Kantafu Plots for Sale along Tarmac Kangundo Road

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Kantafu is a good place to build your home. Here is all you need to know about this place Nairobi residents are rushing to buy land. You will get answers to your Questions about Kantafu here.

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The meaning of the word KANTAFU

The word Kantafu means Kenya African National Traders And Farmers Union.

Does the Union still exist?

The union still exists. They are still in business even though they no longer buy and subdivide land anymore. They will show you where your plot is. They ease plots transfer. If you want your title go to them too. You pay fees for these services.

Where is the union Head Office located?

The union is at Mariam Arcade Building. This is at Nairobi’s Nyamakima area. This is the place you will find the Mololine Sacco stage. The matatus going to Nakuru, Narok, and Nyahururu pick their passengers at Nyamakima.

What was the union’s core business?

They used to buy large tracks of land. Then they would subdivide it into (40X80) square feet pieces of land (or plots.) These plots were sold to members at very low prices. The original members bought these plots at Kenya Shillings 5000. This was between 1995 and 1998.

What is Kantafu?

It is a fast-growing small shopping center along Kangundu road in Machakos County.

Where is Kantafu located?

It is located on Kangundo road. It is near and before you reach the famous Koma Rock Hill. There is a Catholic shrine at the top of the Koma Rock Hill. You can’t miss it. It is right by the tarmac, Kangundo road. It is near Nairobi than it is to Machakos town, the capital Town of Machakos County.

What are the towns along Kangundo road before you reach Kantafu?

These are the towns on Kangundo road before you reach Kantafu;

· Ruai

· Kamulu

· Joska

· Mutalia

· Maala

  • Kantafu

These are fast-growing towns on Kangundo road. Many Nairobians have bought residential plots in these towns already. Why? The land is cheap here compared to Nairobi County.

Why Nairobi Residents Rush to Buy Land Here

a) It’s cheap and fordable

Many people want to build their own homes. The land is very expensive in Nairobi County. Thus, come to Kangundo road. Buy land cheap and build your own house. Stop renting and be happy. Many Nairobi residents are coming here.

b) Main building materials are cheaper here

Building stones and sand are very cheap here. The quarries are here. Building your own home becomes cheap.

c) Development of infrastructure

The development of roads is a factor that is pulling Nairobi’s middle class to these areas. Good roads mean good transport systems. Road networks from Mombasa road connecting to Kangundo road is a major attraction.

d) Quiet neighborhood

There are no noisy neighbors here. It’s quiet and peaceful. There is fresh air and thus no pollution. There are no slums here too.

e) Top class private schools

You will find some of the best schools in Kenya along Kangundo road and its environs.

Many real estate developers have a project here. These include;

· Safaricom SACCO

· HassConsult

· AMREF Housing

· etc

Distance from Nairobi city center?

It is 45 minutes drive. This is a distance of 48 kilometers. Bus fare is 150 Shillings but by bus are around 100 outside the rush hours.

Plot size

The original plots from the union are (40×80) square feet. These are genuine plots with title deed.

Who are the sellers?

You buy from individual plot owners. The union doesn’t sell land. And if one of the members asks them to sell on his/her behalf it’s very expensive. All plot transfers happen at the Union’s Mariam Arcade Building office, Nyamakima. Nowhere else, please.

How do you find a seller?

You find a seller through a broker like me. I own plots there too though. You pay me a commission. It’s a safe and smooth transaction.

Kantafu plot for sale with title deed prices

The price of a plot depends on proximity to the tarmac. The further it is from Kangundo road, the cheaper the plot becomes. Plots touching the tarmac go for around 1.5 million. Plots very close to the tarmac go for around 900,000 Kenya Shillings.

Plots more than 5 kilometers from Kangundo road sell at around 600,000 Shillings. Plots more than 10 kilometers from Kangundo road sell not more than 500,000 Kenya Shillings. Plots 15 kilometers from Kangundo road you get at around 300,000 Kenya Shillings. I will help you find your plot depending on your pocket.

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