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T-Shirts and Hoodies are an online store for designer apparel specializing in modern, classic pieces. Our shirts are sold via Teespring of the U.S.A. Buy a shirt and Teespring will deliver it to you. here is our store

We have several themed design lines of t-shirts and hoodies, hence you are welcome to choose any of our themes you like most.

We brand Tee:

You can send us your name, an image, a quote, or any word you want to be printed on your shirt and we shall do it for you. You can order a shirt in your favorite color. If it is not in the store, let us do it for you via your specifications.


The shirt you want is available. Place the order and it shall be printed and shipped to you within three days. As stated above, our shirts are made in the USA. The quality is quaranteed and the colors, images and qoutes never fade. The material is of the highest quality. It is save to buy from us.

Price Guide

Our prices range from $18 to $50. Prices are determined by design, style and print type. Additional cost depends on your location. If you are outside The US and Europe, you are going to pay for shipping.

How do you tell a quality tee from a poor quality one

Touch the material: If it doesn’t feel like plastics, it is a good quality material. The fabric should feel firm and soft. A quality t-shirt must be made of 100% cotton. Pima cotton is the highest quality t-shirt money can buy. Pima cotton made shirts are very expensive.

Style Choices

DETECTIVE t-shirts and hoodies

Detective theme t-shirt


detective nitwit t-shirt unisex

detective nitwit theme t-shirt

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detective catawampus t-shirt

detective catawampus t-shirt design

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hoodie blue detective

detective blues hoodie

t-shirts and hoodies DETECTIVE

a hoodie from the detective themed line

Unik t-shirt and hoodies

t-shirts and hoodies

white and purple matched colors t-shirt


classic pullover hoodie

white classic pullover hoodie

t-shirt red tee

t-shirt red tee

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