How to Use Anatic Soap

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How to use anatic herbal essence soap from BF Suma is the question this article is answering.

How to use herbal essence soap?

You use the soap for bathing or showering every day.

How to clear acne (pimples) and black spots from your face using anatic herbal essence soap?  

How to use anatic herbal essence soap to clear acne steps:

  1. Remove the soap from its packaging box.
  2. Find a sink with clean running water, or you could pour water into a basin. 
  3. Wash your face using anatic soap
  4. Dry your face with a towel  
  5. Using clean water, make anatic soap lather
  6. Then paste the anatic soap lather on your face.
  7. Go to sleep with the paste on
  8. When you wake up, clean your face to remove the soap paste in the morning.
  9. Repeat this process every day until acne and black spots disappear from your face.
  10. After getting your smooth, beautiful look back, continue bathing with anatic soap. It gives your whole skin a soft, shiny, and attractive look.
anatic herbal essence soap - How to Use Anatic Soap
anatic herbal essence soap

Why use herbal essence soap?

a) It has anti-bacterial properties

 The soap forms a protective layer to prevent bacterial invasion and the formation of melanin and uneven color traits of skin.

b) It has anti-oxidation properties

Regulate the balance of skin oils, and prevent skin from aging.

c) Keeps your skin moisturized through the day

What is soap?

Soap is a cleaning product used to remove dirt, grease, and other substances from the surface of objects.

You can use it on several areas, including skin, hair, and clothes. 

The most common types of soap are liquid soap and bar soaps.

You can make liquid soaps by mixing water with glycerin, coconut oil, or palm kernel oil.

You can create bar soaps by mixing fats such as tallow, lard, or vegetable oils with sodium hydroxide (lye.)

What is herbal soap?

Herbal soap is a type of soap made from herbs and plants.

Its made with natural ingredients such as herbs, essential oils, and plant extracts.

The most common herbal soaps contain lavender, rosemary, mint, thyme, or eucalyptus as ingredients.

What is herbal essence soap?

Anatic herbal essence is a personal care soap with a unique blend of ingredients.

Its made with wild honey, green tea extract, virgin olive oil, sandalwood, and grapefruit extract.

The bar soap smells good.

Anatic herbal essence soap is yellow, and it’s packed in a beautiful yellow and white box with white flowers.

Where to buy herbal essence soap in Kenya?

It is a network marketing product from BF Suma pharmaceutical in the USA.

You wouldn’t find anatic soap in shops or supermarkets anywhere on this planet.

You can only buy it from BF Suma distributors in your country.

In Kenya, you can call Steve on 0724 130 446 to get your soap.

Steve is a registered BF Suma distributor in Nairobi, Kenya.

BF Suma Kayole Nairobi, Kenya

For customers in Kayole, you may find Steve at Perfect Beauty Products (dijitomarketing.com,) shop at Kayole corner, next to Barastore, and opposite Kayole Baptist church, Mugendi road.


Herbal essence soap price is Kenya shillings 300


We deliver the soap anywhere in Kenya

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