How to Make Money with AG Cera in Kenya

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How to make money with ag cera is the question I am answering today.

If you want to start a business and become a successful entrepreneur this is the right information for you.

If you are looking for a job you are at the wrong place.

This is for you if you want to become rich, as in really big-time rich where you never have to worry about money again.

What is ag cera?

  • AG Cera is a network marketing product
  • AG Cera is a food supplement
  • AG Cera is a health supplement
  • AG Cera is a stem cell product
  • AG Cera is a business opportunity that is making people rich
  • AG Cera is a solution to many health problems
  • AG Cera is a 21st-century lifestyle-look real, look younger, look smooth, look healthier, look cool, and look sexier
ag cera packet - How to make money with ag cera
ag cera packet

Ag cera distributor registration:

  • To register with ag cera and start making money call Anne at 0720 38 25 16
  • You may also call Susan at 0722 81 40 81 to get registered if Anne’s line is busy

What is a network marketing product?

A network marketing product is a product that you cannot find in shops or the supermarket.

It is a business model where individuals (popularly known as distributors,) buy products at wholesale prices and distribute the same directly to consumers.

Can network marketing make you rich?


Network marketing can make you filthy rich if you do it right.

It is the best-known level playing ground for making money open to everyone.

Reasons why network marketing is the best career:

  • In network marketing, you are building a lucrative entrepreneurial career
  • Anyone can do network marketing, the poor and the rich alike
  • You don’t need working capital to start this unique business opportunity. Apart from the registration fee, you don’t need any money to start.
  • You get free training, support, and financial rewards according to your efforts.
  • Unlike in affiliate marketing, the customers you help register are your clients for life as long as they remain active. In affiliate marketing the prospects you refer to the company don’t belong to you, they belong to the product owner.
  • Network marketing is a solid source of passive income that includes bonuses, incentives, and performance rewards.
  • Network marketing is not a job; it is a business, your business.
  • It is the easiest and shortest route to becoming a millionaire

What do you need to get rich with network marketing?

  • Have a business-minded spirit
  • The will to escape poverty or modern-day slavery-employment (i.e. job)
  • Find a great and popular network marketing product
  • Market a product that is proven to truly help people, i.e., a product that has real-life benefits to users
  • The courage to find and talk to potential clients
  • Hard work ethic
  • Passion to get rich
  • Commitment and drive to grow your network marketing business through team building
  • The ability to relate and build business relationships (i.e. networking skills)

Genuine network marketing product manufacturers have created the shortest route to riches for hard-working people.

They offer free training, support, encouragement, and monetary compensation (or rewards.)

How AG Cera network marketing works

These are the steps to becoming a distributor with ag cera:

  • An existing distributor (e.g., Anne) introduces you to agcera (whose manufacturer is AG Nutrition)
  • If you like the business idea you get registered with AG Nutrition by this distributor who now becomes your immediate up line (or sponsor)
  • You get an identity card and product samples
  • You start going for training meetings every day at least for a week
  • You make a list of at list 50 potential customers including your parents, siblings, family, and friends
  • You schedule meetings with people on your list
  • Introduce them to agcera and its benefits both health and financial-your Mum could be your first client because you are her baby
  • After some time you will find two types of clients: a) Consumers – whose purpose is to use the product but are not interested in starting a business b) Distributors or your down line – people interested in joining the business to make money
  • Your work is to serve your consumers and to help train and support your downline
  • Talk to people because the more you talk to people every day the better you become at marketing and selling agcera
  • You start building a team (or your down line) which ideally should be 5 active people to become a level one team leader
  • After you have a team of 5 active members you start to help them recruit their own teams of 5 as well
  • Then with time, you will have a huge downline that makes you a lot of money because any sale made by your downline you get paid some commission
  • Then you start climbing the leadership ladder which results in higher financial gain for you

Why is it easy to make money with agcera?

Because you will be recommending a product that treats, cures, heal, and prevent many diseases.

It is effective, popular, and useful.

It solves a healthy problem safely.

Remember that people are constantly searching for solutions to their health issues.

Most of the time you recommend things to people for free.

You recommend a good movie, a restaurant, a bank account, or even a car model, but nobody pays you for that. But you get paid to recommend agcera.

It is a popular product thus easy to market and sell.

How to Make Money with AG Cera

There are several ways of making money with agcera as listed below.

Referral earnings:

a) When you refer, you get paid

When you refer a new distributor and they pay a registration fee of 10,500 shillings for the basic package, your earn Kenya shillings 4,000.

Example of earning possibilities;

If you refer one new client every day (i.e., 4000×30,) you get paid Kenya shillings 120,000 that month.

Supposing you refer 60 new distributors in one month? How much would you get paid?

You will earn Kenya shillings 240,000 for registering 60 new distributors.

When your down line refers, you get paid

When your down line refers a new distributor who pays a registration fee of 10,500 for the basic package, you as the up line, get paid Kenya shillings 1,300

Supposing your down line refer 5 new distributors every day. How much would you get paid?

That is (5x30x 1300) Kenya shillings 195,000

b) Product sales:

When you sell 1 packet of ag cera at Kenya shillings 7,500, you get paid 2,900

When your down line sell one packet at Kenya shillings 7,500, you get paid 360

c) Account maintenance

When you downline pay a monthly account maintenance fee of Kenya shillings 4,100 you get paid 350

d) Get paid for Rank achievement

You get paid for rank achieved annually. The higher your rank, the higher your bonus will be.

