Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 that Everyone Should Know

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Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 that you should know are discussed here in-depth.

Digital media play an increasing role in modern life:

Today’s students spend a lot of time browsing the Internet on a mobile device or computer.

In addition, the Internet and online search have become powerful tools to help prospective students and parents find and explore educational options.

Therefore, digital marketing is a vital necessity for universities to attract students.

For students to find your university’s programs online, digital marketing should be an item in your marketing budget.

Universities must now include digital as a standard part of their engagement and marketing strategy to be genuinely competitive globally.

In-house Internet resources are now vital if a university wants to go global.

Creating a robust online presence with international visibility is challenging, especially when you have a limited budget and funding to market your programs effectively.

But all of this should undoubtedly be taught by learning new trends, taking various courses, and self-education.

Everyone needs knowledge of digital marketing, especially students; unfortunately, not always do people study in college in the specialty that interests them, but college takes a lot of precious time that you could use for self-education purposes.

Fortunately, modern technology helps students in such situations to find online services; by asking a simple ” write my thesis, ” you can get the task done without wasting time.

The situation around the Covid-19 pandemic is gradually normalizing.

Against the backdrop of ongoing events in the marketing world, 2021 was more stable than the “tumultuous” the year 2020.

While it’s impossible to predict the future of digital marketing accurately, one thing is clear: Technology, content, and personalization tools will still be relevant in 2022.

The rapid development of technology has led to the fact that interaction with potential customers is no longer on one or two fronts, as it used to be, but through a broader range of marketing communication channels.

The growing involvement of doctors and patients in social media is forcing pharmaceutical companies to keep up with the times and, among other things, develop this area, yielding excellent results.

For example, a joint study by Capgemini Consulting and MITCenter for Digital Business found that companies using all digital channels to engage with customers increase profits by about 26% compared to those businesses that only use traditional methods to reach audiences.

This data confirms how important it is to ensure your company has an online presence.

Without it, many potential customers will have little or no chance of learning about your organization’s existence.

So, let’s understand what digital marketing is and why it’s crucial to promote medical products.

A digital marketing specialist doing her job - Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022
A digital marketing specialist doing her job

The concept of digital marketing


Digital marketing is the promotion of a company’s product or brand through one or more digital media outlets.

Its primary purpose is to maximize your business’s online presence.

The benefits of using digital marketing effectively are:

  1. You interact with a broader target audience.
  2. You can get your marketing message to more interested people in a shorter amount of time.
  3. You have Two-way communication with customers with the ability to identify their needs and receive prompt feedback.
  4. Greater user engagement and impact.
  5. Increase brand authority and customer loyalty to the brand by providing helpful content for free.
  6. Improvement of the company’s position in the network compared to competitors who use only standard methods to influence customers.
  7. Transparency and measurability of the marketing campaign result in real-time and the possibility to make necessary corrections.
  8. Cost reduction in comparison with traditional campaigns.
  9. It is attracting new customers for medical products and driving sales.

 Is digital marketing a panacea?

There is no doubt that digital marketing provides ample opportunities to interact with potential customers, and its popularity is multiplying, but this does not mean that it is necessary to abandon traditional marketing channels to promote pharmaceutical companies.

Instead, the challenge for the marketer is to take advantage of different communication channels, both innovative and classic, and combine them effectively to achieve specific goals.

Read about the Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 in this article

Trend 1: Dialogic marketing

82% of users expect an immediate response from a company’s sales and marketing representatives.

When it comes to customer service, the percentage of impatient customers rises to 90.

Dialogic marketing is necessary in today’s world: companies, like their customers, are interested in feedback.

They have to use multiple communication channels to adjust to a user-friendly communication format to be interactive.

Today Omnichannel leads the relay race.

Important! In interactive marketing, we should not forget about the user-friendliness of the user interface, the speed of response and downloading of the resource, and a mobile application for communication.

Chatbots are becoming increasingly popular.

This mechanism has proven to be highly effective in terms of speed of communication with customers.

At the same time, bots rarely annoy interlocutors with their “stupidity,” thanks to artificial intelligence.

The chatbot market is projected to capitalize at $17 billion in 2020 and jump to $102 billion in 2026.

Trend 2: Semantic search

“Smart” search is the second trend in 2022—people like it when a search engine processes a query more accurately and produces only the correct links.

Today’s robots can recognize queries entered with errors and even manage to handle outright garbage.

However, the mechanism of indexing sites has changed.

The priority in the output line is given to the resource.

The answer to the question is formulated more accurately.

In addition, the importance of keys in the content decreases significantly if your text does not match the essence of the request: so deceive the robots now cannot, they have learned to analyze the context and user response.

This point should be taken into account when writing content.

For example, a user asks how to update the driver on his computer. Write clear instructions and avoid lengthy descriptions of every possible type of driver.

Tip: In 2022, write for people, not for robots.

