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BF Suma weight loss products form a 4 step program to help you lose excess body weight.

You have an ideal body weight that you should maintain.

Your bodyweight should not go above or below your body’s ideal weight. 


 Because having your bodyweight above or below your ideal body weight may lead to health problems.

How to get BF Suma products in Nairobi Kenya?

BF Suma is a network marketing company.

This means you cannot buy their products from the supermarket or street shops.

You can only get their products through the introduction by a member of bf suma.

Thus, we invite you to call Maggie on 0720 72 54 69.

Maggie is a member of bf suma in Nairobi.

She will introduce you to bf suma.

After that, you get bf suma’s weight loss products.

Advantage of going through Maggie:

Through Maggie, you get to see the company’s doctor.

The doctor examines and then advises you on how to proceed.

Seeing the doctor is optional, but it’s the right choice for your health.

Have you ever wondered what BF SUMA means?  What is the meaning of bf suma?

BF SUMA is abbreviations for:

  • B – Bright
  • F – Future
  • S – Superior
  • U– Unique
  • M – Manufacturer of
  • A – America

i.e., Bright Future Superior Unique Manufacturer of America.

 Thus it is a company headquartered in the USA.

What is weight loss?

According to medicinenet.com;

“Weight loss is a decrease in body weight resulting from either voluntary (diet, exercise) or involuntary (illness) circumstances.”

This article discusses voluntary weight loss through the usage of bf suma weight loss products.

Here are bf suma weight loss products available in Nairobi Kenya

  1. Veggie Veggie Bioenzyme
BF Suma weight loss products
Veggie Veggie

What is Veggie Veggie?

Veggie Veggie is a bioenzyme detoxification drink

Bio enzyme is a multipurpose cleaner.

It is used to clean anything that needs to be cleaned including floors, dishes, plants, pets and even your intestines.

Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from places they are a nuisance, e.g., your body or in any other living organism’s body.

Hence, a bioenzyme detoxification drink is a liquid that cleans and removes toxins from your intestines and blood.

It is a body cleanser if we may put it that way.

What are the benefits of Veggie Veggie?

According to bf suma;

  • “To shape your body
  • To relive gastrointestinal burden
  • To improve metabolism
  • To remove acne”

What do the digestive enzymes in Veggie Veggie do for your body?

Digestive enzymes:

  • They breakdown foods into nutrients the body can use
  • It encourages the proper absorption of food
  • Supports maximum digestive health
  • Helps the body to digest protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber

What are the health benefits of veggie veggie digestive enzymes?

  • When all types of food are properly digested, the body is able to absorb the entire nutrient fully. Results – there is no wastage of food or the nutrients therein.
  • Proper digestion of food reduces the chances of bloating and gas accumulation in the stomach.
  • Efficient digestion of food results in a reduction in susceptibility to food allergies
  • Helps reduce indigestion of foods

What are the ingredients that make up veggie veggie?

According to bf suma;

“Our veggies are made from 120 kinds of fruits and vegetables and contain. In addition, insoluble fiber, soluble fiber, anthocyanin, and phytochemicals have been included for a full spectrum of enzymatic activity.”

How does Veggie Veggie help in weight loss?  Can digestive enzymes help lose weight?

Here is healthline.com;

“While digestive enzyme supplements may or may not directly boost weight loss, they could promote healthy digestion and regularity, especially for those with certain gastrointestinal conditions.”

Here is what the Times of India has to say;

“A detox diet encourages you to drink a lot of water and eat fruits and veggies. Though detoxification of your body once in a while is important but some detox diets have harmful effects just like fad diets. Detoxification may help you lose weight but it does not lead to permanent weight loss.”

What is the main goal of Veggie Veggie in a weight loss program?

Veggie is the first step in a weight loss program.

Veggie Veggie helps clean up your body, flush out toxins, and help the body absorb nutrients efficiently.

It makes your body ready for weight loss.

Thus, weight loss is not the main goal of a detox.

It is a great way for getting the weight loss ball rolling.

What is the price of one box of Veggie Veggie?

One box of veggie veggie bioenzyme contains 15 sachets.

The price is Kenya Shillings 3,500 per box.

2. Probio 3 a weight loss product from bf suma

weight loss products
Probio 3

Probio 3 is a probiotics

What are probiotics?

According to my.clevelandclinic.org;

“Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. You constantly have both good and bad bacteria in your body. When you get infection, there’s more bad bacteria, knocking your system out of balance. Good bacteria helps eliminate extra bad bacteria, returning the balance. Probiotics-supplements are a way to add good bacteria to your body.”

