How to Create Great Blog Post Images For Free with Canva

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Create Great Blog Post Images. Have you ever wondered why images appear everywhere you look. Every space seems to have room for an image. Any environment around you seems to need an image. On clothes, people wear there are images. You will find images on utensil in the kitchen. Why? Here are some answers.

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a) Images are Appealing to the Eye

The human eye loves things that look beautiful. That is the reason males turn when a beautiful woman passes by. Ladies will always say “my God, that guy is handsome.” Because the eye likes great looking things, marketer use images to sell products. Not any image; quality images because they are great to look at.

Great images on blog posts make the readers want to read the who article because they want to see more down the page. Thus, use more than one image. But make sure the image is relevant to the blog post topic.

b) Social Media Loves Sharing Images

Images make sharing fun on social media. It is rare to find people sharing text messages but they love sharing eye-catching images. If you want your posts to go viral ensure you have great images in your articles. Blog posts, twits, and Facebook posts all do well when great images are apart of the content.

c) Images Break Large Blocks of Text to make them readable

If there are no images people would find it hard to read articles running into thousands of words. These are long and they have to break up to make them easy on the eye.

e) Images Work Great with SEO

Include your keywords in the Alt text. Search engines love alt tags in images and hence drive traffic to your website. Thus, images are good for Search Engine Optimization.

How many Images Per Blog Post

Images are the flowers that make a blog post look good, smart, sophisticated, and great. For every one hundred words, you put an image in.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1 – Open https://www.canva.com/

Step 2: Login or Signup for a free account if you don’t have an account

Step 3: At the home page click “social media.”

How to Create Great Blog Post Images For Free with Canva

Step 4: Scroll down until you find “Facebook Ads

How to Create Great Blog Post Images For Free with Canva
select template under Facebook Ads

Step 5: Once at Facebook Ads row choose any template that matches what your blog post is about. You can even choose the first one if you can’t find the exact match.

Step 6: Click on the template you have chosen

Step 7: To Clear the images and text block:

Place the cursor on an image or text block and left-click. Press the backspace button on the keyboard. Repeat until the template is clear.

Step 8: Open Pixaby https://pixabay.com/

You need to find and use royalty-free images. Find an image relevant to the blog post topic you are writing.

Example – I’m writing a post about “how to generate sales leads.” I’II go to Pixaby, mystock.photos or Unsplash to find an image related to that topic.

Name your design – title……..by cancelling the name of the template you chose. See it at the top of the design page.
My title is “generate sales leads.”
Any of the of the 3 sites named above will give me free images. I select an image of sales or marketing and download it to my computer.

Then upload to Canva and use it on my design
On Canva:
Click uploads – left top under the word templates
Click upload from computer
Select the image from Pixaby and click open
• Now you can see the image at Canva

Step 9: Click the image from Pixaby and automatically it lands on your design

Step 10: Click on Text and then choose the font style you like to you. When you click on the font style it lands on the design.

Step 11: You can change the font size. You can change the colour. You can drag it around until the design you like is achieved. After you click Text, you see these choices above the design.

Step 12: Click download

The design goes to your downloads file on your computer. This is the design we created on this course. See the video on YouTube. The video shows the process clearly. The video: How to Create Great Blog Post Images For Free with Canva

Create Great Blog Post Images
this is our final image design

Then upload it to your blog post. That is your image. Clean, high quality, original content. Google likes that.

blog post image
image created at canva


All things considered, images make bloggers work look great. Images are apart of the content and need serious consideration. Make sure to create your images and stop getting images from Google. Images on Google images are already in use on some other website. That is content duplication and Google hates it. Now that you have gotten an idea on how to create your original images stop stealing images. Create Great Blog Post Images was our focus topic today.

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Importance of images in a blog post

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