Fertility Herbs to Get Pregnant Easily

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Fertility herbs to get pregnant?

Yes, there are herbs as discussed below that can help you get pregnant.

You may have a difficult time conceiving.

Having a baby is a dream for many women.

But, not all people are able to have children because of certain medical conditions.

So, some people may try to find fertility herbs and other natural remedies and home remedies to get pregnant and have a baby.

A happy pregnant black woman - fertility herbs to get pregnant
A happy pregnant black woman

What are fertility herbs?

Fertility herbs are an ancient form of natural fertility treatment. These herbs are believed to help the ovaries produce hormones and increase their function, thereby increasing fertility.

There are many herbal remedies that have been used for centuries to increase fertility. Some of the most popular ones include chaste berry, raspberry leaf, wild yam root, and evening primrose.

Research has shown that women who take these herbal remedies may get pregnant more quickly than those who don’t.

However, there is no scientific evidence that these herbal remedies work better than any other form of treatment for infertility.

There are many herbs that can help improve the chances of getting pregnant. See the list below.

The top 11 leading fertility herbs to help get pregnant:

  1. vitex
  2. maca root powder
  3. milk thistle seeds
  4. chasteberry (vitex)
  5. red raspberry leaves (raspberry leaf)
  6. wild yam (wild yam)
  7. damiana (damiana)
  8. cinnamon powder (cinnamon)
  9. Garlic
  10. Chilli Powder
  11. Turmeric

Some women also use acupuncture as an alternative treatment for infertility.

1. Vitex fertility herb to get pregnant

Vitex fertility herb - plant
Vitex plant

Vitex is a herb that has been used for centuries to help with fertility and increase the chances of getting pregnant.

A study in the British Medical Journal found that Vitex can reduce estrogen levels if they are too high.

This helps to regulate the menstrual cycle and may also help with infertility.

Vitex is a potential solution for cases of infertility in women.

It might be helpful when taken as a course of treatment over a period, but it does not work for everyone.

It’s best to go see a health care provider if you’re experiencing problems getting pregnant or managing your menstrual cycle.

In recent studies, it was found that taking vitex came with a success rate of up to 74%.

This number indicates that there is a lot of potential for this herb if you are trying to get pregnant.

How does vitex work?

Vitex works by balancing female hormones and regulating menstrual cycles.

It can also help to balance the hormonal activity in a woman’s body, which can lead to an increase in her likelihood of getting pregnant.

How to take vitex fertility herb to get pregnant

Vitex is a herb that can help women get pregnant.

It is also known as chaste berry, passion fruit vine, and wild chaste tree.

The herbs can be taken in tablet form or tea form.

One of the most popular ways to take the herb is by making tea from the dried or fresh flowers of the plant.

You can also buy extracts in capsule form.

Research shows that Vitex does not have any negative side effects when taken responsibly and it’s safe for both men and women to take it.

Who can take the Vitex fertility herb?

Vitex does not usually cause any side effects and can be taken by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Some people with underlying health conditions, such as leukemia or cancer, should not take Vitex without consulting their physician first because it may interfere with their treatment. People who have metastatic tumors may also need to avoid taking this herb.

2. Maca Root is one of top fertility herbs to get pregnant

Maca root and powder
Maca root and powder

What is maca root?

Maca is a plant that grows in the Andes of Peru. It’s been used for over 3,000 years by the Incas and later on by the Spanish colonists.

Maca is a food source rich in protein and carbohydrates with a high content of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, selenium, and potassium.

Maca root powder is a vegetable with nutritional and medicinal properties. It supports the ability to conceive and is often recommended for fertility.

Maca powder can be taken as a supplement, added to foods, or made into tea.

3. Milk Thistle Seeds for Fertility

Milk Thistle Seeds
Milk Thistle Seeds

Women who struggle with infertility often take milk thistle seeds to improve ovulation and increase the chances of pregnancy. Milk thistle is a natural herb that helps to restore hormone balance and regulate irregular periods.

What are milk thistle seeds and their health benefits?

Milk Thistle Seed Extract (MTSE) is an herbal supplement that contains silymarin, a flavonoid that is believed to have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and other beneficial effects.

MTSE has been used for centuries to improve liver health.

How does MTSE help in getting pregnant?

Milk thistle seeds are a natural way to help improve fertility.

These seeds can act as an anti-inflammatory, which relaxes the uterus and helps regulate hormones.

The seeds also contain antioxidants, which protect cells from DNA damage and repair damaged DNA.

4. Chasteberry Herb and Female fertility
Chasteberry Herb bush
Chasteberry Herb bush

What is a chaste berry herb?

Chaste berry herb is a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of uses including improving circulation, reducing pain and inflammation, and stimulating the immune system.

It is typically found in liquid or capsule form.

How chaste berry herb help increase fertility in women

Chaste berry herb has been used for centuries to help increase fertility in women. The berry increases blood flow to the uterus and helps balance hormones.

5. red raspberry leaves (raspberry leaf)
red raspberry
red raspberry: image credit – Ison’s Nursery

What is red raspberry?

Red raspberry is a perennial plant that has been used for centuries as a folk remedy for various ailments.

The leaves, fruit, and root of the plant have been used as a mild laxative, to help regulate bowel movements and as an appetite suppressant.

In addition, the plant has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects and may be beneficial in treating some forms of cancer.

What is known as a red raspberry leaf?

Red raspberry leaf (from the red raspberry plant) is a herb that is used in traditional herbal remedies for women.

