What is Refined Yunzhi Essence: Details You Need to Know Now

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Refined Yunzhi Essence is a dietary supplement from BF Suma Pharmaceuticals Inc. in the USA.

Refined Yunzhi Essence is traditional Chinese medicine made from the Yunzhi plant.

For centuries, it has treated various health conditions.

The most common use for this product is as an anti-aging treatment.

Still, you can use it to treat other conditions such as arthritis, asthma, and diabetes.

Refined Yunzhi Essence bottle -
Refined Yunzhi Essence bottle

What are the ingredients in Yunzhi Essence?

The ingredients in Yunzhi Essence are:

  • Yunzhi essence
  • Polysaccharide K
  • Polysaccharide peptides 

What is Yunzhi?

 Coriolus Versicolor (Yunzhi) is a cloudy mushroom with health-nurturing attributes.

It is found in China’s Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and grows deep in the forest. 

Yunzhi has beneficial effects on your liver health and its ability to treat general weaknesses in the immune system.  

 Yunzhi health benefits:

  •  It helps in the detoxification of your liver
  •  It helps improve your alertness and energy levels
  •  It helps nourish your spleen and decrease water retention
  •  It helps boost your immunity 
  •  It helps improve and strengthen the functions of your liver and lungs
  • Aids recovery from cough and eases breathlessness
  • Reduces heartiness and aids in detoxification
  • Supports health recovery from surgery and illness

What is Polysaccharide K

Polysaccharide-K (polysaccharide-Kureha; PSK), also known as krestin, is a distinctive protein-bound polysaccharide.

It has functioned as a chemoimmunotherapy agent in treating cancer in Asia. 

 Polysaccharide-K (PSK, Krestin) is a commonly used medicinal mushroom extract with a long history as an additive in cancer therapy in Asia.

PSK has a recorded anti-tumor activity in vitro and in vitro in several cancers, including colorectal, gastric, breast, liver, pancreatic, and lung cancer.

 What are Polysaccharide peptides? 

Polysaccharide peptide (PSP) is a protein-bound polysaccharide extract from an edible mushroom.

The mushroom is called Coriolus Versicolor.

 What is Yunzhi used for? 

Here are the benefits of Yunzhi essence:

  • To help enhance your immunity system
  • To improve your body’s energy and vitality
  • To increase your appetite and help reduce illness
  • To increase the white blood cell and lymphocytes
  • To help reduce chemotherapy side effects
  • To help reduce pain during an episode of severe immune challenge
  • To enhance average cells growth
  • To help raise female libido and enhance orgasm
  • It is an anti-dysmenorrhea – cleanses and avoids painful or difficult menstruation
  • Good for rheumatism
  • It maintains the strength and elasticity of the skin
  • It is is ant-aging
  • To strengthen blood vessels

Where do you buy Refined Yunzhi Essence capsules in Kenya?

Refined Yunzhi Essence capsules are health supplements from BF Suma, a network marketing company.

Unfortunately, you can’t find BF Suma products in shops or supermarkets.

You can only buy them through BF Suma registered distributors. 

You can buy these products through dijito marketing by calling Steve on 0724 130 446.

Steve is a registered distributor with BF Suma in Nairobi, Kenya.

For customers in Kayole, you may find Steve at Perfect Beauty Products (dijitomarketing.com,) shop at Kayole corner, next to Goldlife Chemist, and opposite Kayole Baptist church, Mugendi road.

The price of yunhzi

The retail price of yunhzi essence is Kenya shillings 3600.

 Steve can sell the supplement to you at a discount of 5% in Kenya. 

Refined Yunzhi Essence Packaging

The capsules are in a bottle containing 60 pieces.

Refined Yunzhi Essence Dosage

2 x 2 before meals.

You take two capsules in the morning and two more in the evening.

Thus, the dosage is four capsules per day for at least three months.

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