What Supplements Help with Anxiety

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What Supplements Help with Anxiety?

How do you prevent, treat and cure anxiety?

Here is an in-depth guide to help find supplements for dealing with Anxiety effectively.

Anxiety is a common condition that affects a lot of people.

There is an abundance of supplements to help people with Anxiety, including herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

The number one step in finding the right supplement for you is determining what type of Anxiety you have – Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Specific Phobia.

Once you’ve decided that, it’s time to identify your specific symptoms and find out what supplements might be able to help.

Your symptoms can also help you get started on creating a list of supplements that could help relieve your Anxiety.

Mental health infographic -What Supplements Help with Anxiety
Mental health infographic

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety, a feeling of dread or worry that something terrible might happen, is expected.

Triggering factors are many things such as lack of sleep, fear of public speaking, and the unexpected nature of life.

One in ten adults has an anxiety disorder.

These disorders can become problematic if it causes significant distress for the people living with them.

Anxiety is often a symptom of another mental health problem like depression or bipolar disorder.

The symptoms that anxiety causes are also similar to those caused by other mental illnesses like PTSD or OCD.

What Supplements Help with Anxiety: What is an Anxiety Supplement?

Natures Balance is a natural supplement that offers a natural way to reduce Anxiety.

It contains herbs and nutrients that encourage the body’s natural ability to combat Anxiety.

Anxiety supplements help in weight loss, digestion, and mood issues. In addition, some studies show that these supplements may help people feel more relaxed and have better sleep quality.

Natures Balance has been clinically tested in Germany and verified by the German government as a safe product.

It means there is no risk of adverse side effects when taken as directed by the directions on the label.

It can be bought in stores around Europe but can also be ordered online or via phone orders from Germany.

What are the Symptoms of Anxiety?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders.

It causes excessive fear and worry that can be difficult to control.

Although Anxiety can cause individuals to avoid social situations, restlessness, and fatigue, those who suffer from it typically have an overwhelming feeling that something terrible will happen.

Some of the common symptoms of worry include:

  • Sweating
  • Feel jittery all of the time
  • Feeling like your heart is pounding in your chest or racing all the time
  • A tense feeling
  • An increased need for sleep
  • Irritability
  • Muscle tension

What are the Causes of Anxiety?

Anxiety is a state of mind that many factors can cause.

It is a condition in which chronic worry or fear can lead to physical and psychological health problems.

What are the most common causes for Anxiety?

The leading causes of worry are:

  • unresolved trauma
  • childhood abuse
  • Mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and autism
  • social situations
  • other people
  • work environment
  • health problems
  • specific events that affect you in a certain way

Many different anxiety disorders include phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder, and generalized anxiety disorder.

How to Deal with Anxiety?

Anxiety is an ordinary human emotion, and it is common for all of us to experience it from time to time.

However, when this emotion becomes problematic and causes a lot of discomforts, it manifests as an anxiety disorder.

The stress and worry caused by the condition often lead to additional physical symptoms such as headaches, muscle tension, heart palpitations, tremors, etc.

Luckily, there are many effective ways of managing anxiety disorders that can help people cope better with the condition.

The initial step towards managing your Anxiety is identifying the patterns in your thoughts that trigger these negative emotions.

How do you deal with their anxious feelings?

Many different types of treatments are available to help worry sufferers manage their emotions, including; 

  • therapy
  • medication
  • hypnosis
  • creative writing exercises (such as writing prompts)
  • meditation.

What Are the Top Ways to Relieve Anxiety in Your Day to Day Life?

Anxiety can be the most challenging affliction to manage.

Its caused by many life events, such as examinations and work deadlines.

Many people use meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy to help them relieve their Anxiety.

Some ways that you can try and reduce your Anxiety naturally are:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Eat healthy foods
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice mindfulness
  • have friends
  • go to church
  • Stay positive
  • Be optimistic
  • Avoid being alone for long periods
  • Share your feeling with family and close friends
  • find a support group
  • go for therapy
  • accept and work to overcome it

How Do You Determine Whether or not a Supplement is Helping You?

Although there are a lot of supplements on the market, it can be challenging to know which ones are helping you.

Here find helpful tips for determining whether or not a supplement is helping you.

What supplements help with Anxiety?

It is difficult to know what dietary supplement will help with your Anxiety without trying it out, but these are some supplements that help people with this condition:

  • CereBrain Tablets:
CereBrain Tablets - What Supplements Help with Anxiety
CereBrain Tablets

It is a health supplement that promotes brain, heart, and arteries health.

In addition, it is helpful in the prevention and treatment of Anxiety.

 It is a network marketing product from BF Suma of USA, and thus available from official distributors of the company.

