Why SEO is Hugely Important in Digital Marketing

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In this article, I will explain why SEO is hugely important in the digital marketing space.

Life is going digital and that includes marketing.

There is money in digital marketing, a lot of it.

What is SEO?

Do you have an idea?

It’s the new way of making millions of dollars online.

Either as a business owner or a practitioner.

It’s the best paying job for jobless youths.

SEO is the process of getting people (or potential customers) to visit a business website.

SEO is the short form of Search Engine Optimization.

It is hugely important in digital marketing.

It’s a free source of useful traffic

SEO helps get people to visit a business website for free.

You pay nothing to get people to visit your website.

We say that SEO brings free traffic (potential customers) to your website or blog.

When people walk in and out of your shop on the street, we term them as free customers.

You didn’t pay anybody to have customers visit your shop on Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi, or wherever.

You can pay to have people visit your site.

Companies that manage traffic charge a lot of money to drive traffic to your business website.

Traffic refers to people.

The people who visit your website are known as traffic.

Why is SEO hugely important?

It’s important because it brings free traffic to your site via search engines such as Google, Microsoft Edge, Yahoo, Ask.com, etc.

Otherwise, you would have to pay for people to visit.

SEO brings people who need something to your online shop (website.)

You have That something they are looking (or searching) for online. You want to sell it to them.

If it’s a problem they have, you have the solution.

Aren’t you online to help people solve a certain problem?

SEO is one of the top 5 Digital Marketing Channels.

Here are the most popular channels;

  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search engines ad channels, e.g., google ads

The point to note is;

you need SEO in the production of marketing content for all these channels.

Because every digital marketing channel’s content must be optimized for search engines if tangible results are to be achieved.

This is a major reason why SEO is hugely important in internet marketing Strategies.

Why do you need SEO?

  • Search Engine Optimization brings real customers (interested people) to your online office or shop.
  • It helps you get targeted customers who need a product or service you are offering.
  • Search Engine Optimization helps your site to rank high on search engine result pages.
  • If you are good at SEO Google will love your site and will rank it high on their search result pages.
  • It helps make your website better for people.
  • You need to deliver quality content that is very useful to your target market.

Why does your website need Search Engine Optimization?

Commercial search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo drive the majority of web traffic.

They direct people to websites they think have useful content. They do it for free. They don’t charge you.

How do you make sure Google and the other search engines find your site?

Through SEO, search engines will find your site.

Through search engine optimization you will get unique traffic from search engines.

Online signboard

Optimize your content and search engines will find you easily.

Search engines are superhighways to online towns known as websites.

Website optimization acts like a signboard that directs search engines to your website.

If there are no signboards giving direction to your town (website) no one will visit.

SEO is an online signboard that shows (or directs) search engines where to find your website.

Once search engines find your website, they bring people to visit you online.

The extraordinary value of SEO

Money is made or lost online due to search engine optimization tactics in use.

Without properly done search engine optimization, you will never sell your product or service profitably online.

You need a quality application of search engine techniques for success in digital marketing.

You need to run expert digital marketing campaigns to successfully brand and sell your product digitally.

Success is determined by your SEO strategy.

If it’s on point, search engines will send free buying customers to you.

If it’s not on point, you wouldn’t make money online because potential customers can’t find your online shop.

Can you do SEO for yourself?

Yes, you can.

Most bloggers didn’t know anything about this topic in the beginning.

We taught ourselves and now are successful.

It is not difficult to learn Search Engine Optimization.

You will learn and understand it with time.

You need it if you are a blogger, a freelancer, or an internet marketer.

There are bloggers who didn’t know anything about this.

Now they are making hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly via effective SEO strategies.


Pete Cashmore, the CEO, and founder of Mashable.

He was making around $600,000 (or Kenya Shillings 60 million) per month in 2014.

Now he is making way more than that figure.

Pete Cashmore of Mashable

The Corporates:

Corporate entities need to hire expert digital marketing professionals.

You can hire Dijito Marketing to do your company’s digital marketing campaigns because we have many years of experience.

Conclusion on why SEO is hugely important in digital marketing:

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is important to anyone who intends to run a successful online business.

It’s the only major way to acquire free targeted, qualified, and ready-to-buy customers online.

The world is walking towards the complex digital space.

To survive you need to move quickly, effectively, and strategically into the digital marketing arena now.

I hope now you have an idea as to why SEO is hugely important in online marketing because that’s where money will be made or lost.

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