Trend 3: Artificial Intelligence

AI is an engaging digital marketing tool with almost unlimited possibilities.

AI is used to train chatbots as well as in content creation.

At the direction of a marketer, robots present detailed Customer Journey analytics personalize and customize ads.

For example, Facebook uses AI to select the best ad text for a particular consumer.

Then, depending on the customer’s reaction to a previous ad, the robot will suggest highlighting a headline or main text in the ad, adding a short video or a static image.

Artificial intelligence can write content – an area in marketing that is inaccessible to machines because they are incapable of creativity and creation.

AI writes content for social networks and blogs just as well as humans: it adds SEO data and speaks several languages.

The AI market in digital marketing is gaining momentum.

It is estimated to be capitalized at $107 million by 2028 (up from $12 million in 2020).

As a result, we should expect further integration of AI with SEO, SMM, and other tools and marketing strategies.

But still, artificial intelligence cannot replace the human mind and creativity.

It is why if you need a quality college essay, we don’t advise you to use artificial intelligence but find cheap services on Reddit. They can help you write a better article for which you can get a top grade.

Trend 4: Video Marketing

Video is not a new trend: it has been at the top for quite some time. Sixty percent of companies use video for marketing purposes, and 66% of users say they prefer a short video to read an article.

YouTube is a confident player among services: in 2020, its audience reached 2.3 billion subscribers (compared to 800 million in 2012).

In 2022 short 1-3 minute videos will prevail in digital marketing. Today, TikTok leads in the number of mini video downloads.

Other social networks are keeping up with the times, too:

Instagram in 2020 launched Reels – thirty-second videos, which in 2021 appeared in Russia.

However, according to the service owners, Instagram should completely switch to a video format.

Users shooting Reels are actively supported – they get free coverage.

Just recently, opportunities for free promotion were almost wholly absent.

Facebook is interested in reposting videos uploaded to users’ pages from Instagram.

In addition, they recently launched a bonus loyalty program for top-rated video authors.

Trend 5: Augmented reality

You cannot imagine the modern marketing world without augmented reality (AR) tools.

The virtual world complements facts, which marketers actively use to demonstrate products and services.

However, users set the trend: 61% of consumers prefer stores that support AR tools.

Major brands are already making full use of the current trend.

For example, IKEA has created the application IKEA Place, with the help of which the user can evaluate the purchase in the actual interior.

Burberry has launched a similar service: the brand’s products can be evaluated in a natural environment before the purchase.

Trend 6: Live broadcasts

As noted, users love to communicate with brands directly, and live streaming is another reason.

This format inspires more trust than video, a commercial, much less text.

So all the big companies have already picked up this trend.

The real boom is happening in China: the population actively uses e-commerce, including through live broadcasts.

The total number of Chinese shoppers is 320 million, of which more than 194 million (60%) make purchases through live streaming each year.

“All well-known social networks – TikTok, Facebook, Instagram – have implemented live mode.

Surprisingly, even Pinterest, a picture service, has launched a test of live streaming in 2021.

In 2028, the value of the live streaming market will reach the $223 million mark.

Importantly, live streams are not just event broadcasts, question-and-answer broadcasts, but entire product reviews.

Trend 7: Influencer marketing

Influencers are still trusted by consumers and in demand by companies because advertising through opinion leaders generates revenue for businesses.

Leads that come to a company through influence marketing are of higher quality – 51% of marketers think so.

According to estimates of users, 49% of purchases are due to recommendations of influencers, another 40% of consumers make purchases after advertising on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.

The prospects are enormous: in 2020, 50 million users of the network called themselves “creators”, it is logical to assume that their number will only grow. Experts call the figure 1 billion – by 2025.

Trend 8: Geofencing

Imagine a situation where you walk by a store.

You get a notification on your phone that there is a sale or discount in that store. Right now.

According to statistics, 53% of users will go to the store after receiving such a message and make a purchase.

It is precisely how geofencing works.

Its purpose is to track and attract customers in a specific territory. Messages can be sent in the form of SMS, push notifications, or other ways.

You can use many different features of smartphones for various purposes such as advertising, education, etc.

Since almost everyone on our planet owns a gadget, sometimes more than once, and you can describe the time spent in the “mobile” dimension as “almost constantly,” geofencing works very effectively.

Technically, tracking a potential customer’s location by device ID is not challenging.

Once the customer leaves the geo-fencing area, it is also possible to continue working with them: setting up ads or mailings.

The geofencing market is projected to be $2 million by 2025. And that figure is trending upwards: the more users go online from mobile devices (54% as of 2021), the more dynamic the growth will be.

Conclusion: Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

We’ve looked at eight key digital marketing trends for 2022.

To summarize, the future is defined by technology.

Companies should pay attention to these trends because the success and profitability of their business directly depend on them.

Key Digital Marketing Trends in 2022 that you should know were discussed here in-depth.

I hope this helps you achieve your digital marketing goals as we advance.

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