Rank:                             income in US dollars:                         Others benefits:

Ambassador                     250,000                                            car fund

Global Director                100,000                                            Car fund

Director                              50,000                                             car fund

Rising star                         20,000                                              car fund

Your goal should be to get into those lucrative leadership ranks. That is where the money is made to make rich.

Note $20,000 = Ksh 2,120,000

Qualification for these rewards in Kenya shillings:

Rank:                                            Qualification criteria:

Ambassador                                 attain and maintain Ksh 3 million monthly income

Global director                            attain and maintain Ksh 1.5 million monthly incomes

Director                                        attain and maintain Ksh 750,000 monthly income

Rising star                                    attain and maintain Ksh 300,000 monthly income

You need to know that there are Kenyans and other Africans in these ranks. It has been done already, so you too can.

The point to remember:

The size of your downline (distributors you have helped join the business) is very important.

Your down line makes you money (or passive income) while you are on holiday or you have retired.

Recruit as many distributors as you can because that is your network marketing business life.

Network marketing is a business of sponsoring many people to work under you.

AG Cera marketing skills that make you rich

Here are 9 skills that will help you become a successful network marketer if you master them:

Finding prospects skill

You need to find new clients for your network marketing business every day.

Anyone can become a successful network marketing business person.

Never underrate any person.

It is known and documented that some of the most successful and richest distributors began extremely poor and penniless.

They came into the office in sleepers, hungry, and poorly dressed. Today they are high-flying millionaires.

So, everybody is a potential client. Give them a chance. Talk to everyone who is willing to listen to you.

Inviting prospects skill

Once you have identified a potential client, you need to talk to them, thus inviting (him or her) to a meeting.

Knowing how to ask and schedule a business meeting is an important skill. You don’t want to have prospects saying no to the meeting. You need at least 7 out of 10 to say yes.

Presenting the agcera opportunity

In the beginning, presenting the opportunity to new potential customers is challenging.

But with time and practice, you will master the art of presenting the agcera opportunity to your prospects.

This is important because you fail to present your case well; you lose the chance to recruit a new distributor.

You can practice the presentation with your brother, sister, parents, or a friend before you go for your first presentation.

Follow upskill

Most prospects will not buy your agcera business idea on the first presentation.

Most new clients buy 3 months after the first meeting.

That is the reason you have to make prospect follow-up efforts.

If you do one follow-up in a month, by the 3rd month, the prospect will most likely sign up.

Follow-up helps you create a friendship with a potential client. People buy from people they know, their friends.

So, become a friend first, then sell your business idea.

Closing skill

Communicate the benefits, rewards, advantages, and reasons why agcera is the best business option for your prospect.

Show testimonials and proof your case with examples of those who have made it.

Do not lie, tell the truth.

Ask the prospect for the registration fee.

Yes, you need to close the deal by asking for the money now.

Getting your newly registered down line (new distributor) started

You need to train, encourage, and support your new downline until they are able to do it on their own.

Ask them to attend company training classes every day at least for the first week.

Promote events

Events are the best places to introduce ag cera and to find prospects. Thus, it is a good idea for you and your downline to promote events, or meetings, where you present agcera to a group of people.

Therefore, it is beneficial to organize group meetings in various places and to attend events organized by other people or organizations.

Trade fairs, sports events, church, and, every other gathering that gives you an opportunity to share your agcera story.

Rejection overlooking skill

Rejection is adequately supplied in network marketing.

7 out of 10 prospects will reject your network marketing business idea.

They don’t reject you, they reject what you are selling to them.

You have to learn to live with rejection in this business.

You should never give up due to rejection. The 1st ten prospect may not buy but the 11th prospect will surely buy.

So, take heart and move on to the next prospect. That is what we do to succeed in network marketing.

Continuous self-development

The business world is changing all the time.

As a network marketer with ag nutrition, you need to change with the times otherwise you will be left behind.

Attend learning classes provided by the company regularly to learn new ways of doing business.

Attend training sessions to learn, understand, and have first-hand information on new products and how to market them.

Take care of your grooming. It is a good idea to look presentable through modern dressing styles.

Look like a 21st-century network marketing business person.

You need to be the role model of success in this business to attract new business partners (i.e., your down line.)

Read books written by successful network marketers in order to pick their brains and their success tips, secrets, and strategies.

Watch YouTube videos on network marketing to stay informed about your career.

Listen to the latest improvements and ideas that make this industry tick.

And don’t forget the motivational videos from leading and inspiring motivational speakers for encouragement.

How to make money with ag cera Conclusion:

How to make money with ag cera, a network marketing health supplement was our topic of the day.

The question, how do you make money with agcera has been answered.

It is possible to create a lucrative network marketing business as a distributor for agcera the product.

Many people have become millionaires at a young age through this modern 21st-century food supplement made by AG Nutrition of Malaysia.

You too can.


Ag cera distributor registration:

  • To register with ag cera and start making money call Anne now at 0720 38 25 16
  • You may also call Susan at 0722 81 40 81 to get registered

How to make money with ag cera discussion ends here. Until the next article comes out, bye for now.

Thanks for your visit and reading this article

God Bless

Steve Wanjie

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