Is BF Suma a Pyramid Scheme

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The answer is a big no.

BF Suma is not a pyramid scheme.

First you need to know and understand a pyramid scheme.

Refined Yunzhi Essence - one of the many BF Suma products. Is BF Suma a Pyramid Scheme

What is a pyramid scheme?

A pyramid scheme is an illegal, fraudulent, and unsustainable, investment scam that has no products or services to sell in the market place.

A pyramid scheme does not generate revenue like normal businesses do because they rely on new member recruitment to pay existing membership.

  • Membership Fee

You pay a membership fee to become a member.

  • You must invest

Then you will be required to invest a certain amount of money in order to gain financially.

Most Ponzi schemes will promise to multiply your investment by at least two times. The deal is normally too sweet and most people are lured into it.

As a member of a pyramid scheme, you are required to recruit new members into the scheme in order to make money. This is not sustainable because new recruitments will eventually dry out, leading to scheme collapse.

Therefore, if you were among the last recruits to join, you loss you investment.


 This is because no new money is coming into the scheme.

Why is BF Suma not a pyramid scheme?

  1. BF Suma has many popular health products doing very well in the global market place.
  2. BF Suma is not an illegal business because it obtained the USA FDA- approved cGMP certified factory many years ago.
  3. BF Suma is a successful and thus sustainable business operation
  4. The company has always paid its distributors on time

What is BF Suma’s Business Model?

BF Suma uses a multi-level marketing business model. This means you can’t find their products in shops or the supermarkets.

They sell their health products through a network of distributors.

The company also sells its products via their online shop.

BF Suma Products


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