Write for Us: Guest Blogging Opportunity

Write for us as a guest blogger.

What is guest blogging?

Guest posting (or guest blogging) is the act of writing articles (or blog posts) for a website that is not yours.

What are the benefits for guest blogging?

  • It is the best and cheapest way to create backlinks for your site
  • Guest blogging helps attract traffic back to your website or blog
  • It helps create relationships and collaboration with other bloggers
  • It helps increase your brand’s credibility and awareness
  • It helps new bloggers create a footprint for themselves in the industry
  • Helps you establish yourself as an authority figure in your niche
  • Helps promote your blog or business

What are your extra benefits for guest blogging for Dijito Marketing?

Accepted submissions benefits:

  • A link pointing back to your website in your author  bio
  • One affiliate link in your guest post to help you make money through us
  • Earn $5 (or $8 without affiliate link) as a token of appreciation for guest posting with us
A woman working on her laptop - write for us
A woman working on her laptop

What type of topics do we want you to guest blog about?

  • Lifestyle
  • Real estate
  • Digital marketing
  • Weight loss
  • Health
  • Blogging
  • Product reviews

Write for us –

Guest blogging terms and condition

  • Post length

We want guest posts that are not less than 1500 words long

  • Original content

Do not copy and paste. We want plagiarism free posts that pass Copyscape test

  • Grammar

Your writing must be free of grammar mistakes. Use Grammarly and the Hemingway editors to help write clean high quality content

  • Domain Authority

Your site or affiliate website you are linking to must have a domain authority of 5 or higher. Otherwise, linking is not allowed for domains with lower than 5 domain authority.

Register or Submit a request to guest post

Before you can start submitting guest blogging ideas we need to have:

User name –

Email address –

First name –

Last name –

Website URL – if you have your own website

Password –

Send the data to [email protected] or fill in the form given below

Guest Blogger application form:

Fill in this form

User name
Your website URL
I hereby confirm that I'm signing up for a guest blogging opportunity. I accept the terms and conditions of engagement. Write "Yes" if you accept or "No" if you don't accept.

These are for registering you as a user (contributor) at dijitomarketing.com

Payment Method:

  • MPesa for Kenyans
  • PayPal for non-Kenyans

When do you get paid?

16th day of the month for last month’s guest post submissions. That is for guest posts accepted and published in March, you get paid on April 16th.

When your post gets published, send your PayPal email address to the email address given above. Kenyans are required to send their MPesa phone number to the same email address.

Write for us and we wouldn’t disappoint you. We keep our promises.

Thank You


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