Dragon Professional Individual 15 Hands-Free Typing Review

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Dragon Professional Individual 15 is a dictation software but what is dictation software?

Dictation software is speech recognition technology. Dictation software turns your spoken words into written words (or text.) You speak it types! It can also identify and understand your speech to carry out your commands on a computer.

Dragon Professional Individual 15 is the product under review today

Dragon Professional Individual 15 is dictation software. It is a software that allows you to put your voice to work. Yes, instead of using your fingers to type, you use your voice.

Using your voice you can create reports, emails, and forms. You are able to dictate and transcribe faster. And more accurate using this software. You save on time.

1. What can Dragon Dictation Software do for you

a) It eases your workload

As a business owner, manager or Professional, you encounter heavy document demands. And that is on every workday. This software can help you get documents processed faster. And it is more accurate using your voice. You talk faster than you can write, yes? It is true. Whether you are in or out of the office you get important business documents done.

b) Away from the office

Dictate into a digital voice recorder. Have Dragon transcribe the recordings when you get back to your office. The desktop computer will do the job using this software. The result – an accurate text document.

c) Reply to emails immediately

No typing needed. You speak and you reply to an email as if you are talking to a friend. It is so efficient.

d) Control your computer

Customization allows you to create new but relevant commands to control your PC. Use custom commands to perform functions quicker than mouse and keyboard. You use the software to command your computer. You create efficiency in your work.

The features that make Dragon 15 standout

2. How Dragon Dictation Software differs from its competitors

Dragon Professional Individual 15
Features comparison

3. What makes Dragon Dictation Software worthwhile

Dragon is the most popular Voice/Dictation software in the world. It has more than two million users worldwide. There must be a good reason why so many people like and use it.

Compared to its competitors, dragon has a superior voice recognition program. And no competitor comes close.

Its intuitive interface aided by an interactive tutorial. Most voice recognition software doesn’t have this feature, eg. Windows Dictate.

Dragon 15 recognizes your commands from dictation. The more the software hears your voices the more it masters it.

Dragon understands the differences between words and punctuations.

It is the most accurate speech recognition program in the market currently.

Dragon has an extensive accuracy tuner that runs when you start the program for the first time.

The tuner is the reason the software is able to recognize (or become acquainted with ) your voice.

4. System Requirements for a smooth run every day

Here are the specifications you need to run Dragon 15 :

a) Operating system –

· Windows 10 (32 and 64 – bit)

· Windows server 2008 R2

· Windows server 2012 R2

You could use Windows 7 or 8 but for the best experience windows, 10 gives you a smooth ride. That’s my experience as a user.

b) Processor – CPU: 2.2 GHz Intel duo core

You need a fast processor. Because a slower one affects the software’s voice recognition accuracy.

c) Hard Drive – 16 GB

You need 16 GB of space on your Hard Drive. This will allow for both the installation package and the installed software.

d) RAM

32 GB needed for fast speed of processing. 16 GB or even 8 GB can do but for efficient, smooth operations, I recommend 32 GB.

e) Sound Card

A sound card that supports 16 – bit recording.

f) Microphone

Built-in or Nuance-approved microphone will do.

5. What are the flaws of Dragon Dictation Software

a) It is expensive

It is a monopoly because there is no threat to its market share. Thus, the price is (or the initial investment) is a put for many people.

b) It is not easy to install

It is not easy to install the software if you are not a computer programmer. Hence, You will need to hire a computer programmer to install it for you. That is an extra cost too.

c) Differrent versions for defferent Languages

Dragon has versions for different languages. This requires that you buy a version for every language you want to use. If you like using English and Spanish, you forced to buy the two versions of the software.

d) Dragon Medical Practice Edition

Are you a doctor? Do you want to use Dragon for your medical practice? You have to buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

6. Who needs Dragon Dictation Software

lawyers, doctors, small business, people who with hand disability, professionals

7. Key Dragon 15 Software Features

Higher Performance Speech Recognition Engine

a) The software’s engine helps determine its capacity. It is accurate in voice recognition. It recognizes your words and transcribes them into documents, emails, web searches, etc.

b) This edition of Dragon will recognize your speech with higher fidelity. Because its engine works off the principal of deep learning. This relates to artificial intelligence.

c) The new Dragon engine adapts to your voice in three ways;

· Have an accent? The engine will detect your speech inflections while you are talking. This helps improve your voice accuracy.

· It puts into account background noise. It will work efficiently despite the noises as long as they are not too loud. Make sure the background noise is not drowning your voice though.

· The software can provide realtime updates to your profile. This translates to more accurate results.


The microphone now supported unlike the previous editions of Dragon. This means that the programmable functionality of the buttons is built-in. To your Dragon 15 options menu.

Applications that come with this edition of Dragon

The software supports;

· WordPerfect x8

· Skype for business

· Office 16

· Office 365


Format recognition has been improved significantly in this edition. Using the dictation feature you can format numbers, email addresses, hyperlinks, and place names.

8. Benefits of using Dragon Dictation Software

Official documents production takes a huge part of your office time. This software allows you to optimize your work routines and word processing.

Writing by hand is not time efficient, its tiring leaves your fingers sore and it is boring. This software gives your fingers a break.

Save time. Writing is time-consuming. Dictating to software is easy and takes less time. You talk faster than you type. Thus, why not this technology?

9. Price and buy information

At the time of writing this review, the software cost was $300. Click here to buy your copy now. It is cheaper here than anywhere else.

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