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How to make money writing tips meant for beginners. You want to make money as a digital writer? Here are very important tips to get you started on the right foot.
But first, here are how to make money writing facts you need to know:
· Those who start as freelancers gain a lot of experience
· You can become rich as an expert digital writer. And that is true 100% as long as you master 5 basic skills discussed here.
· In the beginning it is hard, very hard, but with time it becomes easier so don’t fear my friend.
· It’s not easy to succeed as a digital writer if you don’t have the passion for writing.
· If you want to succeed as a digital writer you should never give up. Because those who stick with it succeed career wise and their finance outlook goes up too.
· To become rich as a digital writer you must treat this as business, your business. You may want to start a digital marketing agency after gain a lot of expertise and experience.
Who is a digital Writer
A writer who works online is a digital writer. She or he uses digital media as their platform to produce anything. Such as articles, eBooks, SEO, blogs, marketing content, online videos, etc.
Digital writing is the art and practice of preparing digital documents. By computer for online consumption or delivery.
How to make money writing – 5 skills you need to succeed as a digital writer
· You need a Passion for writing
If you don’t have a passion for writing go look for another career because writing is a calling. If not called to do this you can’t make it.
It’s boring and tedious. Because you must write daily to improve your writing skills and to earn your daily bread. Write and write and you will become an expert because the more you write the better you become.
Tip: To become a skilled writer you need to practice. Write 1000 words every day. With time companies will be paying you $1000 (or Kenya Shillings 103,000.) For writing 2000 words for their marketing content.
· Have your own blog
If you are to write 1000 words every day what will you do with these written works? You need a place to post these articles. Thus you need to start your own blog. If you can afford one, go for free websites at WordPress, Blogger, Wix, etc.
You will need these works when applying for writing jobs online. You will have samples when someone wants to give you a writing gig. Starting your own blog will help improve and show case your writing skill.
· Learn SEO – Search Engine Optimization
The digital space thrives on SEO because search engines love it. Search Engine Optimization increases the quantity and quality of traffic to your website. This is through organic search engine results.
Every client who gives you a writing job will want a SEO copy. Every writing project you get must optimize for search engines. Thus, SEO is important in digital writing space, please learn it.
Tip: Keep it optimized and simple
· Get Familiar with Google Analytics
A good writer must know how to analyze and interpret data. Because data used to make critical decisions and actions.
You can learn how to work with data at Google’s Analytics Academy. The ability to interpret analytical data useful in optimization written works. Written works include; your articles, blog posts, and customized marketing emails.
· Communication Skills
If you can’t communication well you can’t market. And thus can’t sell any product or service using digital marketing channels. Digital writing intended to sell a product or a service using the vast digital space.
You need to ensure marketing message clarity. Because you don’t get a second chance at a potential customer. They have to get the message and understand it first time. You can improve your communications skill because you can learn.
Writing is a medium of communication. You write looking to sell an idea to a potential client because you want their money.
· Creativity
You need to be creative in your writing style because the competition is cutthroat. You can’t use the same message to market a product throughout the year. You need to create variations so not to bore the customer. You need to create different message over time to sell that one product.
You need to keep improving the message to beat the competition, that’s the expected outcome by bosses.
· You must know how to manage time
Writing all over the world thrives on ability to beat the deadline. If you can’t deliver on time, you become jobless. You must thus learn how to mange your time to keep your entire clientele happy.
· Active Voice is the best
Use active voice to make your writing clear and specific to your readers. Clarity is important and an active voice helps.
· Your Language skills must be on point
There are three things you must improve on every day and these are;
a) Spelling – because you don’t want to loose readers on account of failure to spell words correct.
b) Grammar – because if your grammar is poor you loose clients
c) Word use – you need to find the right words to use. And avoid words like (ain’t) because its use is not recommended by most usage commentators
· Proofread your work
Read your finished article at least two times to check your grammar, spelling and word use.
Writing Tool I use
Use this tool to learn how to write. I use it and it’s very good.
A Freelance site I used when starting out
The first freelance site I joined in 2008 and gained a lot of experience from is Freelancer.com. My first $50 made on this site. I no longer bid for project here but I use people to do my projects. You can join this site here.
Don’t you ever give up because the beginnings are hard. But you will find small gigs and use them to go for higher paying projects.
Conclusion on how to make money writing:
Writing is a great career and it’s well paying. The demand for expert writers is very high worldwide. The beautiful thing, You can write for clients’ located anywhere on this planet.
Stick to digital writing. After 5 years in the digital marketing space, you will start making good money. It takes time to excel in this field.
Thanks for reading how to make money writing tips.

By Steve Wanjie

Steve Wanjie is a digital marketing specialist, SEO Expert, expert article writer, blogger, sex educationist, and businessman. He is the founder of Dijito Marketing and Laikipo.com. He works and lives in Nairobi Kenya.

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