Prostate Cancer Treatment Using BF Suma Health Supplements

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Prostate cancer treatment. Yes, the solution is here my friend.

Low libido treatment. Yeah, you will get your bedroom powers back through the prostate cancer treatment supplements discussed here.

Discover an easy way to defeat prostate cancer through health supplements produced through the latest technological advancement. 

Yes, get treated using health supplements from BF Suma available to you in Kenya and around the globe where this company operates.


Can prostate cancer be treated with the help of health supplements? 

The answer is yes.

Listen to webmed.com;

“But some men with BHP have found success with supplements. And there is some scientific research to back them up.”

The problem has always been how to find the right, research-based, and scientifically satisfied, health supplements for this problem.

BF Suma has a solution that can work independently or in conjunction with a doctor’s prescription drugs.

It all depends on the stage your BHP is at.

Where to buy health supplements?

How to get prostate cancer treatment health supplements in Nairobi Kenya:

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The problem

What is Prostate Cancer, the Health Risks involved, and the Causes

What is Prostate Cancer?

When your prostate gland is larger than normal, you have BHP (i.e., prostate cancer.)

Thus, prostate cancer is BHP.

What is the meaning of BHP?

BHP means Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Prostate cancer treatment
Prostate gland

What are the health problems caused by prostate cancer?

A larger than normal prostate gland causes the following problems to a man:

When your urethra is affected by BPH:

  • Unable to start urinating
  • Using a lot of energy trying to push urine out of your bladder
  • A weak urine stream
  • The need to urine a lot
  • Urine stops coming out several times before you finish urinating

When your bladder is affected by BPH:

  • The urgency to, or burning, or desire to pee urgently
  • Frequent peeing: Urinating at least 8 times a day
  • A feeling that the bladder didn’t empty completely after urinating
  • Waking up in the night to urinate several times

Advanced symptoms of prostate cancer:

  • Unable to control your bladder
  • Pain or burning sensation while urinating
  • Blood in your urine
  • Cannot pass urine at all because your urethra is completely blocked

What causes prostate cancer?

  • Sugar

Sugar is the number one risk factor in all cancers and especially prostate cancer.

Cancer cells feed on sugar.

  • Selenium

Increases the risk of prostate cancer in some people

  • Supplements containing vitamin E

Supplements containing vitamin E are linked to increased prostate cancer risk

  • Vegetable oils

Most cancers thrive in oils made from vegetables because of the presence of omega-6 fatty acids.

  Omega-6 fatty acids promote the growth of prostate cancer cells.

  • Grilled and fried meats

Meats cooked at very high temperatures may form chemicals that alter the composition of your DNA.

When your DNA is changed, you get an increased risk of cancer.

The solutions-how to treat and avoid BHP

Can BF Suma health supplements be used to treat Prostate cancer?

The answer is yes.

As long as the cancer is not advanced (i.e., hasn’t reached a point of no return.)

You can be treated with the help of BF Suma health supplements.

Here is a 6-month prostate cancer treatment program using supplements:

a) Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores

prostate cancer
Pure & Broken Ganoderma Spores

Immunity booster:

This is the first health supplement you need to take because you must boost your immunity in order to;

  • Improve vitality
  • Fight the disease
  • Prevent illness
  • Improve overall health

Cost in Kenya shillings – 7,900 per bottle

Package – bottle containing 30 capsules

Dosage: 2 bottles per month

2×2 – i.e., 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening every day for 6 months

b) ProstatRelax Capsules

Prostatrelax capsules

Benefits of ProstatRelax Capsules:

  • Prevent prostate enlargement
  • Protect prostate
  • Reduce various urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, and urinary dribbling
  • Maintain the balance of the entire urogenital system and reduce urinary dysfunction
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effects inhibit and eliminate free radicals
  • Prevents the conversion of testosterone to Dihydro-testosterone (DHT)
  • Good for impotence and sexual dysfunction
  • Inhibit prostate enlargement
  • Maintain urinary health
  • Improve sexual performance
  • Alleviate pain or stiffness in the lower back, hip, or upper thighs caused by prostate inflammation