You wouldn’t find it in shops but through Maggie (a distributor in Kenya) telephone number 0720725469. 

Call Maggie to ask questions about the product and buy the official supplement.

  • CBD Oil:

 CBD Oil is one of the most common dietary supplements for Anxiety. It’s possible to find CBD oil in coffee shops, health food stores, and online retailers.

  • Valerian Root Extract:

 Valerian root supplement has been shown in studies to provide users with natural relief from their symptoms and even lead to improvement.

How to Find the Right Supplement?

There are many supplements out therre in the market. It can be overwhelming to figure out which supplement is best for your situation.

Therefore, consult your doctor first before trying any new supplement.

Let them know your health history and what supplement you’ve already tried so that they can help guide you in the right direction!

A variety of supplements can help with sleep, worry, muscle tension, and more.

Some are proven to be effective, while others may work in a placebo effect.

Look into the ingredients used in each product and talk with someone who has experience using them before deciding!

There’s nothing like one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to supplements! Instead, find what will work for you by looking at what’s most important for your specific health issue and talking with someone knowledgeable about it.

Seek for information:

Here, I recommend you call Maggie (0720725469) for information on BF Suma supplements or Susan (0722814081) for AG Nutrition supplements.

Both companies provide world-class health solutions using the latest AI technology to produce nutritional solutions to prevent, manage, treat, and cure diseases, including cancer.

5 Plant-Based Foods to Help with Depression and Mental Health Problems

Depression is an ordinary mental health issue that affects about 350 million people globally.

People suffering from depression often find it challenging to eat anything due to a lack of appetite.

So find some plant-based foods that can help with depression and mental health problems.


Apples are rich in vitamin C, manganese, and fiber, making you feel better.


Bananas contain tryptophan, a protein necessary for mood regulation and brain function.


Broccoli is a rich (excellent) source of both vitamin C and fiber, which can have a calming effect on your mood.


Carrots are rich in antioxidants which protect your body from free radical damage that causes inflammation in the joints and muscles.

5 of the Best Herbs to Help with Anxiety

Ginkgo biloba, lavender, lemon balm, chamomile flower, and kava root are some of the most effective herbs that help with worry.

Ginkgo biloba: 

It is an herb found in China and Japan used for centuries to promote blood circulation, stop bleeding, and enable better vision.


Lavender has always been used for centuries by people experiencing insomnia or nervousness.

Lemon balm: 

Lemon balm has a calming effect on the central nervous system and reduces worry.

Chamomile flower:

 Chamomile flower is also a very effective herb for treating depression and worry.

Kava root: 

Kava root is a natural sedative that calms the central nervous system and reduces stress and worry naturally.


Gaba is a supplement that is said to calm down anxious feelings and help people deal with the stresses of life.

It enables you to relieve your symptoms and prevent them from happening again.


Passionflower is a small, purple-to-pink flower belonging to the Passifloraceae, the passionflower family.

It has been used as folk health solution in Central America and South America for centuries.

Its roots contain many alkaloids, including piperine and apigenin.

Its flowers make an extract called “passionflower,” commonly taken by people with mild worry or insomnia.

Licorice Root:

Licorice root for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It helps with Anxiety and hair loss.

Licorice is a common ingredient in many teas and cordials, chocolates, and cocktails.

It’s also prevalent in India.

In addition, the plant is often combined with other herbs to enhance its benefits, such as ginger or mint.

If you feel like you are experiencing anxiety symptoms, consider adding licorice root to your daily diet.

Based on the available evidence, it appears that nutritional and herbal supplementation is an effective method for treating anxiety and anxiety-related conditions without the risk of serious side effects.” 

 Nutrition Journal

Conclusion: What Supplements Help with Anxiety?

Anxiety is a condition that causes feelings of uneasiness, apprehension, and fear.

It can manifest itself in various ways, ranging from mild to severe.

So, what are some of the dietary supplements that help with Anxiety?

Supplements for Anxiety include natural remedies such as herbs and vitamins.

In addition, non-toxic plants like valerian root and green tea leaves are anti-anxiety agents.

Ordinary people also use supplements like kava or CereBrain to alleviate their anxiety symptoms.

A supplement can help to alleviate the symptoms of Anxiety.

Some people rely on supplements to help with relaxation and sleep, while others take them to combat stress and mood problems.

Are you ooking for a supplement that can help with worry? You may want to consider omega three fish oil.

Research has shown that this particular type of oil can produce the release of DHA in the brain, a chemical linked with relief from Anxiety.

In the end, the better option is to deal with experts in this field; BF Suma.

If in Kenya, call Maggie for assistance now!



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