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How to lose weight fast is what many folks want to know. The question keeps coming up every day. Today we answer the question to give you a peaceful mind about losing weight fast.

But I have a question. Why do you want to lose weight fast? Why do you all of a sudden decide to lose weight as soon as possible? Can I smell a rat? Someone special perhaps. I hope so my friend. But whatever the reasons, we have the answer. Welcome!

Is it healthy or wise to lose weight fast?

No it is not a good idea to try to lose weight to fast. According to nhs.uk;

“If you are trying to lose weight, the safe weekly rate of weight loss is between 0.5 and 1kg. That’s around 1lb and 2lb a week. Lose weight faster than this and you are at risk of health problems that include malnutrition and gallstones, as well as feeling tired and unwell.”


The best and most effective method to lose weight is to do it gradually. Lose a little weight (0.5kg) every week. Do not overdo it. Go slow and your body will be happy. As a result, you will lose weight successfully because you aren’t forcing it.

Should you lose weight fast?

 No. It is not recommended by health experts.

Now that you know it is a bad idea to lose weight very fast, let’s go back to how to lose weight fast tips.

There are 3 ways you could use to lose weight fast. The three methods are;

a) Use a slimming machine

Where do you find a slimming machine?

 You can buy a weight loss machine online. One of the best slimming machines is Ultrasound Cavitation EMS Body Slimming Massager. We are selling it. You use it at home.

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How to lose weight fast
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b) Use slimming pills

You can choose to use slimming pills or tablets. Yes, you can get EX-XLIM slimming tablets from us.

 How much does EZ-XLIM cost?

One bottle containing 90 tablets costs Kenya Shillings 5,500

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How do you get EZ-XLIM?

You will not find the supplement in shops. It distributes through network marketing. You can only get it through an introduction by members of BF Suma.

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Very important note:

Through Maggie, you get to see their company Doctor before you start taking ex-xlim tables. Seeing the doctor is free. You pay nothing, and it’s your choice to see the doctor or not.

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c) Use diet to lose weight

Today we focus on: Use diet to lose weight

Here are the tips for fast weight loss:

1. How to lose weight fast – remove refined carbs from your diet

Big reason;

Removing sugars and starches, or carbs, from your diet can help:

  • Curb appetite
  • Lower your insulin levels
  • Make you lose weight

What are refined carbs?

Refined carbs are carbohydrates that have been stripped off all bran, fiber and nutrients.

Examples of refined carbs foods include bread, pizza dough, pasta, pastries, white flour, white rice, sweet desserts, corn (or maize) flour, and almost all breakfast cereals.

Refined carbs are also called empty carbohydrates because they have no nutritional value to a human body.

Why should you remove refined carbs from your diet?

According to Healthline;

“Eating refined carbs is linked to drastically increased risk of many diseases, including obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many others.”

Thus, to avoid health issues associated with refined carbs, just remove them from your diets. Period!

2. Water is good for weight loss so drink it up

What is the role of water in weight loss?

Here are some reasons why you should include water in your weight loss program:

  • It is a natural appetite suppressant
  • It helps the body burn calories
  • It cleanses the body. Without water, your body cannot remove waste such as urine and feces
  • It helps burn fat
  • Without water, your body cannot be active. You can’t exercise if dehydrated.
  • Helps check the intake of calories from other drinks such as juices

A detailed account on water and weight loss can be found here

How much water should you drink in a day?

If you are not very active. If you work in the office sitting behind a desk all day, you need to take around eight glasses of water. Otherwise, water intake is determined by activity. Those who work in construction sites drink a lot of water. Athletes should drink a lot of water above the recommended 8 glasses per day.

Yes, at least 8 glasses of water per day will do!

What types of water help lose weight?

There many types of water and not all help in weight loss. Here are some types of water that will help you lose weight.

