Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya to Help You Find Work

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 This guide (Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya) is for helping you with the basics of how to find a job.

Job hunting steps:

  1. Train and acquire a certificate for your dream career
  2. Research the company and position that you are interested in
  3. Create a professional resume or CV aligned to the company’s human resource requirement
  4. Apply for a job at the company of your choice
  5. If unsuccessful, keep on applying for a job at different companies until you are successful
A jobless and stressed woman - Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya
A jobless and stressed woman

Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya discussion begins here. Welcome!

1. Train and acquire a certificate for your dream career

Why do you need a course to find a job?
A course can help you find a job quickly because It teaches you the required skills to get a job in your desired field.

What is a course?
A course is a series of lessons designed to teach you about a particular topic.

Courses come in various formats, such as online, self-paced, and live courses.

You use a course for your professional development and training purposes.

For example, you are learning how to play an instrument or speak another language.

2. Research the company and position that you are interested in

Before applying for a job, it is vital to research the company and your position of interest.

It will help you understand what the company does and what it entails.

It will also help you determine if this is a good fit for your skillset and interests.
The first step in researching a company is to look at its website.

It will give you an idea of what they do, who they work with, and how they operate.

You can also learn about their culture by looking at their social media accounts or reading reviews on Glassdoor or Indeed.

The next step is to look at the job description for the position you are interested in applying for.

It will give you an idea of what skills apply for this position and any other requirements, such as excellent communication and leadership skills.

3. Create a professional resume or CV aligned to the company’s human resource requirement

A resume or CV is a document that summarizes your skills, experience, and education.

It is a marketing tool to sell yourself to potential employers.

You don’t send a similar CV to every other company you send job applications because each has different needs.

Therefore, you must align your CV to each potential employer’s job description.

That is why you need to research a company before applying.

4. Apply for a job at your first choice company first

We all dream of working for a particular company, and you are no exception.

You should send your first job application to that company to fulfill your desires.

If you are not successful. Well, and sound, at least you tried.

5. Don’t stop applying for a job until successful

Don’t give up until you have found a job; don’t stop looking.
The first thing to do is ensure that your resume is up-to-date and relevant.

You should also ensure that you have a good cover letter, which will help you stand out from the crowd.

Next, you should be proactive in your search for jobs.

You can use social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter to find jobs relevant to your skillset and experience.

You can also use job boards like Indeed or Monster to find employment in your area of expertise.

What is job hunting

Job hunting is the process of looking for a job.

You can do it by sending out resumes, networking, or applying directly to companies.

The process of job hunting can be difficult and time-consuming.

Knowing what you are looking for and how to find it is essential.

What Kinds of Jobs are Out There?

What kind of jobs are available?

There are many different kinds of jobs out there.

The table below lists examples of jobs that have openings around the year.


Personal care aide/home health/home nursing help

Registered Nurse/APRNs


High school certificate, Nursing aid certificate, Enjoy helping others

Graduate nurse degree or college nurse certificate

Where to find a job:

Patient’s homes, group homes, senior citizen’s care facilities, hospitals

Hospitals, Colleges, universities, companies


On-the-job training, Certificate in accounting, Certified public accountant

small businesses, companies, institutions, and organizations


On-the-job training, high school certificate, university degree

Digital marketing agencies, companies marketing departments, Freelance marketplaces, e.g., Fiver, Freelancer.com, Upwork, etc.

Retail sales

On-the-job training, college sales certificate, sales diploma, university sales degree

Small and big retail outlets, shops, supermarkets, clothing stores, etc.

Customer service

on-the-job training, marketing certificate, marketing diploma, a marketing degree

Every business needs a customer service representative

How do I choose a job?

The first thing you should do is identify what you want in a job.

  • What are your priorities?
  • Do you want to work for a company that has a good culture?
  • Do you want to work for a company with an office near your home?
  • Do you want to work for a company that pays well?

Once you have identified your priorities, it will be easier for you to find the right job.

How do I know what skills I should learn?

The skills you should learn depend on what you want to do.

For example, suppose you’re going to be a copywriter.

In that case, you should learn how to write well and understand the psychology of human behavior.

On the other hand, if you want to be a content writer, you should learn to research and find information.

If you are unsure what skill set is best for your career, you should take some time and think about your goals.

Once you know your goals, it will be easier to figure out which skillset will help you get there.

When Should I Start Job Hunting?

The best time to start looking for a new career or job is when you know the one you currently have isn’t the right fit for your needs.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that there are always opportunities.

So if you don’t find something right away, it doesn’t mean it won’t happen in the future.

If you are unemployed, the time to start job hunting is yesterday. Because it is wrong to stay idle.

It would be best if you worked hard to find employment.

When you consistently look for a job, you will find it.

 Where to go for jobs?

The job market is challenging and competitive.

As a result, finding a job that suits your skill set and interests is not easy.

But there are some places where you can find jobs more likely to be a good fit for you.

Many websites offer jobs in different fields, but LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and Glassdoor are the most popular ones.

These sites have a wide variety of jobs from various industries and companies.

You can also use these sites to search for specific positions or companies if you know what you want.

The leading local job sites in Kenya are listed below.

Brighter Monday:

Brighter Monday is an East African job website launched in 2006.

It is the first job site in Kenya to offer job seekers and employers a free service.

 Three Kenyans founded the company.

They were frustrated with the poor quality of job platforms in their country.

They wanted to create a platform where people could find jobs and companies could find employees.

Brighter Monday has snowballed since its launch, with over 800,000 registered users and more than 36,000 active employers on the site.

Career Point Kenya:

Career Point Kenya is a Kenyan job portal that provides a platform for job seekers and employers to connect.

It also provides CV writing services to help job seekers create their CVs.

In addition, you can upload your CV if you have it already.


MyJobMag is a career company leveraging technology to help people find their dream jobs.

MyJobMag is a career discovery platform that helps people find their dream jobs.

It was founded in 2011 by two friends who were frustrated with the lack of transparency in the job market.

The company started as an internship coaching and career counseling service but soon realized a need for personalized job discovery.

They then pivoted to become a customized job discovery platform.

Job Web Kenya:

JobWeb Kenya is a recruitment portal that provides job listings, scholarships, CVs, and cover letter writing tips for graduates.

Job seekers can use the portal to find jobs in their desired field.

The website also offers advice on how to write a CV and cover letter for graduates.

 Advanced African Jobs:

The Advanced African Jobs program is a volunteer-based initiative aiming to provide jobs for hundreds of African people.

The program helps people find jobs in their communities and enable them to work with the local community.

The Advanced African Jobs program was created by a group of volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of African people.

They wanted to create an opportunity for unemployed or underemployed people with skills and experience to work with their communities.

Network marketing jobs:
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Conclusion: Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya

The conclusion of this guide is to prepare for the job hunt. Know what you want, what you are good at, and sell yourself.

Guide to Job Hunting in Kenya discussion terminates here.

Thank you for your visit.


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