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Hey there my friend, this is dijito marketing with me, Steve!

Welcome to Digital Marketing.

Dijito is a Swahili word meaning digital

Therefore, we are a digital marketing agency specializing in content creation (or blog posts and articles.)

Two ladies working on a digital marketing assignment online - Digital Content Marketing Services
Two ladies working on a digital marketing assignment online

What do we do for your business?

  • Blog Posts–we create lead generation content

We create high-quality, original, relevant, informational, and search engine optimized content that attracts attention and generates sales leads.



500 words

Topic research

SEO keyword research



1000 words

Topic research

SEO keyword research




Topic research

SEO keyword research

Minimum writing cost:

We charge $100 for a 1,500 words SEO, high quality, and original digital marketing article.


Place a minimum of 6 articles in project order

The bigger the project, the more the reach, awareness created, and the number of sales leads generated.

A digital marketing campaign that goes on for at least 12 months generates better results.

  • We promote your content

To realize the goal of content marketing, blog posts, videos, or any other type of content, there has to be content promotion.

Otherwise, nobody we ever see, interact, or engage with, and consume your company’s marketing content.

How do we promote your company’s marketing content in the digital space?

One month content promotion budget:

Budget for one article – $800

Budget for 6 articles – $4500

Our strategy:

To make sure you get value per dollar you spend on this project;

  • We place ads on social media platforms
  • We advertise on Google
  • We share your article on social media
  • We advertise your marketing content on leading classified sites

All of these steps help create brand awareness, reach, engagement, and generate sales leads.

Why use our content marketing services?

Our content marketing is a smart digital marketing strategy to employ in customer acquisition.

  • It is cheaper by 62% compared with other strategies, and last for a lifetime doing the job it was created for
  • Helps your business to, interact, and engage with current and prospective customers
  • It is the best strategy for generating sales by 54% compared to traditional marketing
  • Customers prefer companies that produce informational content explaining their products. Product informational content is the king in the digital era.

Get in touch:

Call Steve at +254724 130 446 for more information.

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