Guava Leaves and Fertility in Kenya

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Guava leaves and fertility is the new craze in town.

Have you heard that guavas leaves can help you get pregnant?

That guava leaves can turn infertility into fertility?

The truth about Guava leaves and fertility is explained here.

Read this article for answers about fertility and guava leaves.

Can guava leaves help you get pregnant?

Yes, guava juice can boost female fertility. And male fertility too.

How about that?

guava leaves
guava leaves

Guava leaves and fertility: What is fertility?

Fertility is a biological function that should occur naturally. Fertility is the ability to get pregnant.

Fertility is the ability to conceive naturally. Aided conception is not a natural way to get pregnant.

A woman should get pregnant when she has unprotected sex repeatedly for a reasonable period of time.

Some get pregnant on the first try.  Others may try to get pregnant for years.

Guava leaves and fertility Point to note:

Fertility is the ability to get pregnant

What is infertility?

Having frequent sex (or intercourse) for at least one year and can’t get pregnant is defined as infertility.

That is, “trying to get pregnant for at least one year without success,” is a symptom of being infertile.

For a woman, it is stressful not to get pregnant.

It is painful and heartbreaking.

Getting pregnant touches your soul as nothing else will ever do.

Does infertility affect women only?

The answer is No.

Infertility happens to both sexes.

Both women and men could be infertile.

Therefore, it is a problem that affects both males and females.

Who is likely to be infertile, a woman or a man?

According to NICHD;

“About 9% of men and about 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States have experienced fertility problems.”

 This means both men and women have almost equal infertility issues.

An equal number is infertile in both sexes.

In a married couple struggling to get pregnant, the chances of one of them (male or female) being infertile are equal.

What is guava?

guava leaves and fertility
guava tree

According to Spoon University;

“A guava is an edible tropical fruit with either a yellow or light green skin colour and flesh that can either be white, pink, or dark red. 

It has edible seeds and has numerous health benefits.”

According to Myrecipes.com;

Guava is a tropical fruit native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.

Its skin is typically yellow or light green, while its flesh is usually deep red or a vibrant shade of pink.”

Guava is rich in Folate

Dietary Folate is important in both female and male fertility.

From folate, we get folic acid. Here is something you need to know about folic acid and fertility.

Both the leaves and guava fruit are rich in folate.

You need to make juice out of either the leaves or the fruit.

According to medivizor.com;

“Studies suggest that folic acid may increase fertility. Women who take multivitamins with folic acid are more likely to ovulate (produce eggs.)

 Previous studies found that women trying to conceive had somewhat higher pregnancy rates when taking folic acid supplements.”

Women taking folic acid are more likely to become pregnant within 12 months. Guava leaves are not supplements.

They are natural folate sources without factory additives.

They have no chemicals.

Guava produces good natural folic acid.

When should you start taking folic acid to get pregnant?

Dietary folate can be taken daily just like you eat food throughout the year.

That is the beauty of guava leaves and fruit. It is food after all.

For multivitamins CDC advises as follows;

“The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention urges women to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day one month prior to trying to conceive.”

But you should consult your doctor first.

Find more information here.

When to take guava leaves for fertility?

You are looking for the answer to this question; When to drink guava leaves for fertility?

The best time to drink guava tea to get pregnant is in the morning after breakfast.

The second option is to drink a glass of guava tea in the evening, before going to bed.

Should I take guava tea cold or warm?

Taking a warm glass of guava tea is the better option.

How much guava juice should you drink per day to get pregnant?

At least one glass of guava juice in the morning will do. 

You can take more than one glass of juice made from the fruit, or tea made with guava leaves though.

Tea made with guava leaves comes warm thus most people prefer it to cold juice made from the fruit.

Guava juice has fewer calories than any other fruit out there.

Unlike oranges which have more sugar, guava juice is safer to drink more than one glass daily.

Who should take guava fruit, juice, and tea?

guava fruits
guava fruits

Both female and male. That means for a couple trying to get pregnant, it would be good if both took dietary folate together.

That is the right and healthy way to do it.

Teamwork is the way to go.

Couples should go it together because either one of them could be having fertility issues.

It doesn’t have to be the woman. It could be a man too.

Some Health Benefits of Guava Leaves associated with get pregnant

Guava has numerous health benefits that you probably never knew.

Here are some things to note about guava and your fertility health.

Why should guava be included in your diet?

– Guava helps lose weight

Guava aids in weight loss. How?

Food.ndtv.com says;

“Guava helps lose weight by regulating your metabolism.

Guava makes a very filling snack and satisfies the appetite very easily.

Guava, especially raw guava also has far less sugar as compared to apples, oranges, grapes, and other fruits.”

Lifehack.org says;

“Guava leaves help prevent complex carbohydrates from turning into sugars that are known for stimulating food cravings and excess weight gain.”

Women who are overweight may struggle to get pregnant.

If they get pregnant, they may experience issues that may prevent the delivery of a full-term baby.

The baby is born may come with health-related issues.

Thus, eating guava fruit is good for you to check your weight. Drinking either juice or guava tea is a good idea.

– Diabetes can prevent you get pregnant

Studies have shown that the high fiber in guava can help manage diabetes by slowing sugar absorption in the blood.

Guava leaf extract can also prevent type diabetes from developing.

– Prostate Cancer prevention

We can’t help make a baby if suffering from prostate cancer.

You can’t supply the sperm to make her pregnant.

Guava is rich in vitamins C, A, antioxidants, and lycopene.

All these combine to prevent prostate and other types of cancer.


The guava tree has many benefits to human health.  We have discussed the health benefits associated with fertility only.

There are many health benefits associated with the guava leaf and fruit. You should find out those too.

The important thing to note is that guava leaves and fertility aren’t a myth.

It is true that this tree produces leaves and fruits that boost fertility in both females and males.

Thus, the question; of guava leaves and fertility, can it be true?

The answer is YES, as discussed above.

Important note:

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