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Sell Local is an introduction to how to sell online. As well as offline. You need expert help to succeed in selling your products or services. Everything you need to know about selling products and services you will find it here.

Sell Local small businesses are assets for the communities they serve. This Blog focuses on helping local businesses grow. We offer digital marketing ideas, tutorials, guides, tips, information, and tools. We provide digital sales (online selling) services.

What is the meaning of the word sell?

To give someone a product or a service in exchange for money. When you offer something for people to buy you are selling.


When an action or event takes place in a particular place or particular places, we say it is local. Local pertains to or characterized by place or position in space.

Sell Local: What Does It Mean

When you choose to sell your product or service to a pre-determined region, e.g. town, county or country. You are selling locally. You are serving a local community. You are serving customers located where your business is. This location could be your home town or country.

Thus sell local means selling products or services to the community you live in. If you do business in Nairobi you sell to customers in Nairobi only. If your business location is in Lagos your customer base is in that city only. A business located in New York does not serve customers outside of New York because the owner chose not to. A small business owner may decide to serve his or her country only and not go international.

Which Businesses Should Sell Locally

Small businesses should sell locally because they understand the needs of their community. A small business does not have the financial muscle to go national or international. It is better to grow a strong customer base at home. Then use the strong customer base to expand little by little. That is how big business corporations started. Do not bite more than you can chew.

What is a Small Business?

There is no clear definition of a small business. The European Union says that;

a micro-sized business has 10 or fewer employees in their payroll
a small business has 50 or less number of employees
a medium-sized business has up to 250 employees
To know how small business is defined you have to look at each country separate from the other. For this reason, let us go with the European Union definition.

What is The Importance of Selling Local – local marketing

Small businesses play critical roles in a country’s economy. These roles are discussed here but not in detail. Later on this blog, you will find articles with a critical look on these topics.

a) Employment Creation

Small businesses create the largest job opportunities any a country on the planet. They create millions of jobs thus contributing to national economic growth. Without small business, the rate of unemployment would be very high worldwide.

b) They Pay Taxes

Small businesses pay both local and national taxes. This helps run both local and national governments and their development agendas. These taxes may include; sales tax, income tax, business license fees, VAT, Pay as You and so on. These monies help finance social projects such as policing, health, roads, etc.

c) Large National Corporations started as Small Businesses

If it is large today yesterday it was small. Small is the start step of something big in the future. It is from these small businesses than large corporations get created. When a small business turns large it becomes a centre of development for that region.

d) Small Business Serve the Big Business

Small businesses offer services to big business. This helps large corporations to focus on their core functions. You can pass this wealth to the generations that come after you.

What are The Advantages of Owning a Small Business?

a) You are your boss

When you own your small business you have won independence for yourself. You are the boos. You call the shots and give orders. You control your destiny and decide who to do business with. The ability to make an important decision for your business is a heavy one. But the thrill of being the owner outweighs the risks therein.

b) Opportunity to serve your community and country

If you are creative or innovative fellow ownership allows you to create. Some of your ideas may turn out to be standout innovations useful to society and country.

c) A platform to create wealth for yourself

Small business people who manage their business end up create wealth for themselves. As long as you work hard in production and selling, you will create wealth to become rich.

d) Your Image in the Society

Owning your small business is a prestigious thing. It enhances your image in the society and yearns you a lot of respect from family, peers, and the public in general.

e) Limitless possibilities to gain financial independence

Every person on this planet yearns for financial freedom. The small business allows you to make as much money as you want to make.

What are The Disadvantages of Owning a Small Business?
a) The Risk of Failure
It is possible to lose control of your small business due to personal and external reasons. If you don’t know how to run a business or has no experience you could fail. You good could be bad in financial management or marketing. You could run into cash flow problems. These are factors that can make you fail.

b) Uncertainties dog the business world

New entrants in your market space could lead to a serious decrease in sales. Loss of customers due to severe completion could mean business downfall. External factors may include things like COVID-19. That is something out of your control. Employees can steal from you leading o business failure.

c) The Time Commitment Factor

A small business consumes the majority of your time because you have always to be there to manage things. As an owner, you have to pay attention to every minute detail to avoid losses. You find yourself without time to be with family and friends. This is draining and some people are unable to take it.

d) Financial Burden is on you

As the owner you have to deal with small business needs. You have to ensure smooth cash flow and that means dipping your hands into family savings. If you can’t raise funds from your savings you have to take loans. Loans need security. Hence, you may have to pledge your house, or car or both to get a loan. This is risky in case you are unable to service the loan.

Small Businesses need a Local Sales Strategy to Succeed

Small business does need a sales strategy to generate leads. Sales lead help to grow their customer base. When the customers base grows increased sales happen to lead to more revenue. This blog aims to educate on how to sell your products or services on and offline. Selling strategies are covered in our upcoming detailed articles to help you succeed. Know that you need selling strategies to grow your sales book.

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