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 What does ag cera treat? This question is answered here. And the right answer is, ag cera treats many diseases.

Examples of diseases treatable with ag cera

  • Cancer
  • Diabetes type 2
  • Fibroids
  • Infertility
  • Enlarged Prostate
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Epilepsy
  • Arthritis
  • High blood pressure
  • Low libido
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Constipation
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin disorders
  • Goitre
  • Kidney disease
  • Asthma
  • Eye problems
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Improve blood flow
  • Hypertension
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Memory loss
  • Bone diseases
  • Muscular degeneration
  • Joint problems
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Stress
  • Pneumonia
  • Immune system booster
  • Parkinson disease
  • Brain damage
  • dermatitis
  • And many more
a packet of ag cera - What does ag cera treat
a packet of ag cera

How do you get ag cera in Nairobi Kenya?

Call Anne at 0720 38 25 16 in order to buy 1 packet or more. AGCera is a network marketing product. You can only buy it from a distributor. One packet is currently selling at Kenya shillings 7,500. It has 14 sachets. You need to use agcera for 90 days to adequately treat and cure your health problem. How to take ag cera?

Point to note:

AG Cera is not a drug nor is it a medicine.

What is agcera then?

AG Cera is 3 things in one. The three things are;

  • It is a food supplement
  • It is a health supplement
  • It is a stem cell product

Thus you can safely say that agcera is a modern 21st-century supplement that prevents, treats, and cures diseases.

How does agcera treat many diseases?

AG Cera is a clinically tested strong anti-oxidant product made from eight powerful natural ingredients of fruits and vegetables.

How does agcera work to treat many dieases?

AGCera does the following to your body’s cells;

  • Restore
  • Rejuvenate
  • Repair
  • Replicate
  • Replace
  • It increases the number of circulating adult stem cells in your body
  • It replaces dead body’s cells killed by diseases such as cancer
  • AG Cera kills cancer cells in your body replacing them with plant-based stem cells
  • It repairs damaged cells in your body

Listen to what the manufacturer AGNutrition says about agcera;

“With combining Phyto technologies from France and Spain, AG Cera brings you the best components nature has to offer for both health and beauty. Optimizing your body with AG Cera will make you look better, feel better, and live better.”

What is the meaning of phyto?

It means pertaining to or derived from plants.

Combining form meaning plant or vegetation. Phyto as in phytomedicinal

AG Cera is derived from plants. It is a 100% made from plants and thus has no chemicals in it.

What is phyto technology?

Phytotechnology is “a protocol, procedure or approach that is based on the use of plants. It can be easily viewed as a branch of biotechnology that significantly utilizes plants in its processes.”

AG Cera is manufactured using 21st century phyto technology.

The 8 ingredients that make agcera a miracle all round supplement

AGCera is manufactured using 8 plant based ingredients. Each ingredient has many health benefits that can prevent, treat, and cure several diseases.

  1. Ceramosides
  2. Hytolive
  3. Sakura
  4. Curcumin
  5. Gymnema Sylvestre
  6. Pomegranate
  7. Mixed Berries
  8. White Peach

Example of how agcera works to treat many diseases

We look at just one ingredient to illustrate or demonstrate how agcera is able to treat many diseases. Let us use Curcumin, ingredient number 4 on the list.

Here are the benefits of Curcumin to your health regardless of whether you are sick or not.

Benefits of curcumin to your health:

  • It helps fight whole-body inflammation
  • With its help, your cardiovascular system is improved
  • Your joints and bones get much-needed support
  • Your cognitive function gets boosted
  • Your liver’s detoxification takes place naturally and safely
  • Your skin gets a radiant look
  • Weight loss – enjoy healthy natural weight loss
  • Helps delay aging
  • Curcumin has anti-cancer properties – can prevent and treat cancer

This is only one ingredient out of the 8 known ag cera powerful components. Has you can see from curcumin benefits, it is capable of preventing, treating, and curing more than one disease alone. That is cancer, liver, cardiovascular problems, joint and bone problems, and weight problems.

What does ag cera treat conclusion:

This supplement is useful in the prevention, treatment, and cure of many diseases. You don’t have to be sick to start using this miracle food supplement. It is regularly said that prevention is better than cure. Thus taking agcera can help you stay healthy through its disease prevention capability.

AG Cera can work on its own to prevent, treat and cure diseases. It can also work in combination with doctor’s prescription drugs, thus we recommend that you don’t stop taking your normal medication because you have started taking agcera.

If you have chronic health problems it is advisable to seek your doctor’s opinion before taking any health supplements. That is the wise thing to do about your health.

Otherwise, agcera can help deal with your health issues adequately now and in the future. Just take the initiative to call Anne at 0720 38 25 16. Anne is a legally registered agcera distributor in Nairobi Kenya. Call her now. If Anne’s line is busy, call Susan at 0722 81 40 81.

Save your money. Reduce your medical bills with agcera today.

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