  • Natural spring water
  • Lemon and Mint detox water
  • Cucumber detox water
  • Apple and Cinnamon detox water
  • Grapefruit detox water
  • Orange detox water

3. Vegetables are the among best tickets to weight loss

Ndtv.com says;

“Vegetables and fruits have a lot of fiber and are full of nutrition like essential minerals and vitamins that may help your body improve metabolism and subsequently burn belly fat. Including these in your diet may help you not just in your weight loss journey, but also to live a long and healthy life.”

How do vegetables help you lose weight fast?

Some vegetables have little or zero calories, e.g. green chilies. The more vegetables you have in a meal, the less the calories intake. Thus, making your meals at least 50% of vegetables will help lose weight naturally. Bottom line: Vegetables help control calorie intake.

How to eat vegetable to lose weight fast?

Raw vegetables are the best in weight loss management. Some vegetables can be eaten raw while others need to be steamed. Don’t cook vegetables; steam them in order to keep their nutritional value. If you have to fry vegetables, use fat-free, or low-fat free cooking oil. Other you end up eating getting calories from the cooking fat.

Although it is ok to eat frozen vegetables, the better option will always fresh vegetables. Fresh vegetables are good for weight loss because their nutritional value is intact. For more information on how to eat vegetables for weight loss go here.

What are the best vegetables for weight loss?

These are the best vegetables for fast weight loss.  Apart from spinach, all the others are loaded with fiber. Let them be a part of your daily diet.

  • Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Spaghetti squash
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Green peas
  • Cauliflower
  • Sweet potato
  • Green chilies

4. Breakfast: How does eating breakfast help lose weight?

According to webmed.com;

“In fact breakfast can be the most important meal of the day – especially if it consists of cereal. Research shows that people who frequently have cereal for breakfast tend to have healthier weights and lower body mass indexes (BMIs) than those who don’t eat cereal, or skip breakfast.”

Research shows that people who eat a heavy breakfast tend to eat less later in the day. People who skip breakfast tend to eat more during mealtime later in the day. Calorie intake in the morning helps you work during the day. Hence you burn these calories during the working hours. Calorie intake after work leads to fat accumulation (because of inactivity) thus weight gain.

Take away point:

Breakfast helps control weight gain. The less is eaten at lunch and dinner the less fat storage by the body. Remember: Just make sure that 50% of your breakfast is vegetables.

5. Green Chilies: Spicy is good for weight loss

Green chilies have zero calories. They speed up your metabolism as much as 50% for up to three hours after eating.

According to Times of India;

“If you are trying to lose weight, adding green chili to your diet, can help your body burn the excess fat. This happens because when you are eating anything spicy, it speeds up your metabolism for around three hours after the consumption.”

6. How to lose weight fast: Sleep baby is good for your health

Sleeping for at least 7 hours a day could help in losing weight. Sleep is a method of fasting. Sleep slows down your metabolism.

Listen to sciencealert.com;

“Research has shown that sleeping less than the recommended amount is linked to having greater body fat, increased risk of obesity, and can also influence how easily you lose weight on a calorie-controlled diet.”  

More sleep decreases the appetite hormone (leptin) so you don’t crave food. Less sleep increases the hunger (or appetite) hormone ( ghrelin) so you crave food. The more food you eat, the more fat is stored by your body. The more weight gain as a result.

7. Sodium is no good for weight loss

To lose weight you need to counterbalance the effects of sodium (a preservative) in your body. How do you do this? You achieve this via eating foods rich in potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Foods rich in these minerals include;

  • Banana
  • Leafy Greens
  • Oranges
  • Sweet potato
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Melon
  • Cauliflower
  • Low fat-dairy
  • Nuts

You need salt but eat it in moderation. Salt is not good because it has many negative effects on your health. It causes bloating for one.


You can lose weight. But you need to lose weight gradually. That way it wouldn’t come back soon. The use of machines or pills to lose weight works well when combined with nutrition-based weight loss measures. If you continue eating junk food, you will never lose weight successfully. Use the above tips to lose weight but combine the program with the machine. The machine is fantastic in burning fat, while dietary measures work very well in losing weight. This was how to lose weight fast discussion. Thanks for your visit. Come back soon for more. Bye for now!

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