It has been shown to regulate menses and reduce cramping, lower blood pressure and relieve constipation.

Many women use this herb to make their period more manageable and to prevent pregnancy during ovulation.

How does the red raspberry leaves improve fertility

Red raspberry leaves have been used as a folk remedy to improve fertility for hundreds of years.

In recent years, experts have been studying the effects of red raspberry leaves on fertility.

Studies show that the leaves can help reduce pelvic inflammation, which can result in a lower risk of infertility.

6. Wild yam

What is wild yam and where does it grow

The wild yam is a perennial vine that can grow up to 10 feet long, with leaves on both sides of the stem. The wild yam grows in any kind of soil and does not need fertilizer or irrigation.

How do the wild yam leaves improve fertility?

Women who have low fertility may be deficient in progesterone.

Wild yam leaves, a natural plant product, contains a phytochemical that can help increase levels of progesterone in the body.

What is the importance of progesterone in female fertility?

Progesterone is a key hormone in the menstrual cycle.

It helps regulate the lining of the uterus, which aids in the implantation of an embryo.

Progesterone levels are at their highest during pregnancy and drop off after birth.

This drop can cause mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

When to take wild yam leaves tea?

One of the most common health benefits of wild yam is supporting a woman’s reproductive system.

The tea has been used to help regulate the menstrual cycle and manage symptoms.

When taking wild yam leaves, it is best to take them in the morning.

7. Damiana and Fertility Improvement

What is popularly known as damiana?

Damina is a traditional African drink made from millet and water. It is traditionally consumed as a breakfast meal.

How does damiana help increase fertility in women?

Damiana has been used for centuries to improve fertility.

Studies show it may promote healthy reproductive function, aid in the release of eggs, reduce menstrual pain, and more.

It’s part of many holistic fertility treatments due to its ability to balance hormones.

How to cook and take damiana for fertility?

Damiana, a plant from the mint family, has been used for centuries to help with a variety of health conditions.

It can be taken as tea or eaten raw.

Damiana is often used as a natural remedy for female fertility issues, including pregnancy and menstrual pain.

8. Cinnamon powder (cinnamon)

What is commonly known as cinnamon?

This spice is an important part of many dishes in many cultures. It’s also used in medicine because it can help with stomach problems.

The cinnamon tree is grown in the tropics, specifically Sri Lanka, Madagascar, China, Vietnam, and India are well-known producers of it.

How does cinnamon help increase Female fertility?

Cinnamon is a common spice that can help with fertility.

Some studies have shown that it has effects on the production of estrogen and progesterone.

These hormones are essential in regulating ovulation and hormonal balance which in turn helps increase fertility.

The importance of cinnamon powder for fertility?

There are many different reasons why women may be struggling to conceive- the most common of which is PCOS.

PCOS can be corrected by taking cinnamon powder or supplements, which contain Cinnamomum cassia.

Unlike other fertility treatments, cinnamon helps to correct hormone levels and regulate periods.

PCOS – means Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

How to take a cinnamon powder to get pregnant?

Add one tablespoon of cinnamon powder to a glass of hot water every morning and drink it.

9. Garlic and Efforts to get pregnant

Garlic and women fertility improvement:

Garlic has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

Many of the health benefits, such as reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, are well documented.

It is also reported that garlic can improve women’s fertility and reduce menstrual pain.

Why use garlic to get pregnant

Garlic is a powerful herb that can do wonders for your reproductive system.

Garlic is rich in folic acid, which is important in the production of red blood cells and in preventing anemia.

It also contains vitamin B6, which helps maintain the health of the nervous system and cells, and vitamin C, which supports immunity.

How to take garlic for fertility?

Blend two fresh cloves of garlic with a glass of milk. Take the juice every morning for at least 3 months.

You may choose to chew two fresh cloves of garlic and down it with a glass of warm milk.

10. Chilli Powder and women fertility improvement

Chilli powder is one of the most important spices in cooking.

It is a spice that delivers a spicy flavor to any dish you add it to and it has many health benefits, including the ability to improve the fertility and menstrual cycle in women.

How to use chili powder for fertility:

Add chili powder to your soups, stews, and natural organic homemade juices.

11. Turmeric and female fertility health

Turmeric is the spice of life. From anti-inflammatory properties to assist with depression, it has yet another use- boosting female fertility.

It’s long been touted that curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, helps fight inflammation.

Now recent research suggests that curcumin can also help promote healthy reproduction by regulating hormone levels and improving ovulation.

Turmeric treats your fertility health conditions…

Uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and premenstrual pain are all common conditions that can reduce fertility.

Luckily, there are safe treatments (i.e. turmeric) to help with these health issues. Uterine fibroids affect the uterus and can cause painful or heavy periods.

They can also cause infertility by blocking the fallopian tubes. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs on or in a woman’s ovaries.

How to use turmeric powder:

Let it be a part of your daily diet. Incorporate it in soups, stews, dishes like rice, and use it in homemade juices.

Conclusion: fertility herbs to get pregnant

Some women have a difficult time conceiving.

However, fertility herbs are an alternative to Western medicine that can help with conception.

There are many different herbs that can be used to help with fertility, but the most popular are red raspberry leaf, chaste berry, and Dong Quai.

Red raspbehrry leaf is known for its ability to balance hormones which have been linked to increased fertility rates in some women.

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This article (fertility herbs to get pregnant) is an informational document only. It can’t be taken as a substitute for a doctor’s professional advice. So, consult your Physician first before using fertility herbs to get pregnant.

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