Top Nine Risks of Using AI You Must Know now in Kenya

Last Updated on 05/12/2023 by Steve Wanjie

In layman’s language, we explain the daily risks of using artificial intelligence tools in Kenya.

Google deepmind - Must Know Top Nine Risks of Using AI in Daily Life in Kenya

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is non-human intellect bestowed on machines by humans to assist and support human intelligence.

Humans use machines to help executive physical tasks like lifting heavy loads. We use cars to move us around instead of walking.

Similarly, humans are using artificial intelligence to boost human brain power (instead of thinking, you can use AI to work for you.)

 People used to sit down and compose letters using pens and paper in the nineteenth century.

In the twenty-first century, people don’t write notes on paper; they do emails written by AI.

The problem with artificial intelligence is that it depends on human guidance to function. It does not think for itself and is unconscious because it lacks brains.

AI is safe when used correctly.

We look at the risks associated with artificial intelligence to help you know what you need to know about machine intelligence.

1. AI is not human.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not human because it cannot understand and manage emotions.


AI lacks emotional intelligence that you possess in abundance, which helps you understand and manage your emotions.

It means that artificial intelligence has no feelings like you do.

The AI tools’ data for you lack human touch or emotion and sounds robotic, thus not appealing to the intended human audience.

Imagine doing marketing write-ups that sound robotic to customers. Wouldn’t you be risking losing your clients?

2. AI is not creative.

Reasons why AI is not creative:

  • Artificial intelligence does not create anything new because it uses what already exists to thrive. It depends on existing data to function.
  • AI lacks emotional intelligence; thus, it cannot initiate a decision-making process.
  • AI does not experience emotion, which is the driver of creativity.
  • AI does not possess self-awareness, meaning it will only develop new ideas or concepts with human guidance.

3. AI does not think.

Artificial intelligence cannot think like you and me.

Why can’t fake intelligence think?

  • It is not self-aware
  • It has no purpose for existence
  • It is not conscious

As indicated above, AI can’t think because it has no reason to believe.

It is not a living thing; thus, it has no brain and has to be guided by humans to function.

4. AI is a thief of intellectual property

It copies data online without permission of the proprietors of that data and uses it.

That is theft.

Taking and using someone’s data infringes on their copyright, which is illegal.

When you use AI tools such as Google Bard AI and Chatgpt, you ask them to steal valuable data from the internet on your behalf.

And that is risky when used for business marketing, educational, or commercial purposes.

You could end up in jail for copyright infringement.

5. AI depends on copying what already exists.

Without existing information online, AI tools can function. These artificial intelligence tools copy data as is and present it to you for use the way you want.

Therefore, AI tools have nothing to copy without existing data or information on the internet.

6. Search engines hate AI-produced content.

Search engines hate low-quality content. The content you generate using AI tools could be;

  • Non-factual
  • Wrong
  • Infringing on intellectual property
  • Not new
  • Bad grammar

And these are the things search engines want to avoid. Only a few people can use AI tools properly and intelligently. The rest of us copy an AI tool output and use it as is, which is wrong.

*That is very risky.*

7. AI makes you lazy

It is so easy to generate content using tools such as;

  • Google’s bard ai
  • ChatGPT
  • Character ai
  • Quillbot

The people who have problems when they use AI-generated content are bloggers and students. Bloggers are most hit because search engines don’t touch machine-generated content.

8. AI may be addictive.

Creating artificial intelligence art.

AI can become addictive if you are not careful. Some people are addicted to video games, but others are obsessed with creating AI art.

Creating AI art is fascinating and fun, but it can ruin your career or education when it takes all your time daily.

AI art generation tools include:

  • Wombo
  • Dream
  • Starryai
  • Nightcafe
  • Midjourney
  • Stable diffusion

With these tools, you can generate and use visual digital art.

9. AI can be a danger to your security.

Survellance by goverment:

Your government uses AI tools to spy on you.

Are you paying tax?

What is your income level?

Where do you bank, and how big is your bank balance?

Somebody could steal your important data using AI:

Data is big business worldwide; where money exists, bad boys will always look for ways to make quick bucks.

They will use AI trained on flawed data to overcome cyber security systems to steal lucrative data.

Thus, somebody can use AI to steal your identity, online assets, money from your bank account, and critical documents.

The unknowns are enormous as far as artificial intelligence usage is concerned.

Somebody can track your movement:

Government agencies, your enemies, and criminals can easily track your movement using AI tools.

9. AI is a danger to your income.

  • Loss of employment and business risks

AI can take your job, rendering you unemployed due to AI-driven automation.

According to estimates from organizations, humans undertake 66% of business-related tasks, while machines perform 34% of them”

The World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report 2023
  •  AI is used to siphon money from your bank account if you are using digital banking apps.
  • AI can spy on and steal your business vitals, such as marketing strategy, customer lists, and financial data, leading to income losses.


Artificial intelligence is a good thing with many advantages, but it has risks that you can’t overlook.

Those with the knowledge and skills to use AI correctly will find it a helpful technology.

The layman will continue to misuse machine intelligence and fall victim to the same because of a lack of know-how.

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By Steve Wanjie

Steve Wanjie is a digital marketing specialist, SEO Expert, expert article writer, blogger, sex educationist, and businessman. He is the founder of Dijito Marketing and Laikipo.com. He works and lives in Nairobi Kenya.

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