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Make money online free blogging tips for beginners. Learn how you can start a blogging career to make money online from home. How to start with zero investment, learn, practice and gain experience.

make money online free
make money online free blogging

What is a blog?

A blog is an online journal or informational website. That is the simplest definition.

Who is a blogger?

A writer who writes articles with the aim of posting on a blog is a blogger. Thus, a writer who writes articles for online consumption is a blogger.

What is a blogger’s career?

A blogger’s career is blogging. Blogging is the art of writing thousands of articles over a period of time. These articles are posted on a blog.

What is blogging?

Writing articles full-time for online journals or websites is known as blogging. If you create, write and maintain a blog you become a blogger. Blogging is a business. It pays if properly managed.

What is the purpose of a blog?

To educate, inform and entertain online audiences. That is the simplest purpose of a blog. There are other reasons blogs exist. These reasons may include;

a) Make money online for bloggers

b) To educate

c) To inform

d) To entertain

e) Marketing tool for products and services online

f) Generate sale leads for products and services

g) An online diary

Is blogging easy?

Blogging is not an easy job. It requires hard work, focus, determination, and passion.

Blogging is the most enjoyable and easy way to make money online. It’s free and free indeed to join. Smart guys make millions of dollars every month. And you too can because you can learn how to do it. The blogging job is for winners!

How to make money online blogging from home, office or neighborhood cyber café:

I assume you are a beginner without money to invest. That is the reason I am advocating to start blogging on free platforms. These free platforms are listed below.

I want you to know how you will start your own home-based blogging business. Many people, especially in America, Europe, Australia, etc, make a decent living. This is because they have made blogging a full-time business. They have made blogging their full-time home-based business.

It’s easy to start blogging. All you need is a computer connected to the internet. Also required; Writing and typing skills. You also need a little internet browsing ability. These are things you can learn very fast.

6 tips on How to Make Money Online via Blogging for free

1. USE a free blogging platform

There are paid for blogging platforms. They are better than free ones. The majority of experienced bloggers started on free platforms. The advantage of using free blogging as a newbie is;

· Learning

· Practicing

· Acquiring blogging experience

· Enabling you to create an online presence

· Use your online presence (portfolio) to find jobs on freelance sites. You need to make money. You will use the money made on freelance sites to invest in blogging.

Once you become an experienced blogger you graduate to pay for blogging platforms.

The top 10 free blogging platforms are;

a) WordPress.com
b) Wix

c) Joomla

d) Yola

e) Hubpages

f) Contentful
g) Blogger

h) Jekyll

i) Tumblr

j) Weebly

The above websites will allow you to start your own free blog, at no cost to you at all. I use Blogger and WordPress to create free blogs. Any of the top five will do. I prefer free WordPress because it’s the most popular (paid for) blogging platform in the world. Then you will move from free to pay for WordPress later on.

2. Choose Your Blog Topic

Once you have made your choice of a blog host (or platform), it’s time to decide on your blog subject or topic. What will your blog about? You need a niche topic. Something you are passionate about.

I write about digital marketing. I do a blog about other topics as well. Among other topics that I love writing about is weight loss. Some people blog about Dog Food. Others write about Calling Cards, Wedding Accessories, or Golf. What will you blog about? What is your favorite thing (or passion) and can you blog about it?

Blogging is about giving valuable information to your readers. Write useful, helpful and entertaining articles. Articles about your niche topic and become a reliable source of information.

If you blog about Golf, do research on everything about golf. And then bring up to date information about golfing to your blog readers. Readers who happen to be GOLF LOVERS; players, golf fans and the golf industry. They will love your blog and you will make money from them.


How to choose blog topic– tutorial here

3. SEO Articles Posting Schedule:

Write and post new Search Engine Optimized articles on your blog. Have a predetermined regular schedule. If you decide to post a new article every Friday, make sure the new article is there every Friday. Throughout the year there is a fresh article every Friday. Post as many articles on your blog as possible. If you are able to post ten articles every day, the better it is, for your blogging business.


What is SEOhere is a tutorial

4. To earn cash from your blog, you need to monetize it

Work hard to increase the number of people visiting your blog every day. Informative articles attract traffic (people) to your blog. In the beginning, strive to write a blog post a day. Make sure to have at least one hundred posts on your blog. You need around six months to write and post 100 articles for your blog.

a) Throw up some ads from ad companies on your blog

Yes, put ads on your blog. I would suggest you try Google Adsense first. There is Yahoo Marketing too, which is also good. Get a free Google Adsense account and they will then put ads on your blog free of charge. That is one source of earning cash, online, blogging.

b) Become an affiliate

Promote other people’s products or services on your blog to earn commissions. There are many affiliate programs to choose from e.g., Click2sell, eBay, Clickbank, etc.

How to monetize your blog – find a tutorial here

5. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Yes, find ways to drive traffic (readers) to your blog. You need as many people as possible to visit your blog. You want your readers to click on Google ads so that you can get paid by Google. Use free traffic websites such as Trafficswarm, Linkreferral, and Traffic-splash. These sites together with other methods help generate traffic for your blog.

How to drive traffic to your blog. Find a tutorial here

6. Patient Guys Pays to Make Money Online Free

Some bloggers are making millions of dollars every month, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy job anyway. In the beginning, it will not be easy for you because you don’t have any experience.

With time you will get the necessary experience and skills. To start making money online as a blogger. The smart guys take 8 months, and the slow learners can take up to 3 years to make a breakthrough.

The patient guys end up making a lot of money through blogging. Like in all ways of making money, effort and discipline are paramount in blogging. Work and focus on promoting your blogging business every day. Be patient.

The blogging job wasn’t meant for quitters!

Make money online free blogging is possible for passionate writers. Start and never quit until you make it.

Listen to a millionaire blogger’s advice here.

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