What is Probio 3 probiotics?

According to bf suma;

“Our digestive tracts are filled with trillions of bacteria – both good and bad. When it is out of balance we experience those uncomfortable digestive symptoms issues like bloating and gas. Probiotics are good bacteria that rid the intestines of harmful bacteria. Our Probio 3 is designed for those who needs a more robust probiotic blend.”

What are the health benefits of Probio 3 probiotics?

  • It boosts your immune system by fighting the bad bacteria
  • Helps restore digestive balance
  • Helps replenish good bacteria in both intestines
  • Probio 3 may reduce lactose intolerance
  • It may reduce gastrointestinal distress

How does Probio 3 help in weight loss?

This is what Health Line (healthline.com) says about probiotics and weight loss;

“Evidence indicates that Lactobacillus gasseri may help people with obesity lose weight and belly fat. Additionally, a blend of probiotics called VSL#3 may reduce weight gain on a high-calorie diet.”

Note – lactobacillus gasseri is a probiotic bacterium.

Who can use Probio 3 in the family?

Target user: Adults, children and people with intestinal problems

What is the price of Probio 3 per box?

One box of Probio 3 contains 20 sachets.  The price of one box in Kenya Shillings is 2,500

3. EZ-XLIM Tablets

ez-xlim bottle

What is EZ-XLIM?

EZ-XLIM is a weight management supplement.

It comes in form of tablets.

The supplement is made from natural ingredients; customer reviews suggest it’s an excellent product.

What are the ingredients that make up EZ-XLIM tablets?

Here are the natural ingredients the bf suma uses to manufacture EZ-XLIM tablets:

  • Gymnema Extract
  • White Kidney Beans Extract
  • Chitosan
  • Citrus Aurantium Extract

What are the benefits of EZ-XLIM tablets?

According to BF Suma, the supplement manufacturer, these are the benefits of EZ-XLIM:

  • The supplement is a weight loss agent
  • It checks (reduces) the absorption of fat in the body
  • Stops the body from turning starch into fat
  • Helps the body reduce the absorption of sugar
  • Improves the body’s rate of metabolism
  • It reduces appetite for food
  • It is good for diabetics

Are Ez-XLIM tablets effective in weight loss?

This product is an effective weight loss agent as long as it is within the program being discussed here.

It works better when combined with the other 3 products in this program.

Who should take Ez-XLIM tablets?

  • People who want to lose weight (or belly fat.)
  • Patients who suffer from Hypertension
  • Patients who are diabetics

How much does EZ-XLIM cost?

One bottle of ez-xlim contains 90 tablets. The price of one bottle is Kenya Shillings 5,500

4. BF Suma Elements


This is the product nick named Supper Meal Replacement.  


Because bf suma elements, is a complete, and balanced nutritional meal.

BF Suma Elements is a multi-nutrient replacement meal for weight loss and ant-aging.

What is a multi-nutrient replacement meal?

According to Wikipedia;

“A meal replacement is a drink, bar, soup, etc., intended as a substitute for a solid food meal, usually with controlled quantities of calories and nutrients. Some drinks are in the form of health shake. Medically prescribed meal replacement drinks include the required vitamins and minerals. Body builders sometimes use meal replacements, not formulated for weight loss, to save food preparation time when they are eating 5 to 6 meals a day.”

BF Suma Elements are formulated for weight loss

The product is not a supplement. It is intended to replace a regular meal such as lunch or dinner for the purpose of losing weight. It is a controlled-calorie food.

What benefits does your body get from Suma Elements?

According the company;

  • It balances the body
  • The product improves metabolism
  • It helps the body self-clean
  • Keeps cholesterol under control
  • Enables the body to shed weight easily
  • One sachet is a complete meal with 90 calories only

Does BF Suma Elements help in weight loss?

Yes, it does. It has been formulated to help lose weight.


As discussed above, bf suma weight loss products were designed to work in combination.

These are four products; Veggie Veggie Bioenzyme, Probio 3, EZ-Xlim, and Elements.

Use them in that order to lose weight.

That is what the company calls, “a healthy slimming approach free from dieting.”

No cutting or skipping meals.

Eat normally but lose weight safely.

We have covered all the bf suma weight loss products. Coming up soon is a look at each product individually and how it helps you lose weight.


Don’t forget to call Maggie at +254 720 72 54 69. We would love to have you on our team.

Until next time, thanks for your visit, my friend.

See you and bye for now.

Steve Wanjie


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