How to Take Ag Cera and Dosage

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How to take ag cera is a question being asked by very many people. Today we answer this question and several others related to this food supplement. Also, get to know the secret to make a lot of money with agcera.

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how to take ag cera
  1. Ag Cera Dosage

AG Cera comes in the form of sachets in a box. One box of agcera contains 14 sachets. We advise you to take two sachets per day. If you take over 2, it becomes an overdose.

2. Best time to take ag cera

What is the best time to take agcera?

The best time to take agcera is first thing in the morning. Preferably on an empty stomach. Then take the second sachet in the evening. Thus, the recommended time to take agcera nutrition is Morning and evening.  

3. How to take ag cera nutrition

Ag cera comes in a sachet because it is in powder form. If it is in powder form, it means ag cera can dissolve in a liquid. The manufacturer’s idea was to make a product that easily dissolves in saliva. Thus, taking ag cera is easy as explained below.

How to use ag cera steps:

  • Reach for your agcera box
  • Open the box
  • Pull out one sachet of agcera
  • Take your pair of scissors (or kitchen knife) or use your nails to tear
  • Cut a sachet at the top to open it
  • Open your mouth wide
  • Lift the tip of your tongue towards the roof of your mouth
  • Pour all the contents (powder) under your tongue
  • Close your mouth
  • Don’t swallow your saliva immediately you close your mouth
  • The powder (agcera) will dissolve in your saliva in seconds.
  • Take a glass of water after 5 minutes

That is it.

Why take agcera?

Listen to what the manufacturer says about taking their product;

“With combined Phyto technologies from France and Spain AG Cera brings you the best components nature has to offer for both health and beauty. Optimizing your body with AG Cera will make you look better, feel better, and live better!”

Take AGNutritrion for 2 reasons;

  • Health benefits—find agcera benefits here
  • Financial gain—discussed below

The company says it’s an anti-aging breakthrough. Otherwise, this is a food supplement that has a lot to offer for your health and well-being.

What diseases does agcera treat?

The supplement is not a medicine, therefore; it does not treat but helps your body prevent or fight diseases. Hence, AGNutrition’s product isn’t a substitute for a doctor’s prescription drugs. You cannot stop taking medication because you have ag era. With your doctor’s advice, you can take both your medication and agcera.

If, for example, you are diabetic, this supplement can help you treat the condition. But you need to consult your doctor first. A healthy individual who taking this supplement may never fall sick. The primary reason being that agcera helps boost your immunity, thus preventing the occurrence of illness. So, if you do not want to fall sick, you are better off taking this supplement.

Why ag cera was manufactured in powder form

  • The benefits of taking the supplement in powder form over capsules are;
  • Your body does not have to do the work of breaking down the supplement
  • Supplements that come in powder form are ready for absorption immediately by your system
  • Powdered supplements are easy to swallow unlike capsules and tablets
  • The body is able to absorb powder because it dissolves completely in water or saliva

4. Ag cera Price in Kenya

What is the price of agcera in Kenya?

a) Consumer price:

The price of this food supplement is Kenya Shillings 7,000 per box. As explained above, one box has 14 sachets. That is the consumer price.

b) Distributor registration packages:

i) Basic registration package:

If you desire to consume and make money with agcera, you will need to pay Kenya shillings 10,500. This will enable you to start a business as a distributor at the basic (or lowest) level. You get 2 packets of agcera too when you pay 10,500 Kenya


Annual residual income in Kenya shillings is 5 million per year under their income compensation plan. If others are living this dream, why not you?

ii) Premium registration package:

Registration as a distributor at the premium level will cost you 38,000 Kenya Shillings.


Annual residual income—20 million Kenya shillings per year

iii) Elite registration package:

This is the most lucrative agcera distributorship level.


Annual residue income—60 million Kenya shillings per year

5) What you need to know

  • There are people in Kenya who are making this money every year
  • You too can make this type of income
  • Talk to people and help them improve their living standards and you will benefit in the process

6. How to make money with AGCERA?

Here is the secret of making money with AGNutrition:

  • Consume the product
  • Understand its health benefits
  • Take the product to the people
  • Sell the product
  • Recruit new distributors to build a team that works under you
  • See your income grow
  • Help others make money too

7. Best advice

Do not fear talking to people about this product because you will live your fears. When you live your fears, you do not progress in life. Overcome talking to people fear. Then you will make insane income with this popular health (food) supplement.


Agcera is not a medicine. It is a food supplement with many health benefits according to the manufacturer AGNutrition. They make the supplement from 8 different natural ingredients. Each ingredient coming with its own health benefits to your body.

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