How to Make Money Online in East Africa

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Table of Contents:

  1. How to make money online in East Africa with Software Testing
  2.  How to make money online in East Africa as an Online Researcher
  3. How to Use a Blog to Make Money Online in East Africa
  4. How to Make Money Online in East Africa with Online Trading
  5. F.A.Q
  6. Conclusion
  7. References

 Make money online in East Africa, is that the idea you have right now.  Halo there my friend. You are not alone in thinking you can make money online. But a little correction wouldn’t break a bone.  You don’t make money online; you use the internet to make money.

My problem with many young people is that they lack focus. Again you want to get rich quick without working for it. The other problem with the young people is that you jump from one idea to the next and next and next. Eventually, you find yourselves wondering,” what happened, the years have gone but nothing

My appeal to you: Choose something to do online and stick to it. That way you will succeed. You will become an expert in your niche. You will make the money online. You will become a success story and a star.

The good news is you can use the internet to make money and you can even become a millionaire. There are many internet millionaires in Africa and the rest of the world. You don’t forget that we do have internet billionaires too.

Examples to prove you can use the internet to make money

a) Mark Zuckerburg: billionaire before the age of 25

Make Money Online in East Africa  - Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

He is the founder of Facebook. For some time he was the world’s youngest billionaire. He turned a social website into a money minting behemoth. He is now richer than he was at 25 years. He is using the internet to make money.

b) Pete Cashmore: Multi-millionaire Blogger from the UK

 How to Make Money Online in East Africa  - Pete Cashmore
Pete Cashmore

Born in 1985 Pete blogged his way into fortune and glory. As I write this article the guy is only 34 years old. He is worth more than $20 million dollars. He is the founder of Mashable which he founded when he was 19 years old. Mashable started has a blog and then grew into a mammoth online business empire.

c) Ayisi Makatiani

Make Money Online - Ayisi Makatiani
Ayisi Makatiani

The Kenyan founded African Online, internet services provider way back in 1994. In 2011 he sold 50% of his company for $26 million dollars. He is currently a high flying venture capitalist Africa. He is rich. He too used the internet to make truckloads of cash. He is the founder and CEO of Fanisi Capital

d) Abasiama Idaresit

Abasiama Idaresit
Abasiama Idaresit

He is Nigerian. His internet marketing company Wild Fusion has operations across Africa. He is a billionaire. He is using the internet to make his money.

What next?

Those are real examples of people who used the internet to make money. You don’t need much to start an online business. You need drive, focus, and the will to succeed. Having said all that let us explore some ways of making money using the internet.  

  1. How to make money online in East Africa with Software Testing 

What is software testing?

Software testing is the work of ensuring an application is working well. A website is an application. There are many types of Apps.

People who do software testing are software testers. I’m a software tester and that is the reason I’m introducing you to this career.

For a young person, this is a good career because you start from the bottom and rise above a software engineer. Very few people know about this so getting a high paying job is easy.

What to do?

Join uTest, the professional network for testers. They have the best academy in the world for training software testers. It is free to join. Once you become a member you have access to their world-class academy. Take all the classes and pass the easy quizzes. If you pass them all you get your certificates. You can work with them us you look for a local job. It is a good career if you manage to get a job in companies such as Safaricom and other big corporates. There are very few testers in your country.

What do you need to join uTest?

a) A computer

b) Internet connection

c) Smartphone

d) You must be available 24 hours a day because assignments come any time of the day.

Those are the basic things you need in software testing. There are other things such as headphones, TVs, car, motor bike, credit cards, mobile wallet, etc.

TVs use software so Samsung might want software tester to test whether the TV software as defects. The same applies to other gadgets.

Business opportunity

Once you acquire your software tester certification there is nothing stopping you from start your own business. There are few small businesses in this field

2. How to make money in East Africa as an Online Researcher

What is an online research job?

An online research job involves research for new or updated information on any topic. It could be data on something that an organization, company or an individual requires. An online researcher uses the internet to search for the most recent updates on a topic, subject or thing. As a researcher, it is your duty to find the correct information or data.

Here is an example of a job advert by a company looking to hire an online Researcher;

Job Description:

Your responsibility is to search for new information or updates using the internet. You must keep the data base information updated and accurate at all times.


– Excellent reading and writing skills

– Computer and typing skills

– Good knowledge and usage of MS Office – word and excel

– Excellent attention to detail and proof reading skills

– Flexible schedule

– Internet browsing and research skills


Majority online researchers own research agencies. Others choose to work as freelancers online accepting research assignments from companies.

How much can you earn as an online researcher?

It depends on qualifications, experience and level of education. A degree holder is likely to earn more than a high school graduate. The legal and technical fields need a lot of research on a daily basis. Thus, there is a high demand for researchers in these fields.

For beginners the pay is from $8 dollars an hour. As you gain in experience and skills you get to charge as from $20 dollars per hour

If you are working in high demand fields such as legal and technical fields you charge more than $50 an hour.

Remember there are opportunities to grow in this career. Some research assistants make up to $2000 dollars a month. This means that this is a high paying career. Start young. Stick to it. Gain experience and start your own research company. You become rich.

Where can you find online research Jobs

You search online using keywords such as; “online research,” and “internet research job.” Otherwise, here are some companies you may want to try;






Take the best surveys now. It is a good extra income generator

3. How to Use a Blog to Make Money Online in East Africa

Do you own a blog? To make money using a blog you need to have one. You have two choices a free or self-hosted blog. You get free blogs at;




and many other free blogging platforms. The only problem with having free blogs is that it is not under your control. These platforms can delete your blog at any moment. They restrict commercial usage like affiliate marketing.

