Marketing Freelancer Jobs: Here’s what you should know About Freelancing

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Marketing Freelancer jobs?

What is freelancing?

These questions are answered here.

We talk about digital freelance marketing jobs and how to become a marketing freelancer.


What is freelance?

Freelance is a way of making money through self-employment rather than getting a permanent job with a company.

Freelance means having and working for different clients on agreed assignments.

Thus, freelance is not tied to a single employer; they have the freedom to work for whomever they wish.

Freelance means you work for yourself.

You have employed yourself. So you are your own boss.


Who is a freelancer?

Or, what is a freelancer?

A freelancer is a person who sells his or her skills to businesses on a contractual basis.

He or she is self-employed.

They depend on learned skills or talent to make money on or offline.

Who is a marketing freelancer?

A marketing freelancer is a person who sells his or her marketing skills to small businesses and companies.

A marketing freelancer thrives on marketing assignments that he or she bids for on marketplaces or receives from repeat clients.

He or she is a digital freelance marketer.

Freelancers are marketing contractors just as there are building contractors.

As a freelancer, you are your own boss.

You decide when to start work.

When to stop work.

How many hours work per day.

How much to charge a client per assignment.

You are responsible for billing the client and keeping business books.

This means you are a business.

Marketing Freelancer - money

What is digital freelance marketing?

Digital freelance marketing is an online marketing service offered to companies and small businesses by a digital marketing freelancer.

A freelance digital marketer (or digital marketing freelancer) is a professional internet marketer with a range of marketing skills.

These skills include; SEO, article writing, copywriting, content marketing, social media management, digital advertising, etc.

Freelance digital marketing from home

The beauty of freelancing is that you work from home.

As long as you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone and reliable internet.

Most freelance assignments are online because digital marketing is electronic. And it uses electronic gadgets.

Freelance digital marketing gives marketing freelancers the opportunity to work for global clients.

A freelancer based in Nairobi Kenya could work for a client based in Australia.

From home, you work on global assignments as long as you are good at what you do.

How do I become a freelance marketer?

ii) Train to acquire necessary skills

The first step for becoming a freelance marketer is to learn.

You need to train.

You have to learn and master the skills a freelance marketer needs to succeed.

ii) What skills do you need to become a freelance marketer?

The following skills are important.

You needs these skills to thrive as a freelance marketer.

These skills are easy to learn.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

  • Article writing
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Digital sales
  • Digital advertising
  • Research
  • Personal branding
  • A perfect reputation

iii) You need certificates to prove you are a qualified freelance marketer

Sometimes back it was easy to register and create an account with most freelance marketplaces.

Now they ask for prove you are trained and thus qualified.

Moreover, certificates make your profile attractive to potential clients.

The bottom line is, you need certification to join and bid for assignment on marketplaces.

Therefore, have your college and professional certificates ready.

Most people went to school.

But most didn’t take time to learn a skill.

There are many places to learn about marketing.

Some are free others you pay for the training.

Even the free ones ask for a certificate fee.

Learn free but pay for the certificate.

Search for digital marketing courses online.

Start with free courses and take a few paid to acquire necessary certifications.

Keywords you could use to search for courses are;

  • Online digital marketing courses free
  • Online digital marketing courses with certificates
  1. Open accounts with freelance marketplaces

There are many freelance marketplaces.

As a new freelance marketer just starting out, I started with Freelancer.com.

I started to gain experience since it is beginner friendly.

Then after gaining some experience I moved on.

Here are some freelance marketplaces.

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • PeoplePerHour
  • iFreelance
  • 99Designs
  • Simplyhired
  • Flexjobs
  • Gigster

Marketing Freelancer Jobs

What types of jobs are available to a marketing freelancers?

Listed below are freelance marketing jobs.

  • Writing Jobs

Digital marketing thrives on writing skills.

You must know how to write articles, advertising copy, marketing reports, and emails.

All businesses that have an online presence need articles for their blogs.

These articles or blog posts are written by freelancers.

When a company needs an advertisement designed and written, they look for copywriters.

Thus you need good writing skills.

  • SEO Job

Search Engine Optimization is otherwise known as search engine management.

To find and attract customers online you must know how to manage search engines.

This is a basic skill that every digital marketer should know. Article writers must-have SEO skills.

Articles are used to drive traffic from search engines to a company’s websites.

The language used must be understood by search engines hence the word “Search Engine Optimization.”

Write in a way that the Google search engine will understand.

  • Content Marketing Job

This means writing articles and distributing them online.

You could post them to article directories with backlinks pointing to your clients’ website.

This in turn drives traffic from article directories to your clients’ website.

You could do a guest posting.

This means writing for high-quality blogs so as to earn backlinks for your clients’ website.

  • Social Media Management Job

Most companies hire freelancers to manage their social media accounts.

A freelancer as the skill to write content for social media, and knows how to respond to potential customers’ questions.

Thus, as a freelancer, you take charge of customer service online on behalf of your client.

  • Digital Marketing Jobs

There are many marketing niches in digital marketing.

These include digital sales, lead generation, brand awareness campaigns, email market, data analysis, and marketing strategies.

Digital advertising also is under digital marketing.

Thus, there are many jobs in the digital marketing niche.

  • Marketing Research Job

A company must know the most important words to use in their marketing campaigns.

These words are called Keywords. Hence the popular phrase “keyword research.”

There are other marketing functions that require research.

These are spying on the competition, how their products are performing in the market versus your client’s product.

Research is used to determine the profitability potential of a new product about to be launched.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of marketing freelancer?

Advantages working as a freelance marketing:

  • You are your own boss
  • You work at your own pace
  • You determine your pay
  • You are creating a business
  • You are not dependent on one employer
  • You work from home
  • You gained a lot of experience
  • You are building a business

Disadvantages of marketing freelancing:

  • Sometimes you go without assignments
  • No job security
  • No pension or retirement benefits


Marketing freelancer jobs are in plenty but people lack the skills.

Freelance marketing is a great career.

More small businesses are creating an online presence and need freelancers to help them.

When done well it is a lucrative way of making money online.

Get your skills and focus.

You will succeed in marketing freelancer jobs as long as you keep improving your skillset.


Steve Wanjie

Founder – Dijito Marketing

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