ProstatRelax Capsules Benefits

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ProstatRelax capsule benefits?

Yes, learn all the advantages of a modern era supplement that brings relief to an enlarged prostate gland.

Prostatrelax capsules benefits list:

1. Prevent prostate enlargement

2. Reduce various urinary symptoms such as frequent urination, urinary urgency, and urinary dribbling

3. Maintain the balance of the entire urogenital system and reduce urinary dysfunction

4. Enhance sexual performance

5. Powerful antioxidant and anti-aging effect inhibit and eliminate free radicals

6. Prevents the conversion of testosterone to Dihyrotesterone (DHT)

7. Recommendable to every man with 40 years and above prevents prostate issues

8. Good for impotence and sexual dysfunction

9. It blocks some effects of testosterone, thus reducing hair loss in men

10. Alleviate pain or stiffness in the lower back, hip, or upper thighs caused by prostate inflammation.

All men are at risk for prostate problems photo - ProstatRelax Capsules Benefits
All men are at risk for prostate problems photo

Why do you need ProstatRelax Capsules?

  • To prevent or treat prostate cancer
  • To save your sex life because prostate cancer leads to erectile dysfunction
  • To save your marriage because you can’t have sex if your prostate gland is enlarged, cancerous, or is removed surgically due to cancer
  • To prevent the shame that comes with not being able to control the passage of urine
  • To prevent bone pain as a result of prostate cancer
  • To prevent your prostate gland removal via surgery as a result of enlargement or prostate cancer.

How do ProstatRelax capsules prevent prostate enlargement?

a) Epimedium Extract is the main ingredient:

Epimedium Extract contains a chemical called icariin, which helps relax the muscles of the prostate gland, which can help with urinary flow and reduce the risk of prostate enlargement.

b) It improves sexual performance: 

If you have sex frequently, you will not get an enlarged prostate gland.

Frequent sex helps prevent prostate cancer.

With an improved sexual life, you can prevent prostate cancer.

c) It helps shrink an enlarged prostate gland:

ProstatRelax helps shrink your enlarged prostate gland if taken as advised by bf suma doctors.

Prostate cancer leads to broken marriage story:

The protagonist, a man in his early 50s, is diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He is told that the prostate gland is slow-growing and that he has a good chance of losing his libido for the rest of his life.

Unfortunately, the protagonist’s wife, who has been his partner for over 30 years, is not supportive of him and becomes distant.

In addition, the protagonist’s daughter, who lives in another county, does not support him.

The protagonist’s wife leaves him, and she moves to live with their daughter.

He starts to date again and finds a new partner who leaves him too after she realizes they can’t have a sex life due to his prostate health issues.

Fortunately, the protagonist got introduced to Prostatrelax two years later by a BF Suma distributor.

His prostate is healthy again, and he is enjoying his sex life usually.

But he did not save his marriage, and he got himself a caring girlfriend after six months of taking ProstateRelax and XPowerman capsules.

How are ProstatRelax capsules packaged?

Sixty capsules are packed in a small plastic bottle.

ProstatRelax capsules dosage 

Take two capsules two times per day (2×2.)

That is at breakfast and supper times. Take after meals.

What is the BF Suma doctor recommended total dose?

They advise taking ProstatRelax for at least three months continuously.

Thus, it would be best if you purchased six bottles to complete the total recommended dose.

Who should take ProstatRelax capsules?

ProstatRelax is suitable for adult men who have prostate gland health issues or want to prevent prostate cancer.

What is the price of ProstatRelax capsules in Kenya?

Kenya shillings 3200.

How to buy ProstatRelax in Kenya?

a) Call a bf suma distributor

It is a network marketing product which means you can only get it through a registered bf suma distributor in Kenya.

Steve is a registered distributor based in Nairobi, Kenya. Call Steve on 0700688779 or 0788355069 to buy bf suma supplements.

b) Buy online if you are outside Kenya

Go shopping online for ProstatRelax capsules here

BF Suma products delivery

We deliver supplements to all 47 CountieS and worldwide for our online shoppers.

How to pay for ProstatRelax capsules?

BF Suma paybill number – 4023675

Account nummber – KE152898

After you have paid, send the mpesa message to Steve at 0700688779.

Steve will arrange to deliver according to your instructions anywhere in Kenya.

BF Suma products price list

Conclusion: ProstatRelax capsules benefits

The ProstatRelax capsules are a natural supplement that can help relieve prostate enlargement symptoms.

They work by relaxing the muscles in the prostate and bladder, which helps to reduce pressure and improve urine flow.

The ProstatRelax capsules are made from all-natural ingredients and safe for long-term use.

They also have no known side effects or interactions with other medications.

Thanks for your visit.

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