Rabbit Meat Marketing Tips for Beginners

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Rabbit meat marketing is not an easy job. I think it is possible, though and it is lucrative financially. The purpose of this article is to show you where to find rabbit meat markets and how to get them.

rabbit meat - rabbit meat marketing
rabbit meat

The rabbit meat is in high demand worldwide. Demand is higher than supply in countries where citizens know the importance of rabbit meat to their health. These countries are found in Europe and America. The rest of the world is not aware and this is what makes rabbit farming so lucrative.

Rabbit farming is like being given a blank check (cheque) so you may fill in any amount you want. Having said that, nothing comes free, you got to work hard for it, at least in the beginning. That is what leading Kenyan multi-millionaire rabbit meat marketers (Kibanya of Alcare and Mutua of Rabbit Republic) did in the beginning.

If you are not lazy, you shall make money in rabbit farming and meat marketing. The field is wide open and it’s a level playing ground. The people need to eat rabbit meat due to health benefits but someone has to create awareness at your village.

a live rabbit - rabbit meat marketing
a live rabbit

How to do rabbit meat marketing by establishing markets where they don’t exist

1. You are your first customer and the most important

You have had this, ‘charity begins at home,’ have you not? Rear rabbits and consume the meat at home with your nucleus family. When neighbours visit, share the meat with them. That is the beginning of creating awareness at the village level. When your neighbour discover how good the rabbit meat is, word of mouth happens. That is how to use your neighbour to market your product. It is free marketing. In the end, your neighbourhood becomes your FIRST customers.

Thus, you start by slaughtering rabbits at home and selling the meat locally. You need to let your neighbour’s know you are selling rabbit meat. Start with one rabbit; if they don’t buy, eat it, after all, its food. You may even open butchery for rabbit meat.

This is how you should start. You are the first customer. Your second customer is your immediate family. The third customer is your extended family. The fourth customer is your friend in the neighbourhood. Then make your neighbourhood your first customer base. Then grow your customer base outwards. That is how to begin establishing markets for rabbit meat.

2. Become a supplier of rabbit meat to butcheries

As your business grows slowly, the time to go further away from your neighbourhood begins. You should talk with butchery owners to start selling rabbit meat. You become the supplier and the butcheries the retailers. This is the untapped market because nobody has tried. As you grow, add more butcheries to your supply chain.

Be ruthlessly aggressive. Don’t entertain fear. You need to approach them for business opportunities. Persistence pays. The first time you visit a butchery, the owner will not agree but on the third visit, she or he will have known you. You get the business when you don’t give up.

3. Rabbit marketing: Recruit other rabbit farmers

You can’t do it alone. You need the support of other rabbit farmers because as your market grows, the higher the orders volume is. You have to share your market with others but at a profit to you. That is what leading rabbit meat marketing is all about.

You may want to create a group consisting of new rabbit farmers in your sub-county. Supply them with their first stock (rabbits) and feeds at a profit since you have the know-how. When you are many farmers in one group, you can supply large orders and daily.

With a group of farmers on your side, you will start to go for the big orders. The following rabbit meat markets are tricky because some need a daily supply of meat. You need to be an organized farmers group to satisfy their demand.

4. High-class restaurants

In major towns, there are many high-class restaurants and they would love to have rabbit meat on their menu. The problem is, and has always been their dilemma; they cannot find steady suppliers of rabbit meat. Can you solve this problem for them? If you do, you will make a lot of business friends and money too.

4. Rabbit meat marketing tip: Supermarkets are fertile outlets for rabbit meat

Most supermarkets in many countries stay away from stocking rabbit meat because they can’t find reliable suppliers, otherwise, they would love too. This is another reason to work in a group of serious rabbit farmers. If you can capture at least one supermarket chain, then you are in good business. You can make this happen, make it your goal.

5. High-class Primary and High Schools

Many schools around the world provide meals to their students. Rabbit meat can easily substitute beef, chicken, and pork if someone can come up with a steady supply of rabbit meat. These schools have money because they charge extremely high school fees. These schools compete on many things diet included. They can afford and the orders are annual. You get the supply contract for one year, you make the money comfortably throughout the year. That is a good market.

6. Colleges

Same as schools, this is a good market for rabbit meat. Go and talk to the management of these schools. There is very little competition for rabbit meat supply. Thus, you are most likely to get these orders most of the time.

7. Universities

This is huge. Most universities have more than ten thousand student population, while others have up to one hundred thousand. That is while I emphasis working in groups. To pull this one off, you need to be a very good organization and leadership. It can be done though.

8. Hospitals

Rabbit meat is a health food. In patients get their meals from the hospital kitchen. This makes hospitals good market for rabbit meat. Just work with hospitals. They need the meat for their clients, the patients.

9. Hotels

Tourist hotels want rabbit meat on the menu but there are no reliable suppliers. Normally they can find suppliers who can supply rabbit meat daily all year round. Can you fill this gap? That is money waiting to be picked.

10. Export markets

The demand for rabbit meat is huge in the export markets. The demand has always been higher than supply worldwide. Many countries such as China, Canada, the Americas, etc., the demand outstrip supply. How do you know where to export rabbit meat? Visit the local Ministry of agriculture office. Ask them. They will give you the necessary information and any assistance you may need.

Leading rabbit meat marketing brokers in Kenya

If you cannot go out and create your own market, here are the names of brokers you may sell your rabbit or rabbit meat too.
Al care Kenya 0725 893963 / 0718784649

Rabbit Republic Whatsapp +254704124499 / 0720 586990

Rabbit meat marketing is a hard job but it is doable and very lucrative if you succeed.

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