Guava leaves and pregnancy in Kenya

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Guava leaves and pregnancy explained through an infographic.

guava fruits - guava leaves and pregnancy
guava fruits

Women, who want to get pregnant ask this question; can guava leaves help get pregnant?

The answer to your question, my beautiful lady, is a big YES.

How do guava leaves help a woman get pregnant?

“Due to abundance of nutrients, including fiber, folate, and vitamin C, guava is thought to boost fertility.”


Antioxidants like folate and zinc may improve fertility for both men and women.

Do guava leaves clean the womb?

Yes, guava leaves do clean the womb because it has antiseptic properties. Studies show that guava leaves have detoxifying effects too. Thus, drinking tea made with guava leaves may flush out any dirt impurities out of the womb.

guava tree, leaves, and fruits

Can guava leaves cause abortion?

No, guava leaves cannot cause abortion.Unless you use guava leaves abnormally, they cannot cause miscarriage.

Can I eat guava fruit during pregnancy?

Yes, eating guava fruit during pregnancy has many health benefits. These amazing health benefits include;

  • Help maintain your blood pressure at normal levels
  • Help keep cholesterol level normal
  • Help lower the risk of anemia
  • Help keep your muscles and nerves relaxed
  • Help prevent bacterial infections
  • Help prevent acidity and heartburn
  • Help baby grow healthy
  • Help prevent constipation

Can I take guava leaves during my period?

Yes, you should because they help relieve uterine cramps. These leaves help decrease symptoms of painful menstruation. Take them daily during your periods.

Can guava increase female sex drive?

Guava is rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to keep the sexual glands running smoothly, hence may help boost sex drive. Vitamin C also helps you get aroused quickly.

Guava is a food source with many health benefits not only to a pregnant woman but to everybody. This fruit is good for health, so include it in your diet. Whether you are pregnant, or not guava is good.

Guava leaves and pregnancy is our topic today. Bye for now.

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Do Guava Leaves Clean The Womb?

Guava leaves and fertility in Kenya

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