Cost in Kenya shillings – 3,200 per bottle

Package – bottle containing 60 capsules

Dosage: 3 bottles per month

2 capsules three times a day, i.e., morning, midday, and evening, for 6 months

c) NMN capsule

  • DNA repair
  • Anti-aging
Prostate cancer treatment

Cost in Kenya shillings – 10,400 per bottle

Package – bottle containing 30 capsules

Dosage: 1 bottle per month

2 capsules per day, i.e., one in the morning and one in the evening for 6 months

d) ZaminoCal Capsules

health supplements
  • Rich in zinc amino acids. Zinc is good for your prostate
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Essential for muscle contraction and blood clotting

Cost in Kenya shillings – 2,800

Package – bottle containing 60 capsules

Dosage – 1 bottle per month

 One capsule per day during mealtime for 6 months

e) MicrO2 Cycle Tablets

bph treatment
MicrO2 Cycle tablets
  • Helpful in removing blood stasis
  • Improve circulation of blood capillary network
  • Enhance oxygen and nutrients delivery
  • Accelerate the self-healing mechanism

Cost in Kenya shillings – 2,700

Package – packet containing 100 tablets

Dosage – 1 bottle per month

3×3 – i.e., 3 tablets in the morning, 3 at midday, and 3 in the evening for 6 months

f) X Power Man Capsules

prostate gland treatment
  • To improve your sexual performance
  • Boost your sexual drive
  • Active sexual life helps prevent prostate cancer

Cost in Kenya shillings – 5,600

Package – 1 bottle containing 30 capsules

Dosage – 2 bottles for one month

1 to 2 capsules daily after meals for one month only

This program works and you will be glad you found this information.

Important Notes:

  • Don’t stop taking prescription drugs

You don’t stop taking Doctors’ prescription drugs because you have bf suma’s health supplement.

You continue with your prescription drugs as you start taking health supplements.

These supplements boost and accelerate your recovery process.

Health supplements are not substitutes for doctor’s prescription drugs.

  • See BF Suma doctor – optional

The cost of seeing bf suma doctor in Kenya shillings is – 1500

The doctor does not ask you any questions.

You place your palm on a machine and the doctors tell you what your health problems are.

We are living in a digital era that comes with advanced technology.

You get the appropriate diagnosis.

Then you get the right treatment advice.

No guesswork and you will be safe, happy, and peaceful.

 It is optional to see the bf suma doctor, but I would recommend you see the doctor.


Supplements may cause problems with prescription medicines, treatment, or tests you might need.

That is the reason I recommend you see the bf suma doctor first before proceeding with these supplements.

How to avoid prostate cancer?

  • Stick to low-fat diets

This means avoiding (or reducing significantly the consumption of) vegetable oils, meat, nuts, and dairy products.

  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetable
  • Maintain your optimal body weight (healthy weight)
  • Exercise-maintain an active life
  • Have sex regularly because frequent ejaculation is good for your prostate
  • Go for regular prostate cancer check-ups

Foods to prevent prostate cancer

  • Soy products
  • Chickpeas
  • Beans
  • Alfalfa
  • Seafood, e.g., fish
  • Flaxseeds
  • Soybeans
  • Tomatoes
  • Drink green and hibiscus tea
  • Take supplements

Alternative Prostate Health Support Supplement

PollenAid dietary supplement:

This is an option you may decide to go for if you are not interested in using BF Suma products.

PollenAid dietary supplement helps relieve pain and control urinary flow.

It comes in a bottle containing 90 capsules.

It will cost you $35.

Prostate cancer treatment conclusion:

Prostate cancer treatment is possible through the use of supplements.

If the cancer is discovered early, supplements can comfortably treat BHP.

If it is advanced, you need to combine doctors’ prescription drugs with health supplements.

You need to consult a doctor before you start taking health supplements.

Luckily, bf suma has doctors who examine you without asking questions.

You place your palm on a machine and the doctors tell you what your health issues are.

No pain, no questions, and it takes a few minutes.

Sick or not sick, supplements are good for you.

In Kenya, you pay 1500 Kenya shillings and the bf suma Doctor is able to examine you in a matter of minutes.

Then he or she prescribes the right supplements for your case.

Stay prostate cancer-free with the above tips.

Thanks for being here

Steve Wanjie


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