Self-hosted is your property because you pay for a domain name and hosting. You can use your self-hosted blog for business. A self-hosted blog is what I recommend you create.

You buy a domain name from Name Cheap and hosting from either Site Ground. Both work well with WordPress. If you don’t have the money go for free blogging. Something is better than nothing.

So, how can you use a blog to make money?

Use the following methods to make money using your blog:

a) Affiliate Marketing Combined with Product Reviews

What is affiliating marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the promotion or marketing of products or services online. The main factor here is that the product or service does not belong to you. You are marketing the product to make a commission. You find a customer, sell the product then you earn a commission.

How can you make money online with affiliate marketing?

The easiest way to make money with affiliate marketing is to join an affiliate program. You can join the Jumia affiliate program in East African or Amazon affiliate program. Then use your blog as your publishing platform, do product reviews. People read reviews before buying products online. Product reviews help compare prices. They provide online buyers with the advantages and disadvantages of a product.

Smartphones are some of the best-selling items online in East Africa. You could write a review on Tecno versus Samsung models. Write an unbiased review and make your recommendation.

You are a Jumia affiliate and the smartphones are available there. All you need is apply your affiliate links on both smartphone models you are comparing.

Whichever a customer buys through your website, you make money. You get your commission. Product reviews and comparisons create content for your blog and you get to make money.

4. How to Make Money Online in East Africa with Online Trading

The buying and selling of financial instruments online. That is what is online trading. You can do it from home, from the office or on the beach. It takes you a few hours a day to day the job.

The most important advice:

Start young. Have plenty of time to learn, experiment and gain experience. The risk is high and the returns are high too. There are two ways you can make money with online trading.

a) Online Trader

An online trader is a person who chooses to invest in financial assets online. Financial assets traded online are; Foreign Currency, Equity, Mutual Funds, Commodities, IPO, Gold. There are many others such as Bonds and FDs. The most popular and most traded is Foreign Currency. You buy and sell currency online to make money.

New online trader. Before you start trading take your time to learn otherwise you lose your investment. Online trading platforms provide training to new investors. Before you start trading you get to practice until you feel you ready. They provide demo accounts for the practice.

Can you make money with online trading?

Yes. That is the reason forex trading is so popular and famous. If you learn, understand how it works through practice and has discipline, you make money.

There are people I have known who work for one hour a day and by noon they have made their money. It is a good side hustle for someone with some money to spare.

Is online trading hard?

No it is not hard. All you need is to learn. These platforms have advisor who are willing to help you if you ask.

Do you need experience to start trading?

No you don’t. Join a platform and get your training. Do not rush into trading. That is the mistake people make.

What is the initial investment?

Most online trading platform ask for $250 dollars as your initial deposit. There is no limit on the amount you can deposit.

Which online trading do you recommend?

CMTrading based in South Africa is a leading online trading platform in Africa. Join now and make your initial deposit.

b) Become Affiliate Marketer for online Trading Platform

Online trading platforms need you help in recruiting new traders. People believe that forex trading is risky. Thus, it is difficult to get new traders to join their platforms. The commission is high because the amounts involved are high. As an online trading affiliate you could make good living referring traders.

How do you refer new traders to online trading platform?

– Use you blog

This is affiliate marketing. You need to write articles that educate potential online trader about this topic. Show them the advantages of online trading and disadvantages. Give them accurate information about the trade. Thus a blog is import. When you write stories about Forex trading people come to you blog for tips.

– Make use of social media

Social media is playing a huge role in marketing. The reason being that people spend most of their free time on social platforms. Open a Facebook page and use it to drive traffic to you blog. On your blog collect email addresses and then send them to CMTrading to register as traders.

– Word of Mouth

Talk to people start with your family. Let them know you are referring investors to an online trading platform. People tell their friends and the word spreads that way. Join CMTrading as an affiliate now and start making money.

6. F.A.Q

Can I make $100 a day online?

Yes you can. As long as you have a computer, or, smartphone you can make a $100 a day online. How you ask? You don’t have to do one task. You can do several tasks as long as you reach your target.

Join 5 survey sites, online marketplaces such as Fiverr, do research at askwonder.com. And finally create and run a blog. All these tasks when combined must make you at least $100.

From your survey sites make $5 from each total $25, from a Fiverr gig make $30, from askwonder make $30 and your blog $15. That is $100. If you embark on small tasks throughout the day you will hit your target.

Don’t forget e-commerce. You could start selling on Amazon or eBay and help hit your target every day.

7. Conclusion:

Finally we come to the end of our discussion. As explained above you can make money online in East Africa. We looked at four ways as shown below.

  • How to make money online in East Africa with Software Testing
  • How to make money online in East Africa as an Online Researcher
  • How to Use a Blog to Make Money Online in East Africa
  • How to Make Money Online in East Africa with Online Trading

It is important to start while you are young. That is how most people become wealthy as examples show. Start and stick to one idea.

While there are many other methods you can use the internet to make money, we could only discuss these four. Always aim at starting a business after training, get experience through the application.

To get rich you need to own a business. These four areas give you an opportunity to become an online business person.

Thank you for visiting with us

Steve Wanjie

Founder – Dijito Marketing

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