in internet marketing. It is new and is much sort after by companies. It is known as a Digital Marketing Specialist.

This school focuses exclusively on digital marketing specialist because we know it is in demand and it pays big money.  We train you to go out there and help companies market, promote, and sell their products and services.

You get your certificates and we show you where to find well-paying jobs. We want you to work as a digital marketing freelancer.

Although you may choose to get employment we would love you take the route to self-employment.  It pays more to drive marketing campaigns as a freelancer (or small business) than being employed. Employments limits your growth potential.

Types of jobs you can apply for:

  • Digital marketing director
  • Search Engine Optimization expert
  • Digital sales manager
  • Online Marketing executive
  • Digital Marketing Specialist – is the best option

4 certificates Game Plan:

At the end of this training, you will have acquired four certificates. One from DMS and the other three are external. We have carefully chosen the external certification so as to have you become highly competitive in the market.

The longest course is for six months. So you have to study for six months and when you finish you have digital marketing specialist skills only a few people have on the planet.

What skills do you need to thrive as a digital marketing specialist?

  • Sound knowledge of basic marketing mechanisms
  • Digital marketing planning, strategy, and implementation
  • Time management
  • Creativity and report presentation ability
  • Online media marketing
  • Measurement tools masterly
  • Digital sales

How Much will it cost you:

DSM School certificate – $50

External Certificate 1 -$100

External Certificate 2 – $150

External Certificate 3 – $30

Flexible Payment:

You don’t have to pay for the whole amount upfront. You can take one course at a time. Get your certificate then pay for the next until you finish.



Yasmine – former student

Thanks a lot. I took the course and finished in July. I’m ecstatic because I got my job one week after graduating. The pay is good. I choose the Paid with cert. course. I can’t complain, the course is relevant. I love it

SIGN UP for the course now. You can choose the Free course or the Paid with Cert. Choosing the paid with cert. is recommended because you get certificates to apply for jobs.

SIGN UP for your success!

60 days money-back assurance. If you don’t like our course you will get back your money.
How to tackle the course?
• Start with the DMS School course because it is the foundation for the training.
• Then go to course number 2 and get the certificate
• The next step is course number 3 to acquire the 3rd certificate.
With these three certificates, you are able to prove that you are a trained digital marketing specialist. You will be able to get well paying freelance assignments or jobs at many companies.

Course Certificates Fees


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