How to Live Longer and Enjoy Life to the Fullest in Kenya

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Do you want to live for a hundred years and still look healthy, strong, and youthful? If yes, read on to find out how.

What is the Purpose of Life?

What is the meaning of life? Is there a purpose to live?

These questions have been asked for centuries and remain unanswered.

You can find the meaning of life in different things, such as happiness, love, or even death.

The purpose of life is to find what you are looking for in this world.

What is the importance of living longer?

a) Living longer is crucial because it gives us more time to accomplish our goals.

In addition, people who live longer, healthier lives are more likely to be in a position where they can enjoy their retirement, travel the world, and pursue hobbies that they find enjoyable.

b) It gives us a substantially extended period to do the things we love.

c) It gives us more time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

As we age, we have more time to learn new skills, make memories with friends and family, and have a more significant opportunity to continue to innovate and make meaningful contributions.

a lady exercising on the beach -how to live longer
a lady exercising on the beach

1. How to Live Longer by Eating Healthy Foods

There are many ways to live longer. One of them is by eating healthy foods. The following are some longevity foods that will help you live a healthy and long life.

What foods can help you live healthier and longer?

The food we eat is one of the most critical factors determining how long we live.

A recent study found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet had a lower risk of death from heart disease, cancer, and other causes.

There exist many foods that can help you live healthier and longer. Some of these foods are:

  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Salmon
  • Olive oil
  • Avocado

2. How to Live Longer by Exercising Regularly

We all know that exercising is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

But, it can be challenging to find time for fitness routines.

So, we have compiled a list of exercises you can do in your office breakroom or desk.

a) Desk Yoga

Stand up and put your hands on the back of your chair. Next, bend over, stretch your hands towards the floor, and then come back up and repeat.

b) Chair Dips

Sit on the front edge of a chair with your feet on the floor in front of you, lower yourself down until you feel a stretch in your abs, then come back up again and repeat.

c) Push Ups

Place both feet against one side of a desk and place hands on the opposite side so that they are even with chest height.

Lower body so that arms are straight and elbows form 90-degree angles, then push the body back up until hands are straight again and repeat.

3. How to Live Longer by Sleeping Well

We all know that sleep is vital for our mental and physical health.

But how much sleep do you need?

And what are the best sleep tips to get a better night’s rest?

This section will explore the importance of sleep, how much is needed, and some of the best tips for getting a good night’s rest.

The first thing to know about how much sleep you need is that it varies from person to person.

For example, some people require less than six hours of shut-eye, while others may need up to 10 hours per day.

The average adult needs between 7-9 hours of sleep per day.

The second thing to know about how much sleep you need is that there are three stages:

  • light
  • deep
  • REM (rapid eye movement).

Each step has its benefits. For instance, REM helps your brain process information while deep helps your body recover from stressors like exercise or illness. Light aids in mood.

How to Live Longer by Having sex Regularly

Having sex is vital in extending your lifespan.

How many times should you have sex in a week?

At least two times a week, and if you are in your twenties, every day if possible.

Why having healthy sex at least two times a week can prolong your life:

  • It helps you build and maintain a robust immune system
  • It enables you to build a strong libido
  • Sex helps women improve their bladder control
  • Sex is a vital form of exercise
  • It reduces the chance of prostate cancer in men

How to Live Longer by Taking Ant-aging Supplements

Certain supplements help prolong your life when taken daily as a part of your diet.

a) Curcumin

Curcumin is a natural antioxidant that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

It can also help prevent Alzheimer’s, heart, arthritis, and other chronic illnesses.

Curcumin is found in turmeric, a spice used in many Indian dishes. It can also be taken as an extract or supplement.

b) vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient needed for the production of collagen.

This protein helps keep skin healthy and youthful.

Vitamin C also helps to maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

The recommended daily vitamin C intake for adults is 90 mg daily.

However, many people do not get enough vitamin C in their diet and may need supplements.

c) crocin

Crocin is a natural supplement used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a natural antioxidant and can help reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, and stroke.


The YouthEver supplement is made of natural ingredients and has been clinically proven to work.

In addition, the company behind the product claims that the product can help you live longer by slowing down the aging process.

YouthEver benefits include:

  • It delays aging and maintains a youthful look
  • The supplement is ant-cancer
  • YouthEver helps repair your DNA
  • It can improve body free radical levels and be ant-Oxidative for brain, skin, and internal organs

YouthEver Ingredients:

  • Resveratol
  • NMN
  • Extract of Grape seed
  • Acai berry
  • Live Fruit

Where to buy YouthEver?

Call Steve on 0724 130 446

e) CoQ10

CoQ10 is a natural antioxidant that is found in the human body. It is also found in many foods, such as beef, chicken, and fish.

CoQ10 helps to protect cells from damage caused by free radicals.

CoQ10 supplements are available over-the-counter and can be taken as a pill or liquid.

They are often used to help with heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

f) Collagen

 Collagen is a protein found in the skin, bones, and other connective tissues.

It is the most abundant protein in the human body.

Collagen supplements often help with joint pain, skin elasticity, and wrinkles.

They are also used to help with hair growth and nail health.

Collagen supplements can be mixed into food or drinks as a pill or powder.

Conclusion: The Best Ways To Live A Long And Healthy Life

The best way to live a long and healthy life is to live a healthy lifestyle.

Eating well, staying active, not smoking, and not drinking too much alcohol will help you stay in good health for longer.

Do you want to live for a hundred years and still look healthy, strong, and youthful?

Then, implement these tips to enjoy a rich, healthy life in Kenya.


YouthEver bf